Apple TV is known for one of the best smart devices that support 4K video quality. So, if you purchase or would purchase an Apple TV, you should know that it does not come with an HDMI cable. You will need an HDMI cable to connect your Apple TV with your Smart TV. Following we have recommended a list of best HDMI Cables for Apple TV that supports 4K video resolution.

Best HDMI Cables for Apple TV

Here are the Best HDMI Cables for Apple TV

We have taken into great consideration about the 4K quality, durability and speed, when selecting the HDMI Cables for Apple TV.

1. Monoprice Ultra Slim Series High Performance HDMI Cable

best hdmi cable for apple tv 4k

Monoprice Ultra Slim is one of the best HDMI Cables for Apple TV, as it comes with the RedMere technology. Which means that it will work efficiently with the latest HDMI specification. It is both a high speed and performance HDMI cable. It can support up to 10.2 GBPS of speed, despite of the long cable. So we recommend this cable if you want a longer cable and a faster connection.

It has been tested with the basic factory models. Like the other HDMI Cables for Apple TV on the list, the connectors are guaranteed for high rating pull force. Additionally, this cable is slimmer, light-weight and easy to use.

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2. Twisted Veins HDMI Cable

apple tv 4k hdmi cable

Twisted Vein HDMI Cable, supports HDMI 2.0b meaning that it can cater 18 GBPS of speed. Compare to other in the entries for the HDMI Cables for Apple TV, this one is cheaper. And they offer almost same specs as the others mentioned in the list. However, they come with an outer protective braid jacket. It also offers touch-flex for a durable neck connector.

It uses a 24-karat gold plated contacts that gives a better sound and picture output. So if you’re looking for something cheap and durable than this is the cable you need.

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3. Zeskit HDMI Cable

apple tv 4 hdmi cable

Zeskit is another on the list of HDMI Cables for Apple TV, which is economical and is designed for optimal performance. It has an impressive EMI shielding, a triple coating that protects the copper conductor from high purity oxygen and allows for an uninterrupted data flow. It also comes with the HDMI 2.0b support.

This cable also offers durability, thanks to the nylon covers. Plus, if you have a dog, don’t worry the cables are pet-friendly.

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4. Mediabridge HDMI Cable

hdmi cable for apple tv

Mediabridge is among the best HDMI Cables for Apple TV, supporting HDMI 2.0b with 18 GBPS speed and is compatible with 4K. UHD, and 3D. It also has a 28 AWG conductor which is pure copper. The protection for the cable is a triple shielding with a gold-plated metal jacket. Moreover, it is compatible with 60 Hz frame rates, and they guarantee it.

They also take in the pride of letting their customer know that the cables are hand-tested for any defected cable. Ensuring you to get the best quality of cables.

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5. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable

fast hdmi cable for apple tv

AmazonBasics is an affordable HDMI cable that is compatible with 3D and 4K TVs. It also supports Ethernet and Audio Return Channels. They have been tested and approved by all HDMI standards. It can give an output for 60Hz, 2160p, 48 bit per pixel color and 4K video quality. Also, it supports the other HDMI Cables for Apple TV, HDMI 2.0b.

For protection, AmazonBasics uses PVC outer lay for any external impact and gold-plated wiring for resisting internal corrosion.

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We hope that this list will help you pick out the best HDMI cables for Apple TV, side note you can also use these aforementioned cables to connect your PC or any device with an HDMI port to your Smart TV.