The word download refers to the process of copying data from the internet or an app store over a modem or an internet connected network. For instance, when you visit the App Store on an iPhone, you download an application before being able to use it. The app’s internal data and functionality is copied on your smartphone, including all its visuals. The term download is also associated with songs, videos and pictures.

The pace at which your app or another file type downloads depends on the internet connection you use. A fast network or internet connection drastically reduce the downloading time. People who use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may also download apps and data through 4G or 3G mobile cellular network, but this approach is rarely adopted because users are allowed internet data in a specific MB range and therefore it is expensive to download files using this method.

The word download is also associated with the download of iOS firmware for iDevice users. Apple always releases new updates for iOS which are available to download over the air. Then it can also refer to downloading of new iTunes software, but is mostly used for App Store apps in regularity.

Unlockboot publishes about a wide range of download options not just for iOS devices, but for Android, Windows and other devices too. You can find pieces on the best apps to download for running as well as how to download a particular iOS firmware. The website also publishes direct download links for apps and other types of software, which reduces the hassle on the readers’ part as they don’t have to manually search for download links. The term download may also be interchanged with “install” and “get” on this website.

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