Operating System usually abbreviated as OS, is a bigger and powerful program that controls the software and hardware of a computer, phone and tablet. When talking about the Windows operating system, it may also refer to win, is an operating setting which is created by Microsoft that offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI), for computers. Before Windows people used MS-DOS and they had to remember each command line for a particular command. Windows eliminate this process of remembering the command line by using pointer (mouse) to navigate through menus, buttons, tabs, icons and dialog boxes.

Owners of a PC computer is most probably using a version of Windows, the other option is Linux and Ubuntu. Whereas, the owner of an Apple computer runs using MAC-OS. Smartphones also tends to run on operating systems. The two popular and wide used operating systems used on smartphones are either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. There are few smartphones as well that run Windows for their operating system, usually Nokia devices.

Microsoft operating system Windows was first make known to the world with the version 1.0 on 10th November, 1983. Since the conception of Windows there have been many different types of versions released in the marketplace. Some of this versions of Windows include Windows 10 (current version), Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and the Windows 95. Apple’s is currently running their macOS High Sierra.

Windows is also defined as a division of the PC’s display in a user interface that displays the program currently being run. For instance, a browser opened to surf the internet is a window, likewise using a word document to write is another window. Windows gives access to the user to multi-task by allowing him to work with several programs or view several programs simultaneously. Each major function of a Microsoft window is known as a window element.

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