A fix is a solution to a problem. The problem could be related to hardware or software, or a problem that bothers device owners in general. For instance, iPad owners could be facing an issue with the screen orientation that the screen switches between horizontal and vertical despite having the orientation lock activated. A fix would provide alternative methods to fix the screen in either horizontal or vertical position.

A fix can be a list of steps that people need to follow to solve the issue at hand or a graphical representation of what needs to be done to address a problem. Videos may also be used as a walkthrough for the fix. The fixes for the software or iOS firmware issues are mostly known as bug fixes. They are basically system changes that are designed to handle programming glitches. Several different types of iOS bugs create errors in the implementation of the system and require fixes released by Apple itself.

For instance, whenever a new iOS software is seeded to users of iDevices, it mostly includes some bug fixes. These resolve the issues users have been facing in the previous version of iOS. Siri fixes for instance have been released several times, resolving issues with particular features of Siri. Unlockboot shares all the fixes related to iOS updates, as well as fixes related to other issues faced by iPhone users. For instance, the iPhone can freeze during a software update, or see the error message “Waiting for Changes to be applied” on iTunes. In these cases, fixes solve the problem.

The site also refers to a walkthrough or a detailed step-by-step guide as a fix in some of its articles. That’s because these detailed informative posts tell people the solution to a particular problem, and the word “fix” might not necessarily be used inside the article.

imessage activation error

Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone (2017)

iMessage Waiting for Activation error message has the natural property to piss you off at the extreme levels. It usually goes through the activation...
recover message icon ios 11

Recover the Missing Message Icon in iOS 11 Share Menu

There is a bug going around for iPhone users that have updated their device to iOS 11. So what is the bug? Well, in...
iphone hotspot login error

iPhone Hotspot Login Error – Here are 5 Ways to Fix

Have you ever received an iPhone Hotspot login error? These errors usually are coming up when you’re trying to connect to your iPhone or...
android file transfer not working

Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac? Here are 4 Ways to Fix

Transferring files between your PC and Android device is something that every user does at least once. For others, it's entire way of life...
your apple id is due to expire today

Getting ‘Your Apple ID Is Due To Expire Today’ Texts? It’s a Scam!

Many iPhone users have been a victim of scam texts reading “your apple id is due to expire today” which led them to lose...
hide app icons in imessage

How to Hide App Icons in iMessage on iPhone in iOS 11

Whenever Apple releases their new iOS 11, it brings in new features. However, with many new features, there are some which are great and...
disable autoplay in app store

Guide to Disable AutoPlay in App Store on iPhone and iPad iOS 11

Apple’s App Store has always been updated but subtly. We don’t usually notice these minor changes to the App Store when it is updated....
reduce cellular data usage on iphone

How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iPhone in iOS 10/iOS 11

There are some features on your iPhone that are data hungry such as the Background App Refresh, Instagram, Location services, and Facebook. However, did...
iphone activation error

Fix iPhone Activation Error After Update or Restore

When trying to activate an iPhone, there’s a chance that you may face the activation error. If you see a message like “Could not...
app needs to be updated

“App Needs to Be Updated” – Troubleshooting Guide For iPhone

Many Apple users receive a notification saying "App Needs to be Updated" after updating to the iOS 10 or iOS 11 firmware and are...
wifi not working in ios 11

WiFi Not Working in iOS 11? Here are 11 Ways to Fix

The new Apple iOS 11 public beta was released and just like consumer’s expectations; was filled with numerous new features including Customize Control Center,...
unable to download app

How to Fix Unable to Download App Error on iPhone or iPad

If you are having problems while downloading apps from the App Store, it could be due to some reasons. Mostly, it happens due to...
best gba games for iphone

GBA4iOS Not Working? Here’s a Working Way to Install it Without Jailbreak

GBA4iOS not working on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or iOS 11? In this guide, I will tell you how you can...
fake vs original lightning cable

How To Identify Fake VS Original Apple Lightning Cable for iPhone

Every iPhone user knows that no Lightning cable last forever and has to be replaced. Reasons can be many like wear and tear damage...
download vshare on iphone

Download vShare for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3/11

We’ve received a lot of enquiries asking whether vShare for iOS 10.3.3 is available or otherwise. We would like to inform you that it...
sync icloud with windows 10 calendar

Sync iCloud with Windows 10 Calendar – The Complete Guide

For a long time Apple OS and Microsoft Windows, had complications when transferring or syncing files between each other. One such incompatibility was between...
unable to verify update

Fix Unable to Verify Update Error on iPhone in iOS 10/iOS 11

Although Apple makes great hardware, they in fact identify themselves as a software company. Apple’s hardware are complemented by their smooth and fluid software...
face id not working

Face ID Not Working on iPhone X? Here Are 8 Ways to Fix

The much awaited iPhone X was finally unveiled by the Apple Company on September 12 and the new model of the iPhone is not...
ipad not connecting to wifi

How to Fix iPad Not Connecting to WiFi Running iOS 11/10

If you are having Wi-Fi connecting problems with your iPad, you are not alone. A lot of people have faced this problem with their...
siri not working on apple watch

Siri Not Working on Apple Watch? Here’s a Troubleshooting Guide

“Hi Siri! Connect me to XYZ on WhatsApp!” “Hi Siri! Set my alarm clock to 7 am for tomorrow!” For many Apple consumers, the “Siri” has...

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