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face id failed

Face ID Failed After First Attempt? Here’s the Fix

The new Apple feature that is creating buzz around the web is their Face ID technology. Which many reviewers say, has revolutionized the authentication...
Best HDMI Cables for Apple TV that Supports 4K HDR Video Quality

5 Best HDMI Cables for Apple TV that Supports 4K HDR Video Quality

Apple TV is known for one of the best smart devices that support 4K video quality. So, if you purchase or would purchase an...
install kodi on firestick

How to Install Kodi on Firestick Amazon Fire TV

Kodi happens to be one of the most popular media players in the market as of right now. It not only lets you access...
turn off tap to wake on iphone

How to Turn Off Tap to Wake on iPhone X

Any user of the iPhone X will know how annoying this feature can be. It is very easy to accidentally tap and cause the...
Guide to Clear Dropbox Cache on iPhone and Android

Guide to Clear Dropbox Cache on iPhone and Android

You can get Dropbox for both iPhone and Android. It is one the best cloud service app in the market. You can use Dropbox...
convert animoji to gif

How to Convert Animoji To GIF With Workflow App

Animoji, the exclusive animated emoji’s for the iPhone X. Now, you can convert Animoji to GIF using the Workflow app from App Store. We...
check icloud activation

How to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status Online

Apple has included a new section in the domain for iCloud.com that’s going to enable users to check iCloud lock status and determine whether...
switch from windows phone to iphone

Guide to Switch From Windows Phone to iPhone

Now, if you are planning to change from a Windows phone to iPhone, it is a big step. Unlike the Android smartphones, Windows phone...
best roku hacks

10 Roku Hacks You Need to Make Binge Watching Smoother

Roku is one of the best video streaming devices available on the market today. If you have a Roku you know that there are...
download vshare on iphone

Download vShare for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 11

We’ve received a lot of enquiries asking whether vShare for iOS 11 and 10.3.3 is available or otherwise. We would like to inform you...
change iphone audio output to mono

How to Change iPhone Audio Output to Mono or Stereo

It's true that stereophonic audio has much better sound than monophonic sound but sometimes there are situations when the single audio channel option could...
lower iphone radiation exposure

How to Lower iPhone Radiation Exposure

No one can deny the importance of iPhones nowadays. Their use is increasing day by day and iPhones have become part of our lives....
check if android phone is unlocked

How to Check If Android Phone is Unlocked or Locked

Now, if you’re in the market for buying an Android Phone, then it would be best to know that if the Android Phone is...
apple tv remote apps for android

10 Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices

In case you happen to own an Apple TV it may seem like a stretch of the imagination to think that it would be...
best barometer apps

5 Best Barometer Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone is the best mobile for any kind of users because of its distinguishing benefits. iPhones come with various built-in technologies and facilities which...
change imei number on iphone

How to Change IMEI Number on iPhone in 9 Steps

Before learning how to change IMEI number on iPhone you should know what exactly an IMEI number is. The IMEI stands for International Mobile...
bypass icloud activation

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 8.1.3 / 10.3 / iOS 11

Honestly, sometimes I think there is no use of spending such huge bucks if you are not a bit more techie. You have to...
sprint imei checker

Sprint IMEI Checker – Check Block and Unlock Status Online

Many Apple users want to know how to ensure that their IMEI is clean for activation and the great part is that there is...
best diet apps

5 Best Diet Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Having a healthy body is a substantial need for everyone. It impacts the way of living and our daily routine. In this era, routines...
format usb drive on mac

Guide to Format USB Drive on Mac to Work on PC & Mac

There are many famous rivalries that can be found all over the world. In sports alone, we have Real Madrid against Barca, Pakistan versus...