Going to buy a second-hand Nokia phone? Before anything else, make sure to examine its IMEI to ensure it’s not SIM locked, Google FRP locked, reported as stolen, lost, or blacklisted. With our Nokia IMEI checker service, finding out the status of your Nokia is quick and easy.

UnlockBoot offers a free Nokia IMEI check service that delivers valuable information on your Nokia device. To use it, you’ll need to find and enter your IMEI number of the device. Our tool will present you with these things: model name, model number, purchase date, warranty status, warranty expiration date, original country, carrier/network, estimated device age, software version and more.

How to Use Our Nokia Warranty/Model/Country/Simlock & Carrier IMEI Checking Service

1 Look for your IMEI number and enter it in the relevant field. Dial *#06# or head over to Settings > About Phone section on your Nokia handset to get it.

nokia imei checker

2 Once you know the IMEI number of your Nokia phone, finish the CAPTCHA verification, followed by clicking the “Check” button. This will start the process.

3 Wait a few seconds to view your Nokia device’s info, including its unlock status and eligibility. You can copy or save the details somewhere. If the device can be unlocked, make sure to check out our Nokia unlocking services.

Checking Nokia Model, Country, Warranty, Carrier, Factory Simlock, and Unlock Options

Here’s a kicker: no other IMEI service offers these many options free of charge. Our Nokia IMEI checker has a friendly interface and will display info for any Nokia model in the market. No effort is required on your end. All you have to do is enter the IMEI to get your information. As mentioned earlier, you can find the IMEI of Nokia in two ways, either by dialing *#06# or by going to Settings > About Device > IMEI.

We just require the IMEI to provide you with critical details, such as network status, warranty, model number, factory simlock, and country. The service is highly recommended for individuals who’re planning to buy or have already bought a second-hand Nokia handset. Our information will enable you to cross-check everything communicated by the seller.

Whatever information you’ll see is going to be derived from Nokia servers. Our service connects with Nokia’s official service and downloads all the info from there. Once your IMEI gets reviewed, you’ll discover what network your Nokia handset is on. The you can offer a relevant unlock service from our website.

Nokia IMEI Check Sample Info:

IMEI: 35317911025*****
Model Name: Nokia 2.4
Model Number: TA-1275
Ship To Country: United Kingdom
Sold To Country: Luxembourg
Activation Country: Brazil
Shipped Date: Feb 20 2021
Activation Date: Jan 23 2022
Warranty: Active until Apr 21 2023
Software: 00WW_1_080
Factory Simlock: Locked

If you find that your Nokia device is Google locked, don’t panic; check out our FRP Removal Service for a permanent, legit fix.

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