Motorola has many different phone models that are available in various price ranges and available in most countries. You will need to be careful of whichever Motorola phone you are using has to be unlocked. However, if you have a locked Motorola phone and want to unlock it? Well, we are here to help. An unlocked phone has many advantages compared to a locked phone.

Unlock Motorola Phone

There are over 1000 models of Motorola phone from which few of the popular ones are: Motorola Razr 2023, Moto G Power, G Stylus 5G, One 5G Ace, Razr 5G, G Play, Moto G 5G, G Pure, G Fast, Edge 2021, Edge 2022, G22, E5 Supra, E5 Play, E4 Plus, REVLYR, Z2 Force, G6, G6 Forge, G6 Play, G6, G5 Plus, G4 Plus, REVVLRY, G4 Play, X Pure, Z3 Play, Z4, G8 Play, One Macro, One Fusion, G7 Play, G7 Power, G7 Supra, E6, E5 Plus, and 1200+ other models.

Unlock ANY Motorola NOW

Unlocking your Motorola phone from us will give you the freedom to choose any SIM network. It will enable you to switch between or use any network in all regions without incurring an additional charge.

If your phone is under a contract. Therefore it is locked, so unlocking the phone will terminate the contract. An unlocked phone sells comparatively higher than a phone which is locked under a contract.

Why choose us for unlocking your Motorola Phone? The answer is simple because we provide professional services that include:

  • A verified method on unlocking the phone with a guarantee.
  • Take complete responsibility and ensure your personal data is safe.
  • A smooth process and fast processing time.

Just follow a few simple steps and start the process to unlock your phone.

A Complete Guide on How to Unlock any Motorola Phone Permanently

In the process of unlocking your phone, you don’t need to contact Motorola or the service provider. Just make sure you are following all the steps mentioned below:

1 Visit our website and go to the unlock page. Check for your Motorola model, service provider, and any other important details. Click on this link to begin:

2 Provide us with the correct IMEI number of your Motorola phone. If you don’t know the IMEI then dial *#06# and you’ll get a prompt message showing you the IMEI and the serial number.

motorola unlock code

3 Now proceed towards the payment page and select any of the payment options.

4 When making your payment give us your email id and another source to contact you in order to receive the unlock code. The unlock code will be used for unlocking your Motorola phone.

5 This is the most important step. We will begin unlocking your phone. Once the unlock code is generated we will send it to you in the email provided.

Now, once you receive the unlock code, you need to switch to any other SIM network. Then enter the code in your phone to unlock it and start using it without any restrictions. What if your phone does not ask for a code? Don’t worry, we can still unlock your Motorola phone.

Unlock your Motorola NOW

However, if your Motorola phone is not asking for code and locked to Sprint, Boost, T-Mobile, Metro, PCS, Cricket, Verizon, and some other carriers that use the new APP lock method. Then our remote unlock service will help you in unlocking your Motorola phone.

You just need a Windows PC and USB for the remote Motorola unlock service.

motorola unlock service

It will take 5-10 minutes for our technicians to connect with you and complete the unlocking process.

The above-mentioned unlocking solutions are permanent and you can update your phone to the latest firmware, factory reset it, and more without locking your phone.

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