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In a specific and general way, app store is mostly used for Apple’s app store. This is an online store that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can access from their gadgets to download and purchases mobile applications and software apps for devices and computers manufactured by Apple. App Store may also refer to similar online store where apps are hosted, including App World for BlackBerry and Appstore for Amazon’s Kindle.

In 2011, Apple presented a case against Amazon claiming that one of its app stores for Android devices was infringing the branded App Store of Apple. When the judge saw and reviewed the case, it was revealed that the term in general has more description to it and wasn’t limited to use when referring to App Store branded by Apple. The term is rendered generic for any online store that sells apps.

App Store apps that are free to download often include in-app purchases. Apple changed their button from “free” to “get” after lot of users complaint that they had to pay ridiculous amounts via in-app purchases even though the apps were free to download. “Get” has more transparency to it, and it’s more action oriented than just stating an app’s price.

Unlockboot refers to the App Store for iOS users when using the term. Even though App Store could be regarded as a generic term, most publications use it to refer to the Apple branded software store, especially when the first letters of the words App and Store are capitalized. App Store apps are regarded as more secure as it is difficult for malware authors and hackers to infiltrate this online store. Unlockboot covers a wide range of things related to the App Store, from rare applications available to download to how App Store apps compare to the ones on Google Play.

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