Apple is yet to release wireless technology, but there are wireless chargers for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that ease your charging needs. This post features the 10 best chargers that charge the device at good speed and also secure it against short circuits and overcharging.

wireless charger for iphone 7

Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Below is the list of the best wireless chargers for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 to charge your iPhone wirelessly without cables:

1. LANIAKEA StarShip

iphone 7 wireless charging

This charger is made with best quality acrylic crystal and ABS solid material. No overcharge or overvoltage risks come with it, and the device doesn’t slide courtesy of the non-slippable ring. 1A charging speed is also provided.

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best wireless charger for iphone

This charger has 5V-A1 output and 5V-2A input. There’s an idle mode that is power-efficient and prevents overcharging. Materials are similar to the previous charger, but it has a neat portable design.

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3. Puroma – Touch Charge

wireless charging kit for iphone

This wireless charger is designed with premium alumni and was designed for durability. The rubber ring in the center of the charging pad secures the device in place. Excellent speed is provided courtesy of the 1A output.

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4. DanForce

wireless charging for iphone

This wireless charger has 1A speed and is perfect for juicing phablets at a quick pace. It comes with an LED indicator that shows the charging cycle, and ensures charging safety.

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5. Upow

iphone 7 wireless charger

This wireless charger is unique with an ultra-thin design. It has an advanced energy system that makes it take up less power while providing fast charge. Upow features an anti-slim mat made of silicone that keeps the device in place in the user’s pocket.

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6. Readgo

wireless charger for iphone 7 plus

It guards against overvoltage and short circuits while providing top charging speed. The charging ports support both Lightning connector and microUSB charging options.

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iphone 7 wireless charger

This wireless charging was created based on the newest WPC charging standards. After placing the device on charging pad, the charge happens in no time with the 1A output.

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8. KoolPad Qi Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

wireless charger for iphone

This wireless charger is designed to provide charging safety. It comes with an advanced pad that gives an audible signal if you place the device wrong. It even charges phones with cases that are not metallic.

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9. Fantasy

koolpad wireless charger

This has a solid acrylic and ABS construction that makes it resistant against minor scratches and bumps. A1 speed is provided, and the no-slip ring secures the device.

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10. Vilight

iphone 7 plus wireless charger

This charger provides lightning fast speed. The anti-sleep rubber keeps iPhone in one place. The charger is also compatible with Qi-based devices like iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7.

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Which one appeals to you? Feel free to leave comments.

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