An error refers to any issue that occurs unexpectedly that disrupts the functioning of a device. The products made by Apple – iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, etc. can experience either hardware or software errors. There are a variety of errors and each can include dozens of variations. To fix a certain error it is important for users to identify its symptoms and what type of details accompany the error.

Also, an error message may show the location of the file that has resulted in the error. Users may be able to use the error’s name and extra details to find a fix for the error via Google. But if no error message appears, the next best option is to look for the symptom being experienced. For instance, if the iPhone switches off without your consent, it’s most likely a hardware rather than a software error.

iDevices commonly experience software errors that are fixed typically with patches and software updates that are released to fix coding errors. Unlockboot covers a wide range of articles on software fixes in its publication, but we also tell custom ways to fix the errors that are discovered by iOS enthusiasts or engineers from within the iOS community. Readers can find fix error message in iTunes as well as solutions for iMessage errors and a plethora of other error fixes on this website.

Other than that, Unlockboot also talks about any hardware errors that are experienced by iPhone users inside their devices. Firmware updates may be able to fix some hardware errors, but most of them are caused by defects and malfunctioning that requires replacement or warranty recovery of the defective device. That is why this publication also guides users where to get replacements from and if any of the defective parts can be supplied at their doorstep.

verification required app store

How to Put an End to Verification Required When Installing Free Apps

Abracadabra! I wish it was as easy as that. Just saying it could make all the weird notifications that I get on my iPhone...
iphone 7 stuck on apple logo

How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo

I love the Apple logo. But not when it is all I see on my recently rebooted iPhone screen. It just won’t go. You...
itunes error 6

How To Fix iTunes Error 6 On Your iPhone or iPad

As an iPhone owner, you would often come across the error 6 which causes a lot of nuisance. Given the fact that we use...
unable to download app

How to Fix Unable to Download App Error on iPhone or iPad

If you are having problems while downloading apps from the App Store, it could be due to some reasons. Mostly, it happens due to...
snapchat could not connect

Fix Snapchat Could Not Connect Error On iPhone Running iOS 11

Do you have an iPhone that runs on iOS 11 and you are a frequent Snapchat user too! Well, that's a deadly combination because...
iphone turn off with battery

How to Fix iPhone Turn Off When Battery Life Remains Issue

This post will highlight the reason why an iPhone, iPod, or iPad switches off all of a sudden when there is 50%, 30%, and...
untrusted enterprise developer

Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error on iPhone

When you install an app or a game on your iPhone or iPad, you get an error named “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. This is an...
app may slow down your iphone

App May Slow Down Your iPhone – What Does This Means?

While iPhone 5S was released back in 2013, it was the first ever smartphone to feature a 64-bit operating system. Ever since iPhones became...
visual voicemail fix

Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable iPhone Error Fix

iPhones are truly one of the smartest gadgets on earth and the most streamlined and made-easy device that everyone can use. However, despite being...
download vshare on iphone

Download vShare for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2

We’ve received a lot of enquiries asking whether vShare for iOS 10.3.2 is available or otherwise. We would like to inform you that it...
reminders app not working on iphone

How to Fix Reminders App Not Working on iPhone

Reminders App is a fantastic app that can remind you about any event, meeting or a holiday event. Just like other iPhone apps, Reminders...
this apple id has not yet been used in the itunes store

Fix This Apple ID Has Not Yet Been used in the iTunes Store

A lot of new iOS users face the message ‘This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store. Please review your account...
get iphone out of recovery mode

How To Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode Without Restore

Do you want to know how to get iPhone out of recovery mode? Did you leave your iPhone unattended, only to find that it’s...
purchase could not be completed

How to Fix Purchase Could Not Be Completed Error in App Store

As we know, we can purchase different apps from Apple store using an iPhone. We can also buy in-app purchases that allow us to...
imessage activation error

Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone 2017

iMessage Waiting for Activation error message has the natural property to piss you off at the extreme levels. It usually goes through the activation...
provision.cpp:81 error

How to Fix Provision.cpp:81 and Provision.cpp:71 Cydia Impactor Error

We know that Cydia Impactor is an app that can install any app on your iPhone using Windows or Mac. The apps which are...
reset iphone passcode

Forgot iPhone Passcode — Here is How to Recover Your Device

In the current era of smartphones, forgetting a passcode that is required to access a device like an iPhone is indeed very serious. Unless...
airport express reset

How to Reset AirPort Express to Factory Default Settings

Apple’s Airport Extreme is a portable sized Wi-Fi base station. The device is pretty popular with people who need to use Wi-Fi on many...
iphone app crashing

iPhone App Crashing or Not Working — Here’s a Fix

Is your iPhone app crashing? I’ve received emails from users complain where the apps crash when they open it. There could be multiple reasons...
iphone activation error

Fix iPhone Activation Error After Update or Restore

When trying to activate an iPhone, there’s a chance that you may face the activation error. If you see a message like “Could not...

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