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Set Timer on Apple Watch - Easy and Simple Guide

Set Timer on Apple Watch – Easy and Simple Guide

Whenever I cook spaghetti, I use a timer to let me know when its al-dente (usually 10 min). Before it was the old timer...
disable hdr video downloads on iphone 8

How to Disable HDR Video Downloads on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

HDR means High Dynamic Range, and it is used in videos like movies. The HDR technology gives you a better vision of viewing your...
take facetime live photos

How to Take Live Photos from FaceTime Calls in iOS 11

FaceTime was an instant success when it was released in 2010 and even now it is very widely used. It helped to make a...
silence iphone without using the silent button

How to Silence iPhone Without Using the Silent Button

Almost every iPhone user knows about the silent button which is located on the sidebar of the phone. It can be used to silence...
reset cellular data usage

How to Reset Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

If you are worried about the over usage of your mobile data, you don't need to panic because you can track your data usage...
avoid toll roads on google maps

How to Avoid Toll Roads on Google Maps for iPhone and iPad

Most of us strive to find a route without toll roads while going to an outside city tour or our daily destinations. Most of...
download iemulators app

Download iEmulators App for iPhone – Get all iOS Emulators

With the development of latest technology platforms, a lot in the older ones are getting obsolete. For example, if you had been a fan...
change airpods shortcuts

How to Change AirPods Shortcuts

Up to this day, the AirPods only had limited usability in terms of performing different functions using your iPhone. It was possible to activate...
play youtube in background on iphone

How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

Have you wondered how to play YouTube in Background on iPhone or iPad? We all use YouTube to educate ourselves or for some entertainment....
pixel buds vs airpods

Google Pixel Buds vs Apple AirPods: The Ultimate Comparison

At the recently held Google Pixel 2 launch in San Francisco, the Google Company not only showcased their smartphone but also an array of...
change apple id country to us

Change Apple ID Country to US without Credit Card

Want to change Apple ID country to US without credit card? Well, you can change it not only exclusive to US region but to...
pair airpods with android

How to Pair AirPods With Android Phone, Tablet or TV

Apple AirPods work with your Apple devices like iPhone, iPods and Mac system. However, if you want to use them with your android devices,...
download recboot

Download RecBoot to Enter / Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

Why do you need to download RecBoot tool? Entering recovery mode on iPhone could be essential at times. Crucial moments when an Apple iOS...
download moviehd on iphone

How to Install MovieHD on iPhone and iPad on iOS 11

Most iOS users are familiar with the MovieHD app that gives the users immediate access to a wide variety of movies according to their...
create apple music profile

How to Create Apple Music Profile on iPhone and iPad

With the release of new iOS 11, Apple has launched some amazing features in it that are never seen before. Whether we talk about...
stream kodi to chromecast

3 Methods to Stream Kodi to Chromecast From Android, PC and Mac

One of the best media streaming device available in the market is Google Chromecast. However, you can stream Google media such as YouTube on...

Download iTools 2017 Version for Mac or Windows PC

It can be a tedious task to manage a huge amount of data on iDevices. For this reason, iTools was released. It makes managing...
icloud removal service

Official iCloud Removal Service to Bypass iCloud Activation

Are you owner of a iCloud Activation locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or bought one second hand? The locked word basically means you...
secure web iphone

How to Solve Security Recommendation in WiFi On iPhone

You launch the Settings app and connect to WiFi, but you see “Security Recommendation” below the WiFi network’s name. You think you’re hacked, but...
retouch photos on iphone

Retouch Photos on iPhone – 10 Best Apps to Choose

Sometimes an Instagram filter is not enough to get the perfect after shot. So what can we do about it? Well, you can for...