Do you know if your iPhone is locked or blacklisted by T-Mobile carrier? The T-Mobile iPhone blacklist checker is an IMEI tool that will allow you to know whether or not your iPhone is blocked or clean by IMEI, ESN or SN code.

Follow the simple tutorial below to understand how you can use this T Mobile IMEI check tool. Once you enter your IMEI you will check if your T-Mobile iPhone is blocked, blacklisted, financed, outstanding balance or Clean.

tmobile imei check

T-Mobile USA Block Status Check by IMEI Code

As the tool requires an IMEI number of your iPhone you can retrieve the required information by two methods. You can open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘General’. Select ‘About’ and you will see the IMEI on the list.

t mobile imei check

Tmobile IMEI check Online – Check ESN, IMEI and SN Block status

The other way you can do this is by opening the Phone app and typing *#06#* which will show you the IMEI on your screen.

tmobile imei checker

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before using the tool:

  1. Make sure you provide the correct IMEI & visit this website.
  2. Make sure that your iPhone is locked to T-Mobile USA. You can confirm this by using iPhone network checker.
  3. The iPhone must be activated or else the results of the checker will fail.
  4. Fill in the order form by providing your iPhone’s IMEI.
  5. Now click the Submit button.
  6. Once you click Submit, you will get the result if your device is Blocked Or Clean.

How to check if your T-Mobile IMEI is blocked or Clean?

  • If you got a message: “This device is being financed and has an outstanding balance that must be paid or it may not be able to be used on the T-Mobile network. For more information or assistance, please call Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.” Then your device is BLACKLISTED.
  • If you got a message: “Congratulations! Your device is ready for use. Select one of the SIM cards on the previous page to get started.” Then your device is CLEAN.

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