If your Mac is running short of storage, there is no need to worry. There are various efficient USB-C hard drives you can attach with your Mac. It is an important point that not all the USB-C drives are efficient. That’s why I only picked the right USB-C hard drives which are efficient and entirely secure for use. In below, you can find the best and affordable drives for your Mac to overcome all low of storage issues.

best usb-c hard drives

1. SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD USB-C Drive

It is a great SSD hard drive to fulfill your extra storage needs. Its data transferring speed is 550MB/s which is its great plus. It ensures your All of us always look for high speed and easy to use. You will find these both qualities in this USB-C hard drive for Mac. You can purchase this drive at various storage capacities like 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

best portable ssd drive

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2. Samsung T5 Portable SSD External Drive

external usb type c drive

Samsung T5 is a professional hard drive, and its performance is top notch. Its read-write speed is up to 540 MB/s. Its design is surpassing solid metal, and the manufacturing company offers a three-year warranty. It comes with Advanced AES 256-bit hardware encryption which ensures your complete security. Its secure encryption makes all the data reliable and efficient to use anytime. You can pick its storage variants including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB at suitable prices.

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3. G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C Portable Hard Drive

external usb c drive for mac

It is another right pick when you want a high transfer rate and complete security of your data. Its storage capacity is 1TB, and you can easily manage your all formats of files. Its design is excellent with durable aluminum. Its size is medium, and you can easily take it with yourself anywhere. This highly efficient hardware comes with three years warranty.

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4. Western Digital My Passport Ultra External USB Type C Hard Drive

best external usb c drive

My Passport Ultra is the best option when you want to get a pocket-friendly hard disk. Its design is superb and made of high-grade metal. Its weight is light, but body shine and the material are eye-catching. It is encrypted with 256-bit AES which provides excellent security. Its software allows you to connect with cloud services and social media for importing all formats of different files. You can purchase this USB-C hardware in four storage variants including 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB.

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5. Silicon Power Type C USB 3.0 Shockproof / IP68 Waterproof & Dustproof

portable ssd drive

It is another external hard drive for your Mac. It is trusted, and you can use it for the transferring and saving of your personal data. It offers HFS+ format and Time Machine support which makes it a priority of most of the users. Its outer body design and the material is fabulous, and you will surely enjoy using it. It is shockproof (military-grade certified) and can be used in any situation. In addition, it IP68 waterproof, and you can claim a three-year warranty on it.

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6. G-Technology R-Series SSD Durable Portable External Storage

portable ssd hard drive

It is another secure SSD R-Series hard drive for Mac from G Technology but with more power. Its transfer rate is 560MB/s. Its fast transfer rate helps you to manage your data efficiently and quickly. You can do the transferring of a large amount of data at a higher speed to save your time. It is IP67 water-resistance which is its big plus, and it increases its life. G-Technology provides five years warranty for this R-Series hard drive.

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7. LaCie Porsche Design USB-C Mobile Hard Drive

ssd external hard drive

It will be a perfect hard disk having different qualities to fulfill your needs. Its price is suitable and much less as compared to other USB-C hard drives. Its design is fabulous, and aluminum body looks adorable. It can absorb shocks provide 5 GB/s transferring speed. You can pick LaCie Porsche Design hard in three different colors including silver, gold, and rose gold. It is available in three storage capacities such as 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, and 8TB.

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8. Seagate Fast SSD Drive USB Type C Compatible with Mac and PC

fastest external ssd

It is a beautiful USB-C for your Mac and can help you to forget low space issues. Its price is suitable and pocket-friendly. That’s why most of the users want to go with this option. This hard drive has various advantages. One of its prominent features is its fastest transferring rate which is 540MB/s. It means you can transfer a large amount of data quickly without waiting anymore. Using this hard drive, you can efficiently manage your files to save them and place them at a secure place. Seagate Fast SSD comes in four models such as 250GB, 500GB, 1B, and 2TB to fulfill the needs of different users.

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9. VectoTech Rapid 1TB External SSD USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive

external hdd for mac

It is a massive external hard drive made of aluminum unibody with the storage capacity of 1, 2 and 4TB. It provides secure and efficient access to your saved data. Because of its big storage capacity, it is the best pick in the market. It is also available in 4TB with the speed of 450MB/s. It confirms that your large number of data is transferring at a higher rate which helps you to manage your data. You will get data recovery service for five years when buying it.

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10. SHINESTAR 1TB Portable SSD USB C & USB 3.1 External SSD

professional external ssd drive

It is another useable and secure USB-C in the list of top hard drives. It is functional to save your data with powerful encryption. Its design is unique, and you can take it with yourself anywhere because of its easily manageable size. Its storage capacity is 1TB, and it has no variants. Its 6Gb/s ratio increases its demand, and you will surely enjoy using it. Its price is suitable, and its body design is unique.

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