Google is a search engine company whose origins date back to 1995 when Stanford University graduates Sergey Brin and Larry Page did a research project that actually went on to become the largest search engine in the world. The original name was BackRub (as it analyzed backlinks back then). The modest operations of the company started in a garage-based office in the same area where Facebook’s office is situated in 1998 – Menlo Park, California.

The name Google was selected because it resembled “googol” – a number that consists of 1 and then a lot of zeroes follow, referencing the wide variety of information worldwide. The mission of the company has been organizing the world information and making it useful universally. Today, the search engine company, courtesy of its robust indexing technology, has beaten the likes of Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Bing, and all other search engines in the world.

Unlockboot publishes a wide range of news and research based articles on Google. The site also talks about the wide range of software and hardware products that Google owns, mostly about the mobile operating system that Google has developed (Android). You will also find our views on Google Chromecast, Google Now, Google Maps, etc. The articles also compare the two tech giants in the world (Apple and Google) and how their offerings compare against one another.

We publish articles by fact-checking everything, although we occasionally hear the words “pro Apple” as we iDevices and iOS software are the main theme of our website. Our pieces contain thought leadership quotes, highly-detailed comparisons, and researched-backed views on Google and its offerings, so if something is better about Google than its competitors, we do acknowledge rather than boasting about their competition. Google currently leads the market share in the search engine market, and is likely continue doing so.

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How To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome Browser

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How to Change Default Gmail Account on Mac, PC, iOS or Android

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How to Get Google Maps Walking Directions on iPhone

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How to Get Bicycle Directions on iPhone Using Google Maps

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Gboard Not Working On iPhone or iPad? Here are 3 Ways to Fix

Is Gboard not working on your device and you’re clueless about how to fix it? Gboard is Google’s virtual keyboard application that gives iPhone...
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How to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

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How to Share iPhone Photos With Family or Friends

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Upload Contacts From iPhone to Gmail / Google Contacts

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How to Enable Cookies in Safari / Firefox / Chrome on a Mac

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

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How to Export Chrome Bookmarks on Mac or PC

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Best Offline Navigation Apps for iPhone 7, 6S, 6, 5, 5C & 5S

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How to Setup and Use Google Voice on iPhone or iPad

Google Voice is an amazing app for cheap international call, texting and/or leaving voice mail. And you don’t need to be an Android user...
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Use Google Maps Offline On iPhone & Other iDevices

Google Maps is an amazing utility. Especially if you are looking for a place where you haven't been for a long time, or maybe...
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iPhone 7 Plus VS Google Pixel XL Comparison

The 9th generation of iPhones are now here. On the other hand, the prime competitor Google comes with the first Google-made Android device as...
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5 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Crashing on MacOS Sierra

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