Want to purchase a used Motorola phone? Before purchasing the smartphone it’s important to check the IMEI of the device so you can confirm if the device is SIM Locked, Blacklisted, Google Locked, Warranty status, Purchase Date, Country, Capacity and the physical condition.

Use a Motorola IMEI checker for a complete report of your newly used Motorola smartphone. You can find the free Motorola IMEI check service from Unlockboot which has a lot to offer about your device which can be very useful. Just provide us with the SN (serial number) or IMEI number of your Motorola smartphone. By entering it in our Moto IMEI checker tool you can get the following information such as model name, warranty status, estimated device age, purchase date, original carrier, and much more.

Instruction on How to Use the Motorola Warranty, Carrier, IMEI & SN Check Service

1 Dial *#06# to find the IMEI number and put it in the IMEI check field. Note: You can also find your IMEI and SN number from the device’s settings. Just go to the ‘About Phone’ tab under the Settings menu on your Motorola device.

motorola imei check

2 Once you have entered the IMEI number of the used Motorola smartphone in the field, the page will ask you to complete the CAPTCHA verification. After completing the verification click on the ‘Check’ button to begin.

3 Now you just need to wait for a few seconds to see the complete information about your Motorola smartphone. You will have the option to either copy and paste the info or just save it on your device. Moreover, the tool can also notify if your device is eligible to be unlocked. If yes, then you can also use our unlocking services to unlock the device.

Check Motorola Model, Carrier, Unlock Eligibility, Purchase date, and Warranty Status

Other IMEI checking tools will only tell you if the device is reported or not. But UnlockBoot’s IMEI tool gives you much more info about your device for free. The IMEI checking tool is designed to be user-friendly and has a vast database of Motorola devices therefore you can use it to search any info regarding any model of Motorola. There are no complex steps to follow in order to get details about the smartphone.

You just need to enter the IMEI of the device in the checker field to get the details about the Motorola smartphone. There are many ways you are able to discover your IMEI number like, by dialing the number *#06# on your smartphone. Or by simply going in the Settings menu then tapping on the About Device menu to check the IMEI of the device.

Our tool just needs your IMEI number in order to show you all the important information, such as the device’s country of origin, network status, and warranty. This tool is best for anyone who wants to purchase a used Motorola phone so that they can check whether the device is stolen, lost, or not. You can also use it to verify all the information given to you by the seller of the phone.

The tool is connected with the official Motorola’s servers, therefore, any information gathered comes directly from the source. Hence, you can be 100% confident that our tool gives you the correct information. Even so, we can tell you just by checking your Motorola’s IMEI that what is the network status of the device. By doing so, you are able to choose the right unlocking services from our website.

Below you can find a sample of our Motorola IMEI checking tool.

Motorola IMEI Check Sample Info:

IMEI: 355539113*****
Model: Moto G Stylus XT2043-4 MPCS
Serial Number: TS03NQ***
Memory: 128GB 4GB RAM
Purchase Date: 2020-08-13
Warranty: Active until 2021-11-10
Country: United States of America
Carrier: Metro PCS USA

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