Smolk, a Russian developer, has a found a workaround for the remote iCloud activation lock function for devices running iOS 7.1.2, 7.1, 7.0.6, 7.0.4, 7.0.3 and below. He lately presented a new program will not only allow enables him around the iCloud activation lock, but also jailbreak iOS 7.1 / 7.1.2. The process is only for iPhone 4, but certain conditions have to be met.

bypass icloud activation iphone 4

Bypass iCloud Activation iOS 7.1.2 iPhone 4

For example, the phone has to be renamed through iTunes as a ‘new device’ and the password has to be disabled. Then bypass iCloud activation lock process has to be executed before the jailbreak is performed.

bypass icloud ios 7.1.2

Tool to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 – 7.0

Steps to jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 along with iCloud activation lock bypass

Step 1: Make a download from the link for jailbreaking iOS 7.1 / 7.1.2. The file works with Windows XP as well as Windows 7 and 8.

To download the iOS 7.1.2 / 7.1 / 7.0 iCloud Activation bypass & Jailbreak tool go to this official download link. After that, move to step 2.

Step 2: Now connect your iPhone 4 to the computer, launch the program and selected ‘tethered jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone 4’.

Step 3: Now click the button that says ‘1) Run SSH_RD Tool’.

bypass iPhone 4 Activation

Run SSH_RD tool to bypass iPhone 4 Activation Lock

Step 4: Now wait for the window RD_tool to launch, and then switch your device into DFU-mode.

Bypass iCloud iPhone 4

Connect a device in DFU mode to Bypass iCloud on iPhone 4

Step 5: After the process has finished, now press ‘2) Run SSH Connect’. At this point, you also need to make sure that the disc is mounted. See the following:

  • Mounting/ dev/disk0s1s1 on /mnt1 ..
  • Mounting / dev/disk0s1s2 on /mnt2 ..

Otherwise, you can select ‘2) Run SSH Connect’

Step 6: Now select ‘jailbreak data send’, and wait for the popup that says ‘Continue connecting and add host key to the cache?’. Select Yes ‘Y’. The phone will now reboot in recovery mode.

iphone 4 icloud bypass

Step 7: Now press ‘tethered boot iOS 7.1 / 7.1.2 iPhone 4 Model: 3.1 or 3.2 or 3.3’ to boot the phone depending on your model; find the iPhone model with the image number in the window.

bypass icloud activation iOS 7.1.2 iPhone 4

Jailbreak and Bypass iCloud activation iOS 7.1.2 iPhone 4

bypass iCloud Activation

Jailbreak – Tethered Boot and Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone 4

Step 8: After downloading, do not do anything before the device automatically reboots. Cydia will be installed.

Step 9: After that, you need to wait for respring. This is when mobilesubstrate will be added.

Step 10: Now feel free to open Cydia and install any updates.

Now upon every reboot, you need to connect iPhone to the computer and select ‘tethered boot iOS 7.1′, as it is not an untethered jailbreak’.

Update 1: Our Bypass iCloud activation lock tool works on iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 7 on iPhone 4, but if your phone is reported as stolen you won’t be able to make calls. Did you managed to bypass iOS 7.1.2 Activation Lock on iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Jerich Xavier

    is it sim unlock? i mean can i use a different sim as my iphone 4 is operator locked.

  • yoni

    what about iphone 4s

  • Tianna

    It’s not gonna work for 4s. It’s not sim unlock. Phone can only be used as ipod .

  • Rahj

    hey plz , its work for 4s i forgot which apple id i activated the phone

  • Tianna

    No it will NOT work for iPhone 4S or higher since they use A5 or A6 chip which for now there is no bypass even tho everyone claim their is .

  • Jhony Thalys

    how unlock SIM my iphone 4 iOs 7.1 ?

  • happy

    It worked!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • hasan

    sit my iphone is unlock but i cloud is bypass sim is not working…………..
    what will i do for that?

  • skiski

    im so confused can any one offer some help?

  • EriK

    I’ve stuck at step 5. i didn’t saw this message” Mounting/ dev/disk0s1s1 on /mnt1”
    * iphone4 status is turned off and insert SIM card.
    Please help!

  • EriK

    how you do that? please advice

  • Jagdeep Singh

    plz help me i have iphone 4 7.1.1 this applicaation work on my iphone or not

  • luis

    where do u download it

  • shadab

    no it says…..

    FATAL: Cannot load native libraries; make sure you’re using 32-bit JRE if on Windows!

    INIT FAILED (Jsyringe)!
    please advice what needs to be done…………

  • mamaehu Shi

    when i click on ssh-rd-tool only with winrar windows not for jar please help me

  • Tyquan

    It keep saying unsupported

  • Ayub Ranjhani

    Please help me i have iPhone 4 IOS 7.1.1 this application not work on my iPhone
    my problem is i forget icloud id password not working my iphone4 !!! my email is

  • zahir shah

    plz help i have iphone 5 7.1.2

  • Bilel


  • Ali

    iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 updated bypassed activation lock and jail broken installed cydia but it shows no service. tried ultrasn0w Sams pangu no luck. any idea to fix No Service ?

  • Kingsley Oto Iden

    pls can you help me with a video tutorial to unlock with this tool or a guide manual

  • Pramodh

    Hello, I cant pass the first set of screens to get to the home page. How do i hacktivate my phone.

    i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 how do bypass activation lock???

    I tried the iOS Soft Dev Pack + jb iOS 7.1 – iphone hactivate tool. But it gets stuck on “almost There” after all the four steps. On the screen its stuck on the apple logo. i left it like that for 2 hours, and nothing happened !! what do i do?? Please help

    I just want to use the phone as an iPod.

  • Pramodh


    i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 how do bypass activation lock???

    I tried the iOS Soft Dev Pack + jb iOS 7.1 – iphone hactivate tool. But
    it gets stuck on “almost There” after all the four steps. On the screen
    its stuck on the apple logo. i left it like that for 2 hours, and
    nothing happened !! what do i do?? Please help

  • Gaz1971

    Hi, did you find a way around this? I got the same problem. Thanks.

  • aaki

    there is no bypass for iphone 4s ??

  • aaki

    there is no bypass for iphone 4s ?

  • aaki

    is there any bypass for 7.2.1?? iphone 4s

  • Reality

    U should NEVER post your imei on any website other than people attempting to unlock your iphone. This could b bad for u if it’s not already blacklisted

  • Mirso

    Do you get any service on it? I would apreciate if you post any information about what you did.

  • sagar

    hey frndz anybody plzz solve my problem i have iphone 4s it cant pass the activation i forget my apple id what can i do now??/

  • damfictourqe

    can this work on ios 7.1.2 iphone 4?

  • Mist

    this works fine, just few bugs on the mounting, sometimes it gets error
    and the downside of this is it is tethered and there will be no service, meaning you can’t make calls

    did this with iphone4 model 3.1

  • Mourad Rifland

    hi icloud iphone 4 activation

  • ms

    you need to install java

  • elvis

    how to fix this error “The operate system denied access to the specific file” !!!!!

  • Winnie

    When i put the iphone in dfu mode, the small window closes everytime. How do i fix this?

  • Davis Twistar

    no network service after bypass???

  • Muhammad Karimuddin Tahir

    hi this problem Me to

  • Gary

    Confirmed working on 7.1.2 on iphone 4 thank you man

  • liam

    wont work with windows 8.1,says I need to contact software supplier to find a correct version.

  • shaam

    am in try so plz help me

  • shaam

    its not working plz help me

  • fambo

    works great but no service how to fix that?

  • Edrick Alincastre

    ios dev pack is not working to my windows 8 ? what should i do ?

  • Asante Syllas

    I JUst install ios 7.1.2 on my iphone 4 and after that there is icloud lock on it is there any way i can unlock it

  • Juanita Bailey

    Will this work for the ipad mini as well?

  • Asante Syllas

    Hello my name is syllas i have been trying this for the past two days but when i click on the Run SSH RD tool then i get a feedback that jave SE binary has stopped working so the process is not working…is there any method i can use to fix this problem?

  • Asante Syllas

    Try and convert your windows 8 to windows 7 and it will work out

  • Asante Syllas

    if you want to solve this problem then use the hactivate method to do it

  • Asante Syllass

    Yes i think this version of software won’t work with your ios so either you downgrade it to 7.1.2 or you should rather use pangu to do that

  • Asante Syllas

    please make sure that your itunes software is on and it will work out

  • Asante Syllas

    yes please that’s what we are talking about over here

  • Davello Abante

    hello! thanks for this! But my iPhone 4 keeps on rebooting itself? how do i fix this?

  • zoran

    I stuck on recovery mode after step5. How can I go back

  • mohd azeem

    can i use this trick to bypass iphone 5c us t-mobile to use in india its showing invalid sim i cant i purchase from one idiot he cheat me i dont no that this this mobile have this much process can u -please help me how to i bypass icloud and unlock my phone please please
    this is iphone 5c 8gb

  • Manjul Shrestha

    Worked like a charm, hats off to the developer

  • Lance

    It did not work: INIT FAILED (mux thread)!

    Possible causes:

    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.

    Could not bind to the port 2022 (make sure only one instance is running!

  • osama

    i get the same thing too

  • Aryan

    Dear sir
    This is problem in the attached file please help me

  • kates

    it works thanks guys but how how do i fix the no service

  • Yogesh

    i also got the same problem, I tried fixed it by installing new version of java 64 or 32 bit but still got the same problem, but then I realised that I’ve got the latest version of Itunes and then I uninstalled latest version and installed Itunes version 11.x.x, and then it worked like charm, Believe me It works after it.

  • Yogesh

    uninstall older version of java and install latest version of java.

  • UnlockBoot

    Try to add your own iCloud ID & erase the device via iCloud.

  • UnlockBoot

    Try with 32 bit windows or create a Virtual machine.

  • Andre Van Jaarsveldt

    Does anyone know of a simuler tool for the iphone 4s? I have a iphone 4s running 7.1.1 With a clean IMEI number.

  • sylver

    cela fonctionne tres bien mais ; UNE FOIE QUE J’AI FINI JE DOIS FAIRE QUOI ??

  • kwan

    its either your security software you using on your PC or Mac or its your Itunes you need to turn off your firewall for your security for this to work

  • ma

    why ! when i use it in ios 7.1.2 it not active

  • Ahsan Najam

    same problem. Please help

  • Ccia

    Hey, i’m stuck on Step 7. It says connect teh device in DFU mode. While I’m connected do I really have to wait? Please help me. Thanks! 🙂

  • Oussama

    I did or but still on no service. I Will Try to erase it

  • anon

    360 security says possibly trojan, also does not seem to work on a 64 bit platform.

  • Hassan

    Hello when ever I run the program it says INIT FAILED (Jsyringe)!

  • kalalagideon

    it won’t read my phone and yet its working but not loading the apple icon and never turned on after reboot

  • kalalagideon

    does the apple icon ever load?…..cause mine never did

  • Prateek

    After activation if it shows the network as no service, it means that your iPhone is locked to a carrier and you have inserted the Sim other than your carrier. One way to unlock your iPhone to use any Sim is to demand a permanent factory unlock from your carrier or downloading ultrasn0w from cydia from a jail broken device

  • Prateek

    Is the method suggested in this website is safe for my iphone running on iOS 7.1.2

  • Yovch

    Your itunes is too new, you have to downgrade version

  • xavier

    it is safer or it results as side effects on iphone 4

  • Do you

    Do you have to jailbreak it?

  • Parth Vajaria

    hey there, if u have this problem just try an itune virson 11.0 or 11.2.
    this problem will be solved
    i have problem with no service can any 1 assist me?

  • as

    step 7 does not work for me. “Connect dev in DFU mode” any ideas?

  • أنا

    Its because you have java 64bit installed but you need java 32bit to run it

  • enispilkati

    can you please help me my phone restarts by itself and goes into iTunes mode
    do you know how to solve this problem

  • Gerbee Angara Buenconsejo

    can i use cellular featUres in this pRocess?

  • Gerbee Angara Buenconsejo

    cAn i use this method oN iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 aCtivatin lockeD. thank you.

  • Manjul Shrestha

    could you be specific about your problem, at what instant does this happen?
    Possible solution might be to change your phone to DFU mode again, even if it is in recovery mode.

  • irshad mirza

    it asking for password and username is es..i got username and password from this tool roo and pw is alpine…it not work with es…pls help me

  • enispilkati

    Thanks i solve my problem

  • janudar

    hi please i have stuck on 63.7 % how solve thanks

  • Manjul Shrestha

    May be u r trying the wrong model of phone, are u sure that ur phone is 3,1_7.1?
    if all fails, restore the phone using itunes and repeat this Bypass

  • Skipp Alcatraz

    do you require itunes for this?

  • Sami

    iPhone 4 7.1.2 activation lock, how to resolve without original sim?

  • Max Pro

    i m succesfuly done
    but when m switch of and on again then ph comeback in recovery mode

    what the problem

  • theturneynator

    root is the username not roo or rood that is your immediate problem then unless you changed your phones root password it should still be alpine

  • theturneynator

    use cydia and get appcake or alternative that will work the best for you

  • theturneynator

    do you have itunes installed and if so is it the latest version of itunes. also try not to run the same ap multiple times as that causes a lot of issues too

  • theturneynator

    what version of java are you running and is it compatible with the app (check on google using full version names of both apps)

  • Richard

    it’s a tethered jailbreak. Read the last two paragraphs where it says, “Now upon every reboot, you need to connect iPhone to the computer and select ‘tethered boot iOS 7.1′, as it is not an untethered jailbreak’.”

  • Help

    m stuck on step 6… there is no pop up coming on my computer screen…. my iphone 4 is just stuck on with the iTunes logo
    …plzz help

  • Joseph Spire

    My iphone is asking to enter icloud account and password associated with it? how do i bypass this cos i have owned this phone for more than a year and have now forgotten all those things

  • Osama Malik

    how much time step 4 takes??

  • Sỗfîẵne tǻyỡỨb

    how much time step 8 takes??

  • Omi Rajput

    Sir ! My iphone is factory locked ios 7.1.2 with baseband 4.12.09 can i jailbreak it ? ? plzz answer thnx

  • Maryama Conteh

    Will it work with an iPhone 4, on iOS 7.1.2 ?

  • kiddy

    even on 4.12.09 bband?

  • Eno Hox’ha

    i have iphone 5s???????? will it work with an iphone 5s

  • Mollyinter

    will it work on ios8.0.2?

  • Azhar Nazeer

    all process done but at the end when i click on ”tethered boot ios 7.1 iphone 4 Model 3.1” and i insert the phone into dfu mode some command prompts runs but phone comes again on activation not properly turned on

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, with any baseband.

  • danny

    how can i get into my iphone 4 gen? its on activation lock it dnt let me in plz help

  • Sara Vukicevic

    hi, i managed to bypass the endless apple logo, by jailbreaking it after hacktivation, so i entered my phone, but after 5 min r so, it shuts down itself, goes to recovery mode, and after restarting goes to recovery mode again, any tips how to, not go to recovery mode?

  • Sara Vukicevic

    u need to run hacktivation before boot. It will open on activation screen, but u can just click next, without asking for sim card.

  • Sara Vukicevic

    And it keeps reporting the message “storage almost full”

  • Sanu Tamang

    How to remove this activation lock in my phone 4s imel 012418001259605

  • Ip4


    connect to localhost on port 2022 with your favorite SSH client
    now what to do pls reply

  • Cliff Holland

    i did step 7 and now f0rcast v1.4.2 is showing that SHSH blobs on Cydia is loading something for while now did i do this right ?

  • Cliff Holland

    WORKED…4 me THX was goin CRAZY until found ur post

  • elisha beatriz evanlucian

    hi there, you were saying that it helps you to fix your phone, would you mind to help me to download the file? coz it shows that the file was corrupted..
    thank you.

  • elisha beatriz evanlucian

    hi , im not able to download the file.. whats wrong.. it says it was corrupted.. would you mind to help me for the right link where I can download the program.. thanks

  • Yugandhar

    i have struked at recovery mode pls help me

  • omg

    After connecting phone in DFU mode, that window SSH_RD just stops working. I tried almost every version of Java, and i try do it on another pc, nothing works

  • Arun cheerz

    My iphone loss email and password iphone 5s

  • venom gsr

    it’s work iphone4 7.1.2… thanks u very much…..

  • valghost

    Hy! My iPhone 7.1.2 when start, apear “Hello!” and not pass activation. What I do?

  • Hanan Abdul

    sir how can i bypas my iphone 5 icloud plz tell me any sloution????

  • Alexandru Mosica

    Ah and one more thing….i can’t unse a card sim bun my iphone didn’t have icoloud ….only the sim says i need the carrer sim card….

  • Luximon

    please remove this activation lock in my phone 4s IMEI 013032007289422
    .. ICCID 8923 0021 0000 1136 440

  • Isaac Ram

    doesn´t appears the popup that says ‘Continue connecting and add host key to the cache?’. Select Yes ‘Y’. (step 6) what should i do?

  • iHelper lol

    You have to uninstall java 64 and have java 32 running and you need itunes 11.5

  • Santo Dsl Brebes

    why just to stop here?

    position iphone, iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 GSM

    please reply

    SSH ramdisk maker & loader, version 06-12-2013 git rev-04b-A

    Made possible thanks to Camilo Rodrigues (-at-Allpluscomputer)

    Including xpwn source code by the Dev Team and planetbeing

    Including syringe source code by Chronic-Dev and posixninja

    syringe exploits by pod2g, geohot & posixninja

    Special thanks to iH8sn0w

    device-infos source: iphone-dataprotection

    Report bugs to msft.guy (-at-msft_guy)

    Edited by deVbug (-at-devbug0) to support iPhone3,2

    iOS 7 patches from opensn0w by winocm (-at-winocm)

    Extracted resource to C:Userssanto28AppDataLocalTempssh_rdnativejsyringeapi.dll

    Extracted resource to C:Userssanto28AppDataLocalTempssh_rdnativemux_redux.dll

    Connect a device in DFU mode

    MobileDevice event: RecoveryConnect, 16471281, 8930

  • Beno

    same i was got it .. more detail to know as best step

  • Marsad

    is this software work on window 10 properly???

  • Mr. Joker

    Pls help , when I click “tethered boot ios 7.1.x model 3.1 , 3.2 , 3.3 –it shows the same error “THE SPECIFIED FILE WAS NOT FOUND” Help pls !!!!!!!!!!

  • Karan

    I believe you have downloaded the requisite files, incompletely. Download the files again and Im sure youre done then.

  • The Merc

    Do you have an update for iOS 8.02

  • Shokry

    I tried to unlock my second hand iphone4 after restoring i am using this program but i cant do any thing with this program how does it work to bypass activation. What i need? What i miss ? I don’t know . Please help . Thanks

  • Sami Ullah

    after that how to fix no service…..

  • Chia Kong Haw

    I had successfully jailbreak and bypass the iclound activation for my 2nd hand Iphone last night after a very long try and error. So i decided to share with people who like me the process is had did, hope you all can succeed ^^

    I am using 64bit Windows 10. In the 1st month of trying i fail… fail so many time and i finally found the reason that block the program from runing.
    First thing is to make sure your PC does not install WINRAR!! If you installed winrar, winrar will popo our instead of the JAVA screen. Remove it before you start.
    Second, makesure iTune is install, what i did was remove the itune after installed. Maybe we just need the iphone driver i guest. If you don’t remove the itune, when u put into DFU mode, the itune may start itself, and maybe cause somebody fail the process i guess.
    Last is JAVA, this program actually come with a JAVA installer, but 1st few time of trying i stuck in the JAVA error. But finally i go into my control panel and remove those 64bit JAVA program, than only the JAVA error gone.

    Than starting follow the steps mentioned in this guideline, if nothing wrong happen to the phone, it will eventually end at the line:


    connect to localhost on port 2022 with your favorite SSH client”

    I wait very long at this line, but nothing happen…. finally i proceed the step by click the “RUN SSH Connect”. (Wast me 1 hrs waiting …luckily i watching X-Men :P)
    The phone should now restart itself (if i not mistaken) and jump into the recovery mode. You continued click the “threaten jailbreak…3.1” (if you dont know which model, just simply click, actually i try all 3 model, only 1 model will run correctly). After click you will need to put the phone into DFU again. (even-though itis in the DFU mode, just press the button like how the DFU mode as), after into DFU mode, the jailbreaking process will begin… many tiny wording come out in the scree… and the phone reboot ^^

    Now, there is another problem not yet solve… the iclound activation !! After reboot, the iclound activation still there 🙁 i almost want to give up at this point, cause i had try so many time for almost 1 month 🙁

    But finally i had re-trying, and it success in the end. Here is what i did:
    There is an option call “…SSH Tools” (Is the top left option in the main screen of the program). Inside there are 4 option: Run SSH Toools, SSH Conect, Hacktive, and Escape recovery.

    1. Click the Run SSH tools, everything is same as the previous process. untill the line: “success connect to localhost on port 2022 with your favorite SSH client”
    **Sometime the phone will stuck in the recovery mode, just simple click the 4)button. But sometime the phone will keep into a restart loop (apple logo repeat again and again..) What i did is, press the home and power to force the phone shutoff and restart the DFU Mode. (this step might need to try few time. Is ok the restart the DFU and even pull out the wire is ok)
    2. Click the Run SSH Connect..
    3. Finally click the Hacktivation tools..
    4. After the process finish, put the phone into DFU mode again and click the ‘tethered boot iOS 7.1 / 7.1.2 iPhone 4 Model: 3.1″ to jailbreak and the iphone should restart again, and no more iclound activation ^^

    I hope the above sharing can help you successfully bypass the iclound.

    **Please forgive me for my broken english*

    Thank you.

  • antoridh

    thanks , my iphone succes to bypass

  • James

    I Need help ,
    after putting Phone on DFU Mode iam get this message,but nothing happends.
    MobileDevice event: RecoveryConnect, 15ed1281, 8930

  • C.plazonja

    Wats the deferince to pangu and this with ifunbox you can do the same thing i guess

  • Sanawer

    will you guide me ?
    I’m trying again and again but somehow I’m missing some steps. just Inbox me then I’ll contact you.

  • Shaq

    Please help IMEI 013007002026268
    can i get the activation code?

  • Rodrigo Silva

    My cell phone IMEI is: 0136630061909618 please i need bypass icloud activation

  • Anang Lavezzi

    please share password file

  • deltaman

    how to unlock cloud locked iphone 5s 7.1.2 os?

  • deltaman

    does it work with ios 7.1.2 on iphone 5s?

  • Sabe Nangy

    Hi, I tried to downloand it from the above link but it did not work. Could you please send me the direct tool link to my e-mail ( I will be gratefull to you. regards

  • Rubel Hossain

    iphone 5s icloud lock

  • Rubel Hossain

    iphone 5s gold 16 gb icloud lock Remove iCloud please help me me help me


  • mymioss

    iphone 5 noir 16 gb icloud lock Remove iCloud please help me me help me


  • techme

    Trying to download the link above you recommend for bypassing icloud activation, but there is no file there,
    how can i download that tools? i will try to use this method for my iphone 4 to bypass icloud activation.
    please help thanks in advance…..

  • john

    does this method still work July 14 2016 response quickly please.

  • iCream

    Can you send me the link to it because the page to download the link is gone.

  • iCream

    Have you found a fix to the iphone 4 yet?

  • Edward

    Ex Apple employee I can unlock your Apple products by bypassing the iCloud activation screen using my own software. Email me at

  • aldiwirayuda

    iphone 4 white 8gb icloud lock Remove iCloud please help me,me help me.
    My cell phone IMEI is: 013667008377716 please i need bypass icloud activation

    Email me at

  • Irfan Ahamed

    there is no file in that link, give me the link to download plz

  • Stephanie

    Does anyone know what to do when you run the SSH RD Tool and it comes up with an error saying INIT FAILED and possible errors are ITunes 9.0 or newer aren’t installed (I did an uninstall and reinstall of iTunes and same error), or could not bind to port 2022?

  • Marcos Regis

    You probably tried to run in a Windows 64 bit version. In this version you must install an older version of iTunes. Try with version 11.0 or 11.11.
    An alternative its run all programs in Windows 32 bit version.

  • jester

    dude i rly need to u help how to bypass iphone 5 ios 9 please help me tell me step by step i need to help rly my iphone not in stole but just lock i cloud

  • Michael Tabada

    i succesfully hactivate my iphone 4s using the software above and other me for more info guys

  • Alex Etis

    It works with iPhone 4?

  • Michael Tabada

    yes iphone 4 i bypassed the activation lock successfully it needs much software and files though…but after that there is no service cant call or txt but you can use the wifi, cam etc….just the service not still searching for solutions though ill just update here.

  • katchu

    Not working. :/ i tried it many times

  • Mdu Ka Nkwali

    Greeting Sir, my name is Mdu from South Africa, please help me bypass the iCloud activation (Sign In to iCloud – Enter the Apple ID password for…). My iphone is: iPhone 4 and iOS version is 7.1.2. My email is: – I hope you would provide some attention to my request for assistance.

  • Eugene Chan

    Hi, please email me the details.

  • Anas Al-Abdallah


  • Vikash Kumar Prabhakar

    I purchased second hand iPhone 4 and owner have link iPhone from her account and I lost my passcode and I reset my phone when I give my apple I’d which doest not work what I can do and the 1st which have I buyed she is out of country
    How I start my phone


    Hello, please i also need that your softwares for my iphone 4.

  • jithin c

    same problem here! any luck finding the solution?

  • princess alice

    plz anyone bypass my i phone imie is 012746003899824 of iphone 4

  • Persona

    Pay their debts phone but it is locked. Help unlock. (012534009989074)Please

  • yuvraj

    please can you email me details for iphone 4 on my email

  • Mohamed Baza

    guys i need help!.WHEN I RUN THE SSH_RD TOOL…IT TELLS ME :the operating system denied access to the specified file

    help plz

  • Okay Saengkla

    anyone can unlock activation lock for iphone 7plus please help me , thanks

  • Taimi Kapofi

    hi pls contact me and help out with my iphone 4

  • Taimi Kapofi

    pls contact me and help with my iphone 4

  • Taimi Kapofi

    pls contact and help me with iphone 4 7.1.2

  • M.W.A

    mines keep saying host is not communicating

  • chaymaa hahar

    mee too your problem plz hepl me

  • LNA

    Is this method to activate valid for SIM lock?

  • jitendra raj

    help a1387 activation look imei 013005007405248

  • Ismayil

    plz anyone bypass my i phone imie is 01 242700 980418 9 of iphone 4

  • Cross Dev

    Jailbreak part causes all apps to disappear AND the phone to shut off once it is booted on 7.1.2 (Rev A also known as 3.2). Geeksn0w is nowhere to be found.

  • User

    “Run SSH_RD tool” opens Nokia Suite on my computer! WTF?

  • Red Ezraelle Fernandez

    Hi Stephan,

    Need a little help here, im having trouble activating my iphone 4. it doesnt have an icloud account but i cant get past the activation screen where it says “hello” in different languages and i dont even know which carrier/country this phone is locked into (im in the philippines BTW) i bought it as a 2nd hand phone and now im stuck with. need help pls. thanks!

  • Moniruzzaman Aaksh

    can you please help me to work it??? or should i pm u or in facebook??

  • abhishek jangra

    cant run ssh rd tool. it shows need 32bit jre.

  • Pawel Dawid Syrek

    After I have done it, and it works, is there any way to reset iphone to its factory state? The issue I am having is tethered jailbreak, each time I reset the phone it stucks in boot loop mode and I have to use JB iOS 7.1 pc software to activate tethered boot, or is there any way to jailbreak the phone once again with other jailbreak tools and get rid of that boot loop????????????

  • Caez

    Can u help me?

  • ivon

    use 32bit windows..

  • Sibusisiwe Angela Chiware

    Did you ever get the answer Vikash?

  • Ady Permana

    How to hacktivate iphone 4s?

  • Damian “Gremek” Dzieciątek

    You just need a 32-bit Java.