The word ‘Mac’ is abbreviated or rather to be more precise is the shortened version for Macintosh, computers which are made by Apple Inc. Its first inception was on January 24, 1984 by Steve Jobs, the visionary and one of the founder of Apple Inc. MAC is hugely known for computers for the masses, as it was marketed as a computer for everyone and easy to use. Web and Graphic Designers usually prefer a Mac over a PC.

The nickname 'Mac' refers to the series of Macintosh computers made by Apple Inc. since 1984. With its very first model, Apple is largely credited with starting the trend of making computers that are easy for ordinary people to use and promoting the idea that anyone can find a computer useful. Macs are particularly popular with graphic and web designers.

Macs' main rivals are PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system (i.e. the background software that runs everything else).

There are many different models of Apple Mac(s). The ever popular among the Mac series is the one-of-a-kind iMac, which is a computer built into a monitor. Other than iMac there is the Mac Pro series, which is the equivalent of the PCs meaning that they offer an Operating System; these Mac Pro are usually expensive and much stronger than the other Macs. And finally, we have the MacBook, essentially they are the laptops for Mac. MacBook has three different models, MacBook, MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

Mac is widely known for the aesthetically beautiful design and a high quality build. The OS Mac use is relatively regarded as user friendly compare to of a PC and is safer from viruses, as of now there are no viruses. Though PC have many manufacturers under their built such as, HP, Dell, IBM and many others, Mac is only manufactured by the Apple Inc.

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