There are tons of special graphics applications, but today we are going to see that the flat iOS 7 interface can be done even in a text editor like a Microsoft Word.

We know that this is extremely hard to be done. However, you’ll see in this video that this isn’t totally impossible, as MS. Word expert Vaclav Krejci demonstrates in his Youtube video.

Vaclav decided to draw the iOS 7 interface without using a professional photo editor. In the 10-minute video he shows the detailed process of creating a iOS 7 software interface. Krejci has recreated every regular app icon, signatures, and the background image only by using standard tools.

iOS 7 Created in MS Word

We know that the video is not recorded in real time, but the guy have perfectly amazing skills!

If you are still unsure, absolutely no, the iOS 7 was not designed in Ms Word:)