Today, the popular Italian designer from — Federico Ciccarese has designed an amazing Wearable iPhone 5 concept with curved glass.

Featured iPhone 5 curved glass

Federico Ciccarese has also been designed other featured Apple concept — iPad Mini. Take a look inside the Ciccarese’s Wearable iPhone 5 concept.

Curved glass will be the most recent big factor in all future portable devices. Apple inc reportedly purchased glass-processing machines recently, pushing rumors that the new iPhone 5 may feature curved-glass 4-inch display.

iPhone 5 with metal legs
Wearable iPhone 5 concept with metal legs
iPhone 5 Concept With Curved Glass
Wearable iPhone 5 with Curved Glass
Rumored Wearable iPhone 5
Wearable Apple iPhone concept
iOS Wrist Watch With Curved Glass
Apple iOS Wrist Watch
Wearable ios device Concept
Wearable IOS device
iPhone 5 3d maps Navigation
GPS navigation on iPhone 5
iPhone 5 with amazing 3s maps
Maps on Wearable iPhone 5
Gps navigation iPhone 5
Excellent GPS navigation

Official explanation:

I show you this item from my world. Here most of the devices do not need to be kept in hand, interaction with the soul of the instrument is verbal, of course. These images are a little tip, you have yet to learn how to connect machines and human body. I have given to Federico the documents to be published on his website. I do not have permission to say more, we are in touch. Anonymous.

What are your opinions on this wearable iPhone 5 concept?