A fix is a solution to a problem. The problem could be related to hardware or software, or a problem that bothers device owners in general. For instance, iPad owners could be facing an issue with the screen orientation that the screen switches between horizontal and vertical despite having the orientation lock activated. A fix would provide alternative methods to fix the screen in either horizontal or vertical position.

A fix can be a list of steps that people need to follow to solve the issue at hand or a graphical representation of what needs to be done to address a problem. Videos may also be used as a walkthrough for the fix. The fixes for the software or iOS firmware issues are mostly known as bug fixes. They are basically system changes that are designed to handle programming glitches. Several different types of iOS bugs create errors in the implementation of the system and require fixes released by Apple itself.

For instance, whenever a new iOS software is seeded to users of iDevices, it mostly includes some bug fixes. These resolve the issues users have been facing in the previous version of iOS. Siri fixes for instance have been released several times, resolving issues with particular features of Siri. Unlockboot shares all the fixes related to iOS updates, as well as fixes related to other issues faced by iPhone users. For instance, the iPhone can freeze during a software update, or see the error message “Waiting for Changes to be applied” on iTunes. In these cases, fixes solve the problem.

The site also refers to a walkthrough or a detailed step-by-step guide as a fix in some of its articles. That’s because these detailed informative posts tell people the solution to a particular problem, and the word “fix” might not necessarily be used inside the article.

forgot apple watch passcode

Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here are 2 Ways to Fix

Most owners of the Apple Watch must have at some point or the other been stuck after they forgot Apple Watch passcode. No need...
reset iphone without apple id

How to Change iPhone Passcode or Password Easily

Passcode/Password are quite a quintessential thing in the days as of today. Not that it wasn’t of use back in the years gone by,...
imessage activation error

Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone 2017

iMessage Waiting for Activation error message has the natural property to piss you off at the extreme levels. It usually goes through the activation...
iphone not showing up in itunes

My iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes? Here’s The Fix

One of the most annoying sights for an Apple user is to connect their device to a PC, ready to sync only to find...
clear cache on iphone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad in 4 Methods

The iPhone comes equipped with gargantuan amounts of internal memory going up to capacities like 64 GB and 128 GB. Despite this memory can...
gps not found

Fix GPS Signal Not Found In Pokemon Go On iPhone

Pokemon Go players all over the world are going nuts hunting for Pikachu and friends. Everyone is looking for these magical creatures during their...
disable widgets ios

How to Disable Lock Screen Widgets on iPhone in iOS 10

Apple just launched its latest software; the iOS 10! With this update, the Slide to Unlock feature has been completely removed and now, if...
microphone not working on iphone

Fix Microphone Not Working on iPhone in 8 Ways

A dysfunctional iPhone microphone can cause a lot of issues. These can range from people not being able to hear you during phone calls...
permanently delete messages on iphone

How to Delete Saved Messages on iPhone in 4 Steps

iPhone has a built in feature of saving your old messages. It doesn’t matter how many messages you have in a conversation, your iPhone...
itunes is currently downloading software for the iphone

Resolve iTunes Is Currently Downloading Software for the iPhone Error

Many Apple users must be aware by now that iTunes is currently downloading software for the iPhone error is prevalent if you the iPhone...
bluetooth not available mac

Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on Mac OS

A few Mac users probably have come across problems using the Bluetooth feature of their device. This occurs usually after restarting or updating OS...
automatically turn on speaker

How to Automatically Turn on Speaker for Every iPhone Call

Sometimes we need to use the speaker of the iPhone while talking to someone on the call. There could be many reasons for this,...
turn off background app refresh on apple watch

Turn Off Background App Refresh on Apple Watch

We know that a lot of apps run in any iPhone background. It doesn’t matter which iPhone model you have if you use some...
imessage not delivered

Fix iMessage Not Delivered Error on iPhone or iPad iOS 11/10

The iMessage service is a great boon for Apple users since it provides an easy and secure method to send a variety of messages...
iphone camera not focussing

Is Your iPhone Camera Not Focusing? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

If you ask an iPhone user the reasons for buying this brand, one of the answers will definitely include its great quality camera. The...
refresh itunes library

How to Refresh iTunes Library on PC and Mac OS

iTunes library is a perfect place to keep all the entertainment stuff together. While using Apple products, everyone uses iTunes as it provides everything...
unlock iphone 7

How to Unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

Every passing year, the network carrier service providers display new adverts to current or new customers. There are several reasons why they do so,...
update carrier settings

How to Manually Update Carrier Settings On iPhone

If you are one of those people that don’t click on things that you are not fully sure about. Well, we are here to...
iphone not vibrating

How to Fix Incoming Call But iPhone Not Vibrating Issue

Perhaps you’ve missed important calls because of iPhone not vibrating issue. Several complains have been launched by iPhone users, that many vital calls were...
airdrop not working

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone, iPad or Mac

Contrary to before, now it’s possible to transfer files across all iOS devices and OS X via AirDrop with ease. But if AirDrop doesn’t...

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