Microsoft has launched an aggressive advertising campaign for its mobile operating system, which emphasizes that the phones running Windows Phone are much better than iPhone and smartphones based on Android.

iPhone vs Android vs Windows

Microsoft’s Top-manager Ben Rudolph made a bet for $ 100 with potential buyers that the WP7 platform is faster than other.

The project was launched yesterday at a special page on Facebook, where users can upload their photos. The initiative already is supported Twitter hashtag #SmokedByWindowsPhone.
At CES 2012 in the first day of Windows Phone to compete with 25 competitors. At the end of the phone has won in 21 cases. The representative from Microsoft said:

This victory is really important for us. Windows Phone easily won as the fastest smartphone that lets you check the weather and the status of friends on Facebook, write on Twitter, attach photos and find a place where you can eat.

However, Rudolf lost the owner of iPhone 4S, because iOS has built-in easy access to Twitter. In another case, a user “Google phone” could send a message to a friend before this developer did, thanks to the built-in widget.

According to analytical company Canalys, Windows Phone operating system occupies only 2% of the market, contrary to expectations, Microsoft and device manufacturers for this platform.

  • Rosen_ivanov1998

    apf its so idiot girl i make that too when he say start i make my picture first ;] iphone is more fast 

  • Niko

    like taking pictures and uploading them on fb is the only thing you do. what about the apps, games, widgets etc etc… all they do in these advertisements is play with words…

    windows phone faster than the rest.. and then you see only one feature which happens to be faster and that’s it?what about the inconvenience this button can cause you if it turns on the camera in your pocket accidentally. You’ll run out of battery in no time (however, I think it’s a cool feature).

    to sum up, if you want to compare your phone to the rest do it on the REAL every day actions like calling, texting, contact exploration, menus, BATTERY etc…