Planning to get a second-hand Google Pixel? Before you hand over the cash or credit card details, make sure to check its IMEI. We say this because the phone might be SIM locked, blacklisted, stolen, lost, or Google FRP locked.

With our Google Pixel IMEI checker service, knowing the status of your device is simple and convenient.

UnlockBoot offers a free Google Pixel IMEI check service that provides key information about your Pixel handset. Using it requires locating and entering the IMEI number of your device. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the following things model number, model name, warranty status, purchase date, original country, warranty expiration date, estimated device age, network/carrier, software version, and more.

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Steps to Use Our Google Pixel Model/Warrant/Simlock/Country & Carrier IMEI Checker (Free Service)

1 Find your IMEI number and enter it in the appropriate field. Go to Settings > About Phone on your Google Pixel handset or dial *#06# to get the IMEI number.

google pixel imei checker

2 Once you have the IMEI number of your Google Pixel handset, complete the CAPTCHA verification, and then click the “Check” button to begin the process.

3 Wait some seconds for the tool to display your Google Pixel’s info, including its unlock eligibility and status. Once the details show up, copy and paste them somewhere for future reference. And if you’re eligible for an unlock, go check out our Google Pixel unlocking services.

Checking Google Pixel Warranty, Carrier, Model, SN, Factory Simlock, and Unlock Options

Should we tell you something interesting? No other IMEI service will offer you these many options without levying a service charge. Our Google Pixel IMEI has a friendly UI and will showcase the info of any Pixel handset in the market. You don’t have to do much except provide us with the IMEI number to see the information. And like we mentioned earlier, getting the IMEI is simple: visit Settings > About Phone > IMEI or dial *#06# to get it quickly.

In case you’re wondering what we need the IMEI for, it helps us fetch critical details about Pixel handsets, like the model number, country, warranty, factory simlock, and network status. We especially recommend this service to people who intend to purchase or have recently spent on a second-hand Google Pixel device. With our data, you’ll be able to verify everything the seller tells you about the device.

What’s more, whatever details you’ll see is going to be fetched from Google’s servers. Our service connects with Google’s official servers and derives all the data from there. Once we’ve reviewed your IMEI or SN, we’ll also inform you what network your Google Pixel is on. From this point, you have the option to continue using that network or make your device SIM-free through our unlocking service for various networks.

Google Pixel IMEI Check Sample Info:

IMEI: 354221231*****
Serial Number: 28091FDH*****
Model: Google Pixel 7 Pro Hazel
Model Number: GA03425-US
Internal Memory: 128GB
Purchase Country: United States
Carrier: AT&T USA
Warranty: Active until Nov 17, 2023
Device Age: 2 Days

If you happen to be using a Google Pixel device that is Google locked, don’t worry. Our FRP Removal Service offers a permanent, legit fix for the problem.

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