Looking to buy a second-hand Xiaomi phone? Remember to check its IMEI to ensure it’s not SIM locked, Mi Locked, Google FRP locked, blacklisted, reported as stolen, or lost. Our Xiaomi IMEI checker service is designed to help you do just that for free.

UnlockBoot provides a free Xiaomi IMEI check service that you can use to discover tons of handy information about your handset. You’ll just need to share your IMEI or the Mi Lock Code. With our tool, you’ll see these details: model name, model number, RAM & ROM storage, purchase country, purchase date, warranty status, estimated device age, original carrier/network, mi lock status, contact phone & email, and more.

How to Use Our Xiaomi Warranty/Model/Capacity/Country/Mi Lock Check Service

1 Locate your IMEI or SN number and type it in the relevant field. Dial *#06# or head to Settings > About Phone section of your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco handset.

xiaomi imei checker

2 After locating and putting in your Xiaomi IMEI number or Lock Code, complete the CAPTCHA identity and then click “Check” to start the process.

3 Wait for a few seconds to see your Xiaomi device’s details. Feel free to copy and save the info that shows on the screen. If your Xiaomi phone is eligible for unlocking, you can use our unlock service to make it restriction-free.

Checking Xiaomi Model, Carrier, Warranty, and Unlock Choices

No other IMEI checking service can provide you with these many options for free. Our Xiaomi IMEI checker is also simple to use, and any Xiaomi user can leverage it to look up info on any Xiaomi model. There’s no technical step involved in the process. Just type your IMEI in the checker and receive your info. As a reminder, you can get it from Settings > About Device > IMEI or by dialing *#06#.

We’ll use your IMEI only to present you with critical details, including network, country, warranty, and mi lock status. The service is great for those who’re planning to buy or have bought a second-hand Xiaomi handset. Using this service, you can also cross-check the details provided by the seller.

The information we present you with will be derived from Xiaomi’s services. UnlockBoot is connected to their actual servers and relies on that to get all the information. Once we’ve checked your Xiaomi phone, you’ll know what network it is on. So you can request a relevant unlock service from our website.

Xiaomi IMEI Check Sample Info:

IMEI: 8617750537*****
Model: Mi 11 lite 5G Truffle Black
Memory: 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM
Purchase Country: France
Production Date: 2021-04-26 23:53:46
Activation Date: 2021-05-29 17:00:43
Warranty: Active until 2022-05-29
Device Age: 229 Days
Mi Activation Lock: ON
Recovery Phone: +33767******79
Recovery Email: mis*****@gmail.com

If you find that your Xiaomi device is Mi locked, you can use our Mi Account Removal Service or our FRP Removal Service to free it from these restrictions.

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