iPhone is a series of smartphone developed by Apple Inc. iPhone was initially released in 2007 and since then approximately its updated version is released every year and its feature list keep on changing with every new model. iPhone runs on the iOS mobile operating system and it is best known for its touch screen that allows quick response to single or multiple finger strokes. iPhone has a sleek, minimalist design and from other smartphones in its lack of buttons. Majority of the operations on the iPhone are performed using the touch screen display.

The physical buttons include a sleep/wake button, a mute switch, volume up/down and a home button. By using iOS operating system, one can download apps by Apple’s App Store, which can be accessed through iTunes or directly from the App Store, which provide the iPhone with endless functionality. There is built-in media management software and communication software in iPhone including iTunes, the safari web browser and iPhoto. Google’s search and mapping services are fully unified and users can also use YouTube along with Microsoft office and with most imaging formats including JPEG, GIF and TIFF. All iPhones have rear-facing cameras, whereas iPhone 4 has introduced front-facing camera with FaceTime feature. It also introduced the retina display of 960*640 pixel. The iPhone 5 and 5s also had the same screen resolution as of iPhone 4.

The iPhone 6 developed a larger 4.7” display with 133*750 pixels. The iPhone 6 plus have even larger 5.5-inch 1920*1080 pixel display and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have the same screen sizes as the 6 and 6plus. other features of iPhone include automatic detection of Wi-Fi networks, support 802.11b and 802.11g standards, including EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity. iPhone can carry 8 hour of life on the internal lithium-ion battery for talk and 24 hours for music mode.

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