An error refers to any issue that occurs unexpectedly that disrupts the functioning of a device. The products made by Apple – iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, etc. can experience either hardware or software errors. There are a variety of errors and each can include dozens of variations. To fix a certain error it is important for users to identify its symptoms and what type of details accompany the error.

Also, an error message may show the location of the file that has resulted in the error. Users may be able to use the error’s name and extra details to find a fix for the error via Google. But if no error message appears, the next best option is to look for the symptom being experienced. For instance, if the iPhone switches off without your consent, it’s most likely a hardware rather than a software error.

iDevices commonly experience software errors that are fixed typically with patches and software updates that are released to fix coding errors. Unlockboot covers a wide range of articles on software fixes in its publication, but we also tell custom ways to fix the errors that are discovered by iOS enthusiasts or engineers from within the iOS community. Readers can find fix error message in iTunes as well as solutions for iMessage errors and a plethora of other error fixes on this website.

Other than that, Unlockboot also talks about any hardware errors that are experienced by iPhone users inside their devices. Firmware updates may be able to fix some hardware errors, but most of them are caused by defects and malfunctioning that requires replacement or warranty recovery of the defective device. That is why this publication also guides users where to get replacements from and if any of the defective parts can be supplied at their doorstep.

download vshare on iphone

Download vShare for iPhone Without Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

We’ve received a lot of enquiries asking whether vShare for iOS 10.3.3 is available or otherwise. We would like to inform you that it...
ipad is disabled

iPad is Disabled Error Fix With or Without iTunes Restore

An iPad can get disabled very easily. While a password is usually good enough to keep a device secure, someone could mess with your...
iphone proximity sensor fix

How to Fix Proximity Sensor Not Working on iPhone

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imessage activation error

Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone (2017)

iMessage Waiting for Activation error message has the natural property to piss you off at the extreme levels. It usually goes through the activation...
verification required app store

How to Put an End to Verification Required When Installing Free Apps

Abracadabra! I wish it was as easy as that. Just saying it could make all the weird notifications that I get on my iPhone...
itunes error 54

Fix iTunes Error 54 When Syncing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

iPhone cannot be synced with iTunes error 54 is a pervasive problem, and thousands of Apple users have faced it. The main issue in...
fix cant redownload purchased songs from itunes

Can’t Redownload Purchased Songs From iTunes? Here is a Fix

If you are facing download problems with your iTunes songs, you are not alone. Thousands of people have reported this issue with their iTunes....
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Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here are 2 Ways to Fix

Most owners of the Apple Watch must have at some point or the other been stuck after they forgot Apple Watch passcode. No need...
iphone not showing up in itunes

My iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes? Here’s The Fix

One of the most annoying sights for an Apple user is to connect their device to a PC, ready to sync only to find...
gps not found

Fix GPS Signal Not Found In Pokemon Go On iPhone

Pokemon Go players all over the world are going nuts hunting for Pikachu and friends. Everyone is looking for these magical creatures during their...
microphone not working on iphone

Fix Microphone Not Working on iPhone in 8 Ways

A dysfunctional iPhone microphone can cause a lot of issues. These can range from people not being able to hear you during phone calls...
itunes is currently downloading software for the iphone

Resolve iTunes Is Currently Downloading Software for the iPhone Error

Many Apple users must be aware by now that iTunes is currently downloading software for the iPhone error is prevalent if you the iPhone...
bluetooth not available mac

Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on Mac OS

A few Mac users probably have come across problems using the Bluetooth feature of their device. This occurs usually after restarting or updating OS...
iphone not vibrating

How to Fix Incoming Call But iPhone Not Vibrating Issue

Perhaps you’ve missed important calls because of iPhone not vibrating issue. Several complains have been launched by iPhone users, that many vital calls were...
airdrop not working

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone, iPad or Mac

Contrary to before, now it’s possible to transfer files across all iOS devices and OS X via AirDrop with ease. But if AirDrop doesn’t...
facebook app crashing

How To Fix Facebook App Crashing On iPhone

We’ve spent many years since 2000, and it’s safe to say that Facebook has stood the test of time as a popular social network....
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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS

We have all faced that unfortunate situation when we forget to save a Word document and as a result, lose our important data. If...
app store down

Is The App Store Down? Here’s How You Can Check!

What’s the most unique thing about Apple? Truth is, each of their devices is exceptional and gives one of its kind experience. However, what...
iphone blue screen fix

5 Tips to Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death Issue

The iPhone 6 has an amazing design and several iDevice users around the world still own it. However, many of these users face the...
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How to Fix WiFi Grayed Out On iPhone or iPad Quickly

In order to understand how to go through with the iPhone WiFi is grayed out fix you need to know the reason behind why...

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