There is an app (abbreviation for application) for every device these days. Mobile apps, internet apps, television apps, etc. allow users to conduct operations natively from the device – but what the heck is an app? Well, it is a small, self-contained software that enhances the functionality of the device it is made for in a user friendly and simplified manner.

Consider an iPhone for instance. It comes with Safari which is a powerful web browser, meaning anything that can be done on a Google Chrome desktop browser can be done in the Safari Browser for iPhone. But users will find getting a grip on bookmarks and fiddling with URLs inconvenient. An app can allow the same purpose while providing a better use experience and control.

Apps can be downloaded from various App Stores that host apps for different phones. iPhone users can visit the App Store, Android users can visit the Google Play Store, BlackBerry users can visit the App World and Windows Phone users can visit the Windows Phone store. All these phones come with a shortcut to the relevant app store on the home screen. Users are normally asked to create an account on the App Store before an app can be downloaded.

Unlockboot publishes on a wide variety of applications, mostly for iOS users. However, people can also find coverage on Android apps, Windows apps and Blackberry apps. The publication lists roundups such as the best 5 apps for performing a certain function on iPhone. Apps from different software platforms as well as their features and price tag are also compared side by side to help users decide which one to pick. Only legit apps are covered; we consider reports as well as rating and reviews left by those who have tried and tested the apps before mentioning them.

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Download Cydia Impactor for Mac OS, Windows and Linux

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How to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

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App May Slow Down Your iPhone – What Does This Means?

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4 Ways to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone

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How to Download and Install Movie Box++ on iPhone Without Jailbreak

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3 Ways to Fix Messages App Crashing on iPhone or iPad

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Download and Install WhatsApp++ On iPhone Without Jailbreak

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Share Your Current Location On iPhone Via Facebook Messenger

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How to Record iPad Screen Without Jailbreak

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Learn How To Upload Panorama To Instagram From iPhone

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