Android is an operating system (OS) for mobile phones and was created by Google. It is the only OS that gives tough competition to Apple’s robust iOS software. Android is deployed on a variety of tablets and smartphones including the ones from companies like Motorola, LG, Samsung, HPC, Son, Acer, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi. Android is also offered on tablets and smartphones sold on contract by the major cellular network service providers.

There are several reasons why Android quickly became popular. A major one is a price tag. Consumers can find an Android handset for as low as $50 if they don’t need the glitz and glamour of high-end Android handsets, which often rival the iPhone in terms of price.

In addition to being affordable, Android handsets are also customizable. Apple’s software on the contrary is tightly controlled and regulated. Android is open-source, so it enables users to do anything as long as it is within the limit allotted by Google and the device’s manufacturer.

Most Android search for popular games and apps. Android apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, where millions of options are available. Most apps available on iOS are also available on Android, but the Google Play Store is less strict with their policies so those apps that do not make it to the App Store are often found on the Play Store. Users may also find that paid apps on the Google Play Store are more affordable than on App Store.

UnlockBoot publishes on a variety of apps for Android handsets, as well as how to customize an Android device and make the most out of its functionality. Furthermore, the publication includes coverage on using some of iPhone’s functionality on Android and how to transfer data between the two operating systems in case a consumer is switching from iOS to Android or vice versa.

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