Mac and Windows are individually highly popular, everyone knows that. Despite being so much different, they essentially do the same task. However, the relationship between Mac and Windows could be defined by that of oil and water, they never tend to mix with each other. The file system on Apple computers are essentially very different from that on Microsoft based platforms. Windows computers use NTFS for file system, e.g. the hard drive file system where the files are all stored and managed. On the other hand, Apple computers use an HFS+ file system which is very different from NTFS.

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How to Open NTFS Drive on a Mac

Now, cross platform access is possible but on Mac, accessing and using files from an NTFS platform is very difficult. The support Mac OS X provides to files from NTFS platform are mostly read, the write permissions are in a limited scale. If you have computers from both the Mac and Windows platforms, you would have a bad time if you plan on using the stock Mac tools.

NTFS Not Recognized on Mac? Resolve this Issue

People who need to switch between Mac and Windows very frequently, which involves working on files created on each individual platforms then using the stock apps on Mac would only allow a limited functionality on NTFS files. To work on a file that’s located in a hard drive or flash disk formatted in NTFS would make life close to non-functional. Using an emulator which can provide a Windows environment within Apple’s ecosystem would be highly useful and save an Apple user the hassle of buying another Windows based machine. Most of the Mac users use Mac for convenience, having to buy another PC would totally kill the purpose. To name an emulator, we would recommend Paragon NTFS.

Paragon NTFS Can Open Windows NTFS files on Mac

Read NTFS on Mac

Download Paragon NTFS for Mac

The installation process of the Paragon NTFS software is quite easy, and it allows for opening of Windows platform files with full functionality. Paragon NTFS comes as a .dmg installer file, and while installing the program few drives would be added in the background of this program. These drives are the spaces where users get to keep their NTFS based files. Using Paragon NTFS, users can edit and create NTFS files on Macintosh platforms which is impossible on stock Mac programs.

Work with NTFS Partitions on Mac

Not just accessing the files created on an NTFS environment, Paragon NTFS provides features for even working on the NTFS partition itself. For example, one can easily verify an NTFS drive for errors, edit the partition if they need, verify the partition’s integrity and so on. A lot of features are provided through Paragon NTFS that are only available in Windows, but Mac users can now avail those at zero issues. The software even offers native NTFS drive speed in Mac.

Download Paragon NTFS for Mac – Pricing:

Paragon NTFS would save a cross-platform user from the hassle of buying a Windows machine only for editing the NTFS drive files and folders, thus the payment for Paragon is highly justified.

You can download it for free from Seagate

Or you can buy it from Paragon for $19.95

All latest versions of OS X are supported.

Conclusion: Paragon NTFS offers higher productivity just like native Windows based NTFS on a Macintosh computer. We highly recommend Paragon NTFS.