Netflix and VPN go hand in hand if you’re based in a country where Netflix content is geo-restricted or blocked. For your convenience, we researched to find the best virtual private network for Netflix. The names we’re going to mention have server networks in various parts of the world, including United Kingdom, Canada, India, Singapore, Germany, etc.

best netflix vpn

We’ll be limiting the list to the ones that work great with Netflix and enable users to stream content without any sort of geo-restrictions.

Best 5 VPNs to Unblock & Enjoy Netflix

Whether you wish to access more content or just unblock Netflix, you can’t go wrong with the names mentioned in the list. Below is a quick summary of the VPNs that will bypass geo-rules via their streaming servers:

1. ExpressVPN (Most Ideal for USA-based Netflix)

Based on our research, ExpressVPN was found to unblock US (multiple servers), UK (multiple servers), Canada, and Netherlands Netflix. The provider also has a VPN-dedicated page on its site detailing why ExpressVPN is the most suitable option for accessing content on Netflix (through proxy or DNS) – and it’s been around for a while.

best vpn for netflix

Also, the company is one of the few that is able to label itself as a provider that can circumvent the 2016 ban of Netflix. And that’s true. If you want to access the movie libraries available in the US or unblock Netflix 100 percent, ExpressVPN is unlikely to let you down.

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2. NordVPN (Most Affordable VPN Option for Accessing Netflix)

Based on our research, NordVPN can unblock VPN using servers in the Netherlands, UK, and US (Chicago and NY). From its humble beginnings in 2008, the Panama-based VPN provider becomes one of the industry-leading, highest-rated VPNs of all times. Based in an independent nation with servers (more than 5,000!) spreading over 60 countries, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. There’s also a Netflix-dedicated article on NordVPN’s site that tells users which of their servers are currently activate when it comes to unblocking Netflix.

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At this time of writing, those servers are in the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. We did a test and found that all three US servers were working, though the speed was a bit slow. That isn’t a surprise though as a lot of people use NordVPN simultaneously. The UK server also functioned well, but had slow speed like the US server. The best performance came from the Netherlands-based server, so we’d recommend you to give that a shot.

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3. PrivateVPN – Unblock and Watch Netflix Worldwide

We discovered that PrivateVPN’s worldwide servers unblock Netflix from Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and the United States (Los Angeles and New York). Private-VPN, based in Stockholm, has built a custom VPN that specifically works to unblock Netflix, and the company says those who subscribe will be able to access the whole catalog of US Netflix titles.

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Additionally, the company has created a dedicated guide for how to unblock Netflix with your native VPN account, which lists a collection of servers that may allow you to access Netflix – indicating that though the lists is regularly updated, a server could not deliver the expected result at any time. During our test run, we were easily able to access Netflix from every server, including the two US ones.

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4. StrongVPN – Fast and Stable Netflix VPN

StrongVPN was found to be unblocking Netflix using servers in the Netherlands, Canada, and the US (NY and Chicago).

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Founded as a computer selling firm in California’s South Lake Tahoe, StrongVPN today proudly delivers one of the strongest VPN networks in the sector, with multiple customers in more than 20 countries. Its server range is above 600, and its US servers will give users no trouble in accessing the Netflix website. The Netherlands and Canada servers also bypass restrictions with ease.

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5. IPVanish – Secure and Fast VPN for Netflix

IPVanish, according to our research, also unblocks Netflix with servers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, and the United States (New York). The company makes its perspective on the streaming website clear from the outright, with a homepage that says “unblock Twitter, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and sites that only work in certain regions regardless of where your home base is.

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Additionally, IPVanish has published a dedicated article for unblocking Netflix. And in contrast to other VPN companies who’re afraid to say that they’re making an effort to circumvent the popular block from Netflix, previous support tickets reveal that IPVanish is making genuine attempts to overcome the popular ban. If you made the account correctly, you’d be able to access Netflix from every IPVanish server.

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Ready to enjoy Netflix uninterrupted?

The battle between VPN providers and Netflix after the 2016 ban has nowhere been closer to a pretty sight, with a lot of VPN users saying they’re canceling the subscription to Netflix because of a ban on VPN companies trying to find a solution to access Netflix only to get blocked again.

Unless changes come to the model of licensing, or Netflix does everyone a favor by making their global content available, the above mentioned VPNs are the only solution to people’s problem. Other than that, let’s see till when this war will continue.