Are you an owner of an iCloud Activation locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or bought one second hand? The locked word basically means you can’t use it because of the iCloud Activation Security feature. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, as a new iCloud removal service has announced that it can provide a solution for bypassing iCloud Activation lock and let you use the device.

icloud removal service

Official iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service for iPhone & iPad

You might be aware of the new tool, which was created by two hackers known by doulCi. The tool went viral quickly as it is a free and test-proven method to bypass iCloud activation and unlock the iPhone (please note we are not talking about network unlock). However, customers were facing issues as doulCi servers were offline most of the time.

So if you want a new and proven method, check out the solution that was posted on our website. Unlock the doulCi servers, which were available for free, this solution will cost you money. You can try the Official iCloud Activation Lock Removal service by going to this link.

But unlike the previous iCloud removal service, the new solution has some caveats. One of them is that with the solution, you won’t be able to bypass iCloud activation if you own an iPhone that is found as lost or stolen. Secondly, it will only be usable to bypass iCloud activation lock, and won’t unlock your device as our IMEI factory unlock solution does to use on any carrier in the world. We repeat it is not networking unlocking.

icloud unlock service

Bypassing iCloud activation is a blessing in disguise for those who bought a second hand iPhone and the previous owner still has his/her credentials stored as they forget to restore the device. If you want to use the device again, you need to unlock it using an iCloud removal service online.

Official iCloud Removal Service – Steps to Unlock iCloud:

Step 1: Visit the Official iCloud Activation Lock Removal website.

Step 2: Find and Send the IMEI code for your iPhone or iPad.

official icloud unlock

Step 3: Wait for the confirmation email titled ‘Activation Lock Removed’.

Step 4: Congrats, now you can add the new iCloud account + Find my iPhone option is disabled.

unlock icloud

After the completion of the process, you can set up a new device with a new Apple ID before iCloud Activation Lock is removed and the option for Find my iPhone is deactivated. The iCloud removal service works for iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7Plus/6S/SE/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4 and iPads.

icloud removal

Unlock your iPhone NOW

After the process comes to an end, you can set your new device with a new Apple ID account before iCloud Activation Lock is removed and the option for Find my iPhone option is disabled. You can enjoy your new iPhone 8 Plus, 8, X, 7 Plus, 7, 6S, SE, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 or any iPad model on iOS 11, 10, 9, 8 or iOS 7. Go to this website to remove the iCloud activation lock today.

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  • ccham79

    works on the ipad? added link only provides the option for iphone

  • UnlockBoot

    All iPad models are supported now.


    will u able to use data service and make calls after u use this service to remove icloud lock?? , the phone is not reported lost or stolen and its already factory unlocked.

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. You can use All iPhone functions.

  • Mustafa Abdullah Omar

    if the device (( reported lost or stolen and its already factory unlocked ))) ??????

  • ccham79

    can you help me adding the link to the activation of the ipad? I try to do that from the one in this publicaccion and only allows me to add the imei of the iphone. thank you very much

  • Abdurrahman

    how much cost to remove icloud Staring from £19.99 (72 hours delivery). gut i will see final price

  • UnlockBoot

    Official iPhone unlock offer 100% money back guarantee.

  • UnlockBoot

    After this service your iPhone will be UNLOCKED again.

  • Tom

    Thank you! It worked for me. Just as described – in 72 hours my iPhone 5s is completely bypassed. I signed with my new apple id & it works! Thanks!

  • Mithun

    what is the final cost for icloud unlock

  • Carlos Guillermo Ch Z

    if the release is for all devices because I can not write data to my iPad 2 wi-fi? form applies only for iPhone?

  • UnlockBoot

    It works for all iPhone & iPad models.


    anyone have been successful with this service??

  • ibrahimsaeed

    does carrier works after being bypassed?
    does it works?

  • Hajer Abd Esslem

    this icloud lock removal service does unlock gsm service for iphone 5 means

    i will be able to use my iphone 5 like new one from factory ?

  • Charleson PCL

    Please i don’t speak inglish well, i live in brazil how you can help me with one iphone 4, is very important say me how i can pay for this service

  • Charleson PCL

    you can write me on:

  • ibrahimsaeed

    will it turn find my iphone off if iphone is not activation locked?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes. The Activation lock will be disabled. You can set up your phone as New device by connecting it to iTunes.

  • Bunthoeun Pum

    Bro ! i have sent imie 4day ago what time finish?

  • Phyo Zaw

    hi my iphone 5 is can’t pass activation iphone screen
    how can i do plz answer me
    thanks u

  • gabi

    hello i send imei 7 days ago, still asking for iCloud

  • ian malepa

    did you received the confirmation mail..??

  • joseph katzman

    hi, my iphone 5 is icloud lock, my imei # is 990002851492122 I want to know if you can remove the icloud lock from my phone, please just check it and if you can I will be happy to buy your service. my email thanks Joe

  • Andi Aras Halim

    whether ios 7.1.2 can be in lock icloud?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, works with ANY iOS Firmware.

  • Isao Asayama

    hello i send imei 12 days ago, still asking for iCloud.
    I have not yet received the confirmation email.

  • vaso

    hello i send imei 9 days ago, still asking for iCloud.
    I have not yet received the confirmation email.

  • Mohamed Rabie

    have u tried it? هل جربتها و نجحت معك؟ أى جهاز؟
    كم اجمالى ما دفعت؟how much is the total?

  • Keo Pove

    is there any success with your device?

  • Keo Pove

    is there any luck for my one which reported as stolen or lost

  • Mohamed Rabie

    how much did you pay?total?

  • UnlockBoot

    No mate. This service will be added soon. For now works only with Activation lock (without message).

  • Michael Mkheleza Mailula

    Thank you! I unlocked my device using this service. Really amazing. My phone works perfectly now. Unbelievable service. Thank you a lot. You saved my life.

  • Mohamed Rabie

    how much did u pay totally?

  • ibrahimsaeed

    how much time it took to complete?
    what is the criteria?

  • vasya

    Yes. Now process is going. It takes 5-15 days from 28’s july

  • ibrahimsaeed

    i will soon try this so i will inform you

  • Mohamed Rabie

    شكرا يا غالي؟ Thanks!

  • Juanfran Moreno Jfem

    I have an iPhone 5 network unlocked with a 7.1.2 and icloud lock by restoring, can i bypass por turn off find muy iPhone?

  • آرش خورشیدی

    مرحبا، أنا إيراني …. ليس لدي المال … ساعدني … اي فون بلدي icloud-تفعيل lock013007007258619 (اي فون 4S

  • Ji Sonu

    plz send me link to my email plzz… my iphone 4s stuck in apple id ios 7.1.2 plzzzz help me 🙁

  • sup

    i want to bypass iCloud with factory unlock is it possible

  • muhammad khizer younas

    i have an iphone 5 on activation lock, no message by the owner displayed, but my iphone is blocked by the carrier, can it be unlocked?

  • Sorin Sorin

    when will release the tool?

  • wil7610

    Is this service working now for any kind of message??

  • wil7610

    Is the service now working for any kind of message received trying to bypass the activation screen?

  • khizer

    did you get your unlock?

  • wil7610

    Hey I really need the moderator to reply me, I have the iPhone both locked by icloud and also by sprint can I buy both services at the same time? or is it better to do it separately first the icloud and once it is done I order the sprint unlock… Please advice me as soon as you can

  • Riko Miraka

    i used this service before for a factory unlock and worked great now i try the icloud lock i will post as soon as i get it open and also you can pay for both and factory unlock and icloud unlock!!!

  • Azawila Azaxila

    hey . how can i find IMEI code in ipad i cloud activation ???

  • batence

    I have a phone with activation lock whitout message, and 4 days ago i purchase the service, now I am waiting to see what is going on …

  • batence

    don’t work for me … now I have a monej in credit but can’t get refound 🙁

  • Riko Miraka

    guys if your iphone is still in contract or warranty it wont be able to unlock until is over i tried mine and now i have to wait great service in a week i got the answer!!! thank you

  • 7ossyn

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  • Christopher Moses John

    I need bypass the icloud in my iphone to activate it. I’m Just check if any this website can help in this issue. 013202006836057 Please email to… Please help.

  • Dishans

    I got a lost iphone 4s & it’s erased & locked by using icloud / find my i phone… unable to contact the owner … pls help me to unlock this device…

  • Tulio Escurel

    how much for icloud bypass ipad4 gsm ios7.1.2

  • Allan

    I bought a sec hand ipad and was struck at the activation screen. I couldn’t contact the owner either and is unable to find the IMEI. please help.

  • Ba Phi Bác

    help me! please
    imei : DLXMDMZVFCM8
    seria : 6105-1873288921-1925

  • Srijan Oli

    hello sir I have 30 icloud locked iphone. please contact me lets talk +9779860059074

  • Caoquystoc

    pls help me too. I just bought a iP5 and it’s locked by icloud. Do not have any simcard either. By iTools i just got my IMEI: 013620007674989. Pls contact me: Thx a lot

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  • Reece212

    Hi plz help email me I got iPhone 4s same thing on activation iCloud lock my email

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    can u help me remove it .

  • Vélcis Ribeiro

    Its trusted? It removed your iCloud?

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  • Sameer Ali

    Does it really worked for anyone

  • Sameer Ali

    What is the procedure after getting confirmation mail

  • saeed grm

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  • Appern Lovelaos

    Please help me:
    IMEI: 013064001937094

  • Khalid Chihab

    hello please help me for unlock my iphone 5C WHATE IMEI 358544052143638 🙁

  • abdu llah

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  • Eng. Gamal

    hey , guys . is this server work for real , and remover icloud for sure ?

  • zeeshan

    plz help me bro plzzzzz

  • mugoo

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    I from turkey

    İMEİL : 012958008690435 .please remove iclude 🙁

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    Hi please help meee
    imei 990002760314532 iPhone 5

  • jonatna


    who can help me to remove icloud from iphone 5s .4s

  • Robert

    anybody know if this process really works? And what is the total cost for Icloud unlock.

  • Bilal Raja

    358688056680002 iphone 5s please help me to remove icloud.thnks

  • ahmed Muqrif

    IMEI :


    iphone 6 please help me to remove icloud.thnks

    Hi please help meee
    Hi please help meee

  • oussama rappelz

    please and please help me MY IPAD IMEI is : 012802000649488 plz!!!!!! help me!!!!!

  • oussama rappelz

    plz help mi IMEI IS UNDER

  • Guest

    IMEI: 013347005082094 Iphone 5 can you remove the icloud

  • Mohamed Kamber

    IMEI: 013347005082094 Iphone 5 PLEASE help me to remove my icloud

  • Marc Gomez

    Plz help mi iPhone 5 013404009394734 I’m paid

  • BuckDuckworth

    I have an iPad 3 wifi only that is activation locked linked to an Apple ID. It came to my shop with broken digitizer and lcd. I fixed this now the device cannot be used. It has no message saying lost or stolen or erased, can this be fixed?

  • Kate

    it translates to about 32$ a phone

  • sami

    hello 🙂 help me please :$ I’m Sami my iPhone 5
    IMEI 013334001603347

  • game


    iCloud Aktivierungssperre Removal halp plz

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    iCloud Aktivierungssperre Removal halp plz

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    I was stupid enough to go and buy an iphone 4s second hand , which then left me with an activation icloud locked iphone :(! , Now i have no phone and in big need of some help! , my iphones IMEI is 013451005715576 , If anyone can please help me remove it! please 🙁

  • Pin Ken Misu

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  • Loree Mcdonald

    I have a iphone 5 s icloud lock…………previous owners message…..

    IMEI.#013986000390406 ANY HELP WOUDL BE NICE THANKS..

  • hidanad

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    My iphone 5s , IMEI : 35 881005 421788 0 please help me unlock icloud activation

  • Diana

    where is the IMEI # located?

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  • Anscaire

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    I need unlock please my Iphones 4S
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    Hello! I sorrow! I am deaf. My Mobile Iphone 5 lock activation.. Please Help me! Unlock and Id remove activation!… IMEI: 01 363100 5578171 1

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  • luka

    i need your help i have iphone 5 icloud locked imei is 013436007345391

  • jayson

    Thanks posixpwnapple!!! I can use my iphone right now and set it as a new iphone… You provide me a good service with fast response and guidance..
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  • jayson

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  • Tomyirl

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  • Ahmed Khattar

    ok chokran

    2014-11-15 16:34 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

  • eki

    iphone 5, 013410007331230 help me please….

  • RANI

    need help please .. icloud locked and cant even unlocked it by pass
    IMEI : 013188007148016

  • Kingim

    iphone 5: 013621000056281…help me

  • ahmed

    990001322006461 ipad 4 help me


    Can someone help me
    IMEI 013838004014955
    I just got this phone I can inactivate the lock

  • Shorty85

    Hi icloud unlock for 2 phones.
    1-imei. 990002834123687 IPhone 5
    2- imei. 358755056191064. Iphone5s

  • Raza Khalid

    Please help me I have iphone 4 when i update his to ios 7.1.2 icloud activation locked
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    Please Help!
    I have an Ipad mini2 Wifi version No imei only serial! This method is also workink on it?

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    i need to confirm that my mob is new or used ill buy from U.S.A and check on your site gave me mob. specs. but give me

    Activation status: Activated

    Is registered: Yes

    “Find my iPhone” status: ON

    Contract status: Unknown

    what this mean the mob is new and with the seal package plaz answer

  • pikcasho

    please help me .I have ipad with ios 8.1.2 but I couldnt pass icloud so I cant activate my ipad My imei is: 990003042501987

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  • michael

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  • salihi

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  • Muhammed Ibrahim A

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  • Muhammed Ibrahim A

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  • Uchqun Normamatov

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    Repairs & Service Coverage: March 7, 2015
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    Country Purchased: United Kingdom

  • toni

    i found iphone 6 and i want to keep it , i did a restore but they ask the icloud password,
    is there anyone haker to knows to break that code,
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  • dexter trey

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    and it works for you
    i need your help man how did you go about this?

  • Muhammed Ibrahim A

    i need your help through this prosser man how did u go about this

  • Muhammed Ibrahim A

    guys did anyone got a reply?

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  • john

    anybody actually get written back or especially who actually paid did it work?

  • Venkatesh Aldar

    i paid since no reply long feeling weired i guess i m fooled now

  • ne0x

    I’m still waiting too, how long have you waiting?

  • thanesh

    i wont to unlock the icloud can u send how mach cost to unlock iphone 5

  • Shehry

    I have IPhone 5s iclouded, it`s on missing/stolen mode can any buddy help?

  • bastian


  • Raja Waseem

    I have iphone 4s i clouded..any buddy help…..plzzzzz

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  • Ramesh

    hi can you suggest i have taken mobile from my friend and it asked for language and i selected india english then it is showing setting language

  • Shekhar

    Did any of you receive any updates yet?

  • Abdoulaye Sambe

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    i found a iphone 5 and i can t use it because i need the apple id what do i do plis help me

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  • Del

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  • shahinul

    Brother i am in trouble by buying a second hand iphone5. can you please unlock it for me

    imei: 013629005547170


  • Angel Perez Mendez

    ok im confuse and I’m sorry if I might sound like a noob that’s because may be I am but any way what is this means? you won’t be able to bypass iCloud activation if you own an iPhone that is found as lost or stolen. Secondly, it will only be usable to bypass iCloud activation lock

  • Arty Gabry

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  • Yao

    iCloud can unlock the iPhone 5s IMEI: 352049061618709,
    And what is the final price?
    thank you!

  • Steve

    How can I download iCloudRemover v 1.0.2 to unlock icloud acytivation lock?

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    I bought an iphone 5 and it is icloud lock. Can you please help me?
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    Pls help me!!!! Need help unlocking iPad Air wifi only . IPad Air is icloud locked and this site require imei to unlock but the wifi only come with serial num only

  • tom

    using a hammer will help you out!

  • wewe

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  • arun

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    A1459 on the iPad (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, I WANT ICLOUD BYPASS, PLEASE HELP OUT.

  • Babu basnet

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  • Babu basnet

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  • aima

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  • UnlockBoot

    Try to ask the previous owner.


    for bypass call emergency call & dial 112
    for emergency touch activate

  • Believe Win

    Help me bypass iphone 5c, my phone imei: 358544054122747
    Thank you !

  • tj sow

    pls my brother I’m struggling with a bought iPhone 4s………….. pls help me unblock IMEI is 01 293900 506132 5…pls and thanx a million..

  • MArko

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  • Gilson Barker

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  • Sovat

    Please help my iPhone 6 On on iso 8.1.3 icloud activation. Imei: 354447062159806. Thanks a bunch….

  • Muhammad Babar

    i use ur service my iphone is still lock

  • Muhammad Babar

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  • Munaf

    2014-11-18 this is my order date nothing happened still 3 month nearly

  • Bah

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  • Thameen Aboona

    How long its gonna take ? Its been 2 weeks and the delivery on the website says its gonna take 72 hours !!!

  • Ken Vice

    guys stop wasting your time, iCloud can never be removed with iMei , for those of you in Ghana you can call me on 0240966332 and I will bypass it for you

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  • Guest

    can you help me/?!
    bypass iCloud and remove it for me?

  • Micki van Reingold

    same with me. But I’m not going to post my IMEI unless i know for sure this is genuine!!!

  • Micki van Reingold

    same with me. But I’m not going to post my IMEI unless i know for sure this is genuine!!!!

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    How to Remove iCloud Account

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    How to Remove iCloud Account.

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  • Robet Nomak

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  • raxazh

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  • Azamudin Redeor

    did it works on ios 8.2 jailbreak with wifi broken?

  • Kanouni

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  • Mz. B

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  • Jaydon

    If you buy an iDevice from someone who didn’t remove their apple id and has Find my iPhone turned on, and you restore it, it won’t let you activate it.

  • zebaree

    can you please help me ,y IMEI 013420001037162

  • Jones

    IMEI 358533052979232 Unlock my inphone if it’s working, going to buy couple for my other three phones, not sure legitimacy of the site.

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  • Guest

    can someone hl me plz , iphone 5s iemi 358826051199616

  • Gergana

    before year i find iphone 5s ,but is locked with icloud, can i unlock this phone and to used this phone ???

  • TheMrX

    This service is a carrier / network unlock.
    This is not an iCloud unlock service!!! Be carefull!

  • Rawlings

    please help unlock my iphone 5 with IMEI. 013408008301665

  • rahma yuzi

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  • Serge A

    Can u help unlock iCloud lock on iPhone 6 ?

  • Serge Arriola

    Help me remove iCloud lock on iPhone 6 pls

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  • Noor Alisha

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  • Vince

    Hi everyone i can help people have problems on iCloud unlock even t-mobile unlock

  • Alan Stayf G

    hello Vince ho yu can help me
    i hav iphone 5

  • Vince

    sure, is that icloud unlock or t-mobile unblock?

  • wira

    Vince, I had a problem on icloud unlock, can u help me? IPhone 6

  • chinna

    am suffering with icloud activation (i don’t have both id & password ) show me any other way to bypass this activation

  • Walkman Sony

    plssssss help me bro

  • Shakeel Ahmad

    mere pass iphone 5s hai usko iclud laga hua hai bus on hota hai aur langus ati hn koi bata sakta hai us ka asan hal

  • Borham

    Iphone 5s locked on icloud ios 8.1.3


    Hi, did somebody try with Keith? How did it work? Thanks

  • Karan Verma

    I have iphone 5 of uk nd have icloud lock can u remove it??

  • Vince

    i did send you an email

  • Vince

    i can fix that for a certain amount

  • lilu

    I found an iphone 6
    how can I unlock it ?

  • stevie

    vince can u unlock my i5c Activation Lock

  • Matt Blanchard

    Is any of this for real? I cannot seem to ever contact anyone on any sites

  • Pa Pa Than

    Hi There Help I bought a iPhone 5C secondhand after i update to 8.2 And its stock in iCloud Activation Screen old Accout user won’t answer my call to remove this from from her icloud account how much? and repair time? its World Wide Factory Unlock so this will work 100% after iCloud Unlocked ?

  • ty

    hi I was wondering how it works for iPad considering once the lock activates you can no longer get the IMIE number

  • mweya

    plz help me mya ipad 4 i dont have apple id and paswad

  • JayJay

    can you do ipod 5th gen its locked

  • Shane

    Hi can u unlock my iPhone 5c

  • Manos

    if you unlock i phone then the phone becomes full functional or it cant do calls?

  • Nyioo Nyi

    Should can I download on my pc

  • Rye Long

    i have an iphone 5 can any one help on an unlock?

  • jones

    iphone 5c icloud lock

  • Vince

    Guys it really takes time for us to unlock the device please give me 1 to 2 weeks and i will remote your device for the activation

  • Vince

    turn around time will be a week or two just to make sure its totally removed,
    and to ensure that we don’t have any back jobs. and make more business with the customers

  • Vince

    its takes time, but you need to make sure that you have the right guy you work with,it should be there is a update to you if its in progress

  • lee

    hi i haven’t had any reply at all Ive emailed the team at unlock boot but haven’t heard a thing i keep checking my order but not updates have been made…
    all the status “say with supplier” that’s it shorty the system should have update since last week..

  • Lauraa

    How much you charge to unlock icloud iphone 5s ?

  • leo

    sir can i ask you how much it cost to unlock my iphone 5?.. with IMIE

    someone cheated me… he say just fill up the icloud and its ok… then things went wrong i search the device problem and it says it was icloud problem with the first owner…. please help me sir tnx

    im from philippines

    hoping for your fast reply

    and im willing to pay thru western union…

  • Ser Sil

    013431009008725.. AND HOW LONG TIMES FOR COMPLETE ?

  • Yared

    Does it work with iPod 5???

  • tina

    I forgot my icloud account email and my phone lock me out wat can I do????

  • lasi

    can you unlock i pad mini activation lock

  • Artyom Krosovkin

    help! how to unlock iPad without IMEI ?

  • Bronx Soles

    I have a iphone 6 …. how do I unlock the icloud ? Please help

  • niyah

    , my iphone is locked and I forgot my icloud information how can I get it unlocked

  • Imran ahmed

    my iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 i forget my icloud id how ca i am remove icloud activation lock plz tell me

  • haniff

    My iphone is locked and I forgot my icloud information how can I get it unlocked

  • ye naing oo

    I have a iphone ..5s .. how do I unlock the icloud ? Please help

  • nishant narang

    Plz hlp mee my 5s is icloud locked any one help me forget this lock

  • Vj Zäïñ

    sir can remove my iphone 5 icloud actvation IMEL: 013423002632171

  • Vj Zäïñ

    sir belong to poor family sir plz remove icloud plz plz 🙁 i,m very thankful to you ..? 🙁

  • santhosh santhu

    I have a stolen iphone 5 and it is i cloud locked and i need to unlock it can you help me its imei is 013723000299984

  • Vj Zäïñ

    sir plz remove i,m very thankful to you … ? 🙁

  • tanisha jackson

    It also has find my phone enabled is it still possible and how long

  • tanisha jackson

    I have icloud activation lock on my iPhone and also find my iPhone enable

  • Jhon

    Me have one iPhone 5s no clean imei Icloud possible to unlock

  • Bin

    But your price is more higher then 2nd hand iPhone.

  • as12if

    Hello,iPhone 6 plus has to be unlocked from iCloud,reasonable price plz

  • Defone

    How much for Ipad 2 Activation lock? ios 7

  • Adam’s Neil Serilla

    Hi sir gud afternoon,,pls help me to activate my iphone5 I’m the 2nd owner of this phone and I don’t know it has locked by the 1st owner,and don’t know that this phone was stolen…how much to pay to activate again this phone?

  • Andrew joseph

    Yes adnan is making fool to every one no doubt

  • boubacar salem

    I have 2 iphone 5 and 1 5s
    How mush to remove ( activation look

  • yungli

    Hello, I recently bought an iphone 6 from someone and I can not use it because the iCloud is locked. I need help please

  • Guest

    I have a stolen iphone 5s and it is i cloud locked message from owner and i need to unlock it can you help me its imei 013881000150142

  • Sophak

    i have an iphone 4s lock with icloud. how much will it cost?

  • chris

    hey were u able to get help with ur IPhone problem??? if yes did it really work




  • Hendray Arta Arta

    how to remove icloud iphone 4S

  • Chipinino

    Hello, i have a phone that is asking for an email which i do not have. Can someone help unlock this so i can reactivate the phone?

  • ChitwanOnlineFM

    IMEI 352072066561542
    HOW can i remove my iphone activated locked iphone from icloud?

  • Raemeez Khan

    i have iPhone 6 need to erase previous icloud a/ can u help me..?

  • Tommy

    Help I have an IPhone 5s on ICloud lock and is listed as lost. Please help.

  • Raemeez Khan

    how much the cost is?

  • Jorge Ruiz

    Help my I phone 6 plus is in iCloud lock and recovery mode I tried to recover it but there a error 53 please help

  • Charmaine

    Can i send my imei now? then to know how much it cost?

  • Innocent Bacha

    i have iphone 5 is in icloud plz help me

  • Raul Zamora Sr.

    I have an ipad 2 and it’s lock with icloud will this work we bought it second hand and did not realize

  • Sathis Munusamy

    Please help me too.. My iPhone is locked with iCloud?

  • jasmina

    hello i can’t remove icloud from my iphone 5 but the guy i have bought it from will not give me the code.. It’s not stolen, i have called apple and talked with them, but they can not unlock my phone.. can you help me plz.. i am from denmark

  • ciara

    Hi i have an iphone 5s and a 5c i need to get both unlocked can you please help me?

  • ciara

    I have an iphone 5s and a 5C was wondering if you could help me unlock the icloud?

  • ciara

    I sent it so whats next?

  • Josho Maya

    I have a iPhone 5s that is lost/stolen and need help, so I can make calls ect.

  • Matheus Araújo

    I have an iphone 5s that was lost and is locked in icloud screen. Please help me?

  • Melissa Tabor

    I bought an iphone 6 from a friend who bought it from a friend and I don’t know the original owner. It’s iCloud locked and I need help getting it fully unlocked. Can anyone help??

  • sammy

    Need Help!!!
    Bought Phone From a guy and it had icloud activation lock i was not aware it would have that on.. can you help

  • Taylar_Bae3

    I bought an ipod touch and an ipad thy both have icloud activation lock and idk what to do.. Can you help..? please

  • manu

    I have an iphone 5s that has icloud activation lock would like to use in mexico how can i remove or bypass it so i can imei unlock it and use it her

  • Devonlb

    Got an Iphone 5c from a waffle house customer turns out it says disabled when u turn it on plz help someone

  • Alfred Shkalla

    hi,i have 5c, can u tell me how to bypass activation please, thanks

  • bre

    the i phone i have is locked with i cloud n it stolen somebody please help me

  • Jessica

    The person didn’t even give you a real contact number…wtf.

  • sami

    Anyone got this activation working?

  • Naveen Munna

    013552000407028 want to knw the network

  • Ahmed Shalapy

    i have an iphone 4s and cant open it because its icloud
    can u halp me to open it

  • Tenzin Samphel

    I’ve an iPhone 5s icloud locked. Can U unlock it. What will be the cost?

  • farid


    Serial number



    Out of Warranty

    Telephone Technical Support

    Repairs and Service Coverage

    Country of purchase

    Purchase Date

    SIM lock

  • Sherily

    Do you test one method that works for real? ios 8.2 iphone 6

  • angel

    Devonlb, did it only say Disabled? If so All you need to do is hook it to ITUNES. It’s really a simple process. I can guide you through it if you like?

  • angel

    Afred message me..PLEASE PEOPLE watch who you send your cridentals to…

  • angel

    I can guide you through the process if you would like???

  • ciara

    Hey check your email i sent you a message!

  • Nella Hughes-carter

    Can someone help me unlock icloud on a iphone 4

  • Julian

    Hi, i need help with my iphone 5 please help me

  • Yacoub Telemaque

    I need help, iphone 6 plus icloud lock, who can help?

  • Dipendra khadka

    can u unlock my iphone 5 its icloud locked..

  • Fil

    Hi, there people.
    need to unlock icloud locked iphone 5 running ios 8.3.
    is it possible? how much will it cost me.
    Will be very greatfull for any information.

  • Ms.iPhone5

    I bought a iPhone 5 second hand and now I need help unlocking my iPhone 5 🙁

  • Walter Aitken

    I need help with itunes restore loop error (-1) any chance of repair

  • Vincent Hernandez

    can anyone help me with an ipod 5 ios 8 with icloud?


    would iphone 6 work for this one?

  • carloemil domingo

    Mr. Dwight, can you help my bypass the icloud? Btw im using iPhone 5. Tnx

  • Icloud Crush

    Yes, we can! If it’s in lost mode.

  • sin tsung

    matt have a 5c what is price and process

  • Harry Swan

    How much to have a 5c icloud unlock? I see one I could buy reasonable but it’s icloud lock.

  • SnikSnat

    I bought an ipad second hand that is activation locked it says Hello… Then I set it up.. Then comes to log In for icloud… Which I dont have… PLEASE HELP ME.

  • selah

    need to unlock ipad mini

  • Saeed Albalushi

    Sir i need your help i want to unlock my iPhone

  • Saeed Albalushi

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    need help unlocking my iphone 4s

  • princess0110

    Hi, I’m kinda hesitant here, how is this really gonna work? please help.. the website does not even have a place to ask questions before buying thier product..:(


    yes ali i can open it for 140 euros .i need 10 days to open


    your imei please to check the carrier

  • Adam Houda

    013052006043109 Please help me

  • isi

    pls help iphone 6 imei 3566983068379087
    How to Remove iCloud Account

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    I have an iPod 5th ganaration iCloud locked

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    I need to unlock an iphone 5 any help?

  • R Anjan Aryal

    my imei:-358030052817702
    icloud activation lock plz help me

  • daisy

    How much do you charge to unlock iCloud for an iPhone 5?

  • Steven Burnsy Burns

    i would genuinely pay if someone could unlock the icloud accounts set up??

  • Riad

    pls help iphone 5c imei 358000056675646
    How to Remove iCloud Account

  • Iphone 5s

    i’ve send my imei to your email .. thanks 😀

  • kam

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  • Josh

    has anyone tried to use any of the people commenting? Mart or Vincent Garcia? Just want to know if I can trust them. Thanks

  • AAmir Shaikh

    bhai how many days will take n time
    i need to unlock??

  • Wanrob

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  • shahzaib

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    how can i my iphone activation without iCloud??/

  • agajima Mitko

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  • Sixsage Shinobi

    Can I remove Icloud activation lock on iPhone 6 plz reply me server

  • Sta Plar

    what is your price for removing icloud activation from iphone 5?

  • Bryan Dela Cruz

    how many days do i need to wait for you to bypass the “Activate iPhone” problem? I already purchase your removal thing yesterday but until now nothing happens….

  • harry llanes

    hey can i pay through any bank sir?

  • Bobby Puopolo

    My i phone 5c is i cloud locked

  • George

    I need help on my 5s please

  • George

    I have iCloud problem, can anyone please help?

  • Bobby Puopolo

    My phone is i cloud lockex if i restore will it be back to i cloud

  • heri

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  • Ibrahim Livaz

    I have an iPhone 6 imei no. 356978060557813. Can icloud lock be removed. It’s a factory unlocked phone

  • panosss

    icloud locked , imei : 354446060370498 locked can you help me ???

  • rodel garcia

    how to unlock id lock ipad air

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  • rodel garcia

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  • Ajani

    I have a problem with my iCloud and I wish to remove this particular iCloud account on my fone plz someone should do something to help

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  • Peter

    is there a someone who succesfully unblocked his iphone?

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    did u have any success?/

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  • mala

    Ipad 4 WIFI only Serial number – DMPKN2T7F182– asking for icloud activation its my father ipad 4 they did to many worng passwords

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  • Alin

    Hi. Can you help me ? My dear wife can’t remember the ic password and answers pf questions. She is a teacher and the account was made by a student…… The imei is: 013722000078505 is an iphone 5. The problem is…… I dont find the bill but i have the box. I want to sell the phone and i want to restart. E-mail of contact is

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  • richard


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