Is an assessment of a publication, service or a company. Reviews can be done on movies, video games, apps, music, book, cars, computer, smartphones, home appliances, events and performances. Review are generally done on items beforehand so that the user is guided to whether he needs to purchase the item or not. Reviews are also refer to assigning a rating merit to a product or a service.

Whereas in education it is referred as a peer review. In which experts, scholars and scientist assess the work of the colleague, which has been submitted in a scholarly or scientific literature. These reviews help to confirm or reject the theories and hypothesis of a research, or in some cases validates the literature.

But in this age of social media a user review is given utmost importance. A user review is an assessment given by the consumer/user of a product or a service which is founded on his/her experience of the product. The most widely sites known for reviews are sites like, TripAdvisor and Yelp. This reviewing process has become an important aspect in the businesses integrity and image due to the increase use of social sites.

Furthermore, expert reviews are also important. This reviews are done by a person who has the knowledge and has gathered experience by testing products. A professional/expert review usually give his opinion which is more likely to sway consumers before purchasing the product. UnlockBoot is an expert reviewer of Apple’s iPhone and its accessories. They have done review on Apple’s iPhone cases, battery cases and apps.

A company also pays reviewers to do a review on their product it is called a bought review or a sponsored review. In the US a reviewer has to mention beforehand that whether the review is sponsored or not, which helps to diminish bias review process and clarifies to the user that the reviewer has been paid for the review.

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