Apple is a software and hardware firm located in Cupertino, CA. From the last several years, it has been ranked as the most valuable company in the world. The company produces a wide range of technological gadgets, including iPads, iPods, Apple TV, Apple Watches, and Macs. The most renowned Apple product is the iPhone. It is also the Apple product that is sold the most worldwide.

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The company’s second launch product, called Apple II, is regarded as the first personal computer that achieved success mass-market. Launched in 1984, the Macintosh introduced graphical user interface of modern times. The company began to struggle when the board ousted Steve Jobs in 1985.

In 1997, Jobs returned to the company, at a time when Apple was near bankruptcy. From there on, the company underwent a spectacular recovery, mostly because of the mastermind Steve Jobs. He introduced the iPod in 2001, but the introduced on iPhone in 2007 was the moment when things took off. Apple’s revenue is in billions these days. The company is known for delivering the best quality with the best look and functionality, which is why the company has one of the most loyal consumer bases of any brand.

Unlockboot’s Apple publication includes news and reviews on Apple products. Most stories revolve around the iPhone as it is considered as the flagship gadget of Apple. Users can also find articles related to the accessories and software for Apple products. Upcoming Apple products and what to expect of them are also covered under our publication. In addition, users can find written pieces on what makes certain aspects of Apple’s releases stand out from its fiercest competitors and where to find Apple products if users are situation outside the United States of America.

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