The iPad is new handheld tablet computing device developed by Apple Inc. iPad is basically smaller than a laptop, but larger than the average smartphone and it is without a keyboard but instead has a touch screen which is used for controlling device. It has a 9.7 inch Led backlit multi-touch screen and is competent of illustrating up to 1024*768-pixel resolution.

It weighs 1.5 pound with a battery that lasts approximately 10 hours. The operating system of iPad is same as of iPhone means Apple’s iOS operating system that combine the computing power of a desktop computer or laptop with the flexibility of a smartphone. iPad is available with 16, 32 and 64 GB flash drive options. iPad is considered as perfect for browsing the web while relaxing around because of its standard Wi-Fi connection. People can surf the internet with Apple’s web browser named Safari to receive and send emails, to share photos and slideshows and to watch videos and to listen music by using iTunes.

Apple’s operating system also provide an app store with thousands of free and paid apps that can be downloaded to enjoy ranging from games and entertainment to business and education. Apps that are designed for iPhone can also be installed on the iPad and there are many apps that are precisely designed for iPad because its apps can include more user interface features.

Therefore, graphics, productivity and video-editing apps are explicitly developed for iPad. Apple has also made iPad versions of its iBooks, iWork, Movie and GarageBand programs that are very easy to use. Some other features of iPad include Bluetooth 2.1, enhance data rate and 3G options and 4GLTE in new iPads. iPad is designed for those who want a device that is bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop for entertainment multimedia. UnlockBoot publishes a wide range of contents on iPad.

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