iCloud is a service that Apple created with the function of keeping all iDevices in sync. It enables users to share any kind of data between a Mac, iPod touch, iPad, and an iPhone. Each device received information and it is automatically updated, ensuring that the latest information is present on all devices. iCloud doesn’t cost anything to use, and functions wirelessly, running in the background, without needing the user to do anything.

For instance, when users take some photos on their iPhone. Those images are available automatically on any other device that has been connected to the iCloud. Users therefore don’t need to transfer photos manually from the iPhone to the PC. The images are made available on the PC automatically. And apart from syncing images across multiple devices, iCloud is also used to sync things like documents, Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Safari bookmarks, and Reminders. Moreover, users have the capability to locate lost devices and backup existing ones.

iCloud functions by storing data on remote server. It’s basically storage inside the cloud, other than the fact that the servers are owned and operated by Apple. By storing the information on the web, it enables iCloud users to access it at any time and from any device. Users are recommended to use the same credentials as they use for their Apple ID to create an iCloud account; this keeps things simple. However, if the Apple ID is shared with more than one person, separate credentials are welcomed.

Unlockboot covers a wide range of iCloud-related topics. Users can know how to bypass the iCloud activation removal lock as well as how to sync multiple things with iPhone. iCloud is also used for recovering a variety of things, so the publication also writes on that on a frequent basis.

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