A fix is a solution to a problem. The problem could be related to hardware or software, or a problem that bothers device owners in general. For instance, iPad owners could be facing an issue with the screen orientation that the screen switches between horizontal and vertical despite having the orientation lock activated. A fix would provide alternative methods to fix the screen in either horizontal or vertical position.

A fix can be a list of steps that people need to follow to solve the issue at hand or a graphical representation of what needs to be done to address a problem. Videos may also be used as a walkthrough for the fix. The fixes for the software or iOS firmware issues are mostly known as bug fixes. They are basically system changes that are designed to handle programming glitches. Several different types of iOS bugs create errors in the implementation of the system and require fixes released by Apple itself.

For instance, whenever a new iOS software is seeded to users of iDevices, it mostly includes some bug fixes. These resolve the issues users have been facing in the previous version of iOS. Siri fixes for instance have been released several times, resolving issues with particular features of Siri. Unlockboot shares all the fixes related to iOS updates, as well as fixes related to other issues faced by iPhone users. For instance, the iPhone can freeze during a software update, or see the error message “Waiting for Changes to be applied” on iTunes. In these cases, fixes solve the problem.

The site also refers to a walkthrough or a detailed step-by-step guide as a fix in some of its articles. That’s because these detailed informative posts tell people the solution to a particular problem, and the word “fix” might not necessarily be used inside the article.

disable battery health on iphone

How to Disable Battery Health on iPhone Running iOS 11

Recently Apple introduced a “Battery Health” feature for iOS 11.3 (beta 2) that has a sole purpose of telling you about the condition of...
clear kodi cache

How To Clear Kodi Cache – Works for All Devices

Today in this article we are going to tell you how exactly can you clear Kodi cache in order to watch videos on the...
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How to Unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

Every passing year, the network carrier service providers display new adverts to current or new customers. There are several reasons why they do so,...
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How to Clear RAM on iPhone X Running iOS 11

iPhone X is the fastest iPhone version which comes with brilliant RAM and hardware capacities. If you have it, then you don’t need to...
imessage not delivered

Fix iMessage Not Delivered Error on iPhone or iPad iOS 11/10

The iMessage service is a great boon for Apple users since it provides an easy and secure method to send a variety of messages...
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Is The Status Bar of Your iPhone Missing? Here’s a Fix

The status bar of an iPhone is one of the most important feature as it helps in telling you the time, the percentage of...


What is the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error? Well, it interferes with the user when accessing any sites, and will interrupt connection with third party services. Technically,...
sign out of imessage

How to Sign Out of iMessage from iPhone, iPad or Mac

iMessage, Apple’s free and reliable messaging service has been upgraded. Are not you excited? It is now using handwritten texts, fireworks and bubble effects...
fix bricked iphone 7

Guide to Fix a Bricked iPhone – Real Unbrick Solutions

What is a bricked iPhone? A bricked iPhone is a corrupted software installed on the device, which does not enable the user to update,...
disable autocorrect ios

How to Disable Autocorrect on iPhone or iPad

Fed up with your iPhone’s autocorrect typing words that you didn’t mean to send? There’s way out of it. You can disable autocorrect on...
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How to Block No Caller ID on iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhones come with a built-in feature that can block any caller or callers without a caller ID. Prank callers are everywhere and they...
icloud email find

How to Sign in to iCloud from iPhone or iPad

Logging into iCloud account is a built-in option for the iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, but many users complain that they can’t...
reset iphone passcode

Forgot iPhone Passcode — Here is How to Recover Your Device

In the current era of smartphones, forgetting a passcode that is required to access a device like an iPhone is indeed very serious. Unless...
download cydia ipa

Download Cydia IPA File for iPhone and iPad

Cydia, developed by Jay Freeman, is a full-featured graphical front end to the dpkg package management system and APT for the iOS. It enables...
change iphone name

How to Change the Name of your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone is your number one companion (trust us, it is by your side all the time, even more than your girlfriend), and is...
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How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password or Passcode

If you forgot the pin code or passcode of your iPhone’s lock screen, and don’t have enough time on your hands to go past...
low call volume

Low Call Volume On iPhone 7 Plus or 7? Here’s the Fix

iPhone 7 and 7s plus beware! Many of the users have reported that they are facing problems with the volume when they receive an...
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How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue

If your iPhone is facing the problem of restarting, then you need to read this post, because it may solve the issue before you...
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Unlock Disabled Apple ID – Restore Apple ID Locked for Security Reasons

We all know that security is a top priority for Apple, and if the user’s account has been hacked it gets suspended. A message...
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How to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock On iPhone or iPad Legally

You’ve probably read articles on how to get rid of the legal iCloud lock removal for iDevices. Since then, a lot of information has...

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