Is refer to as giving instruction, advice and direction to a user to enhance the experience of the product. Tips are usually small instruction that allows the user to explore more functions and feature of a product. These features are usually hidden in plain sight or the users does not have a clue that the product could perform such features.

Tips can are more generally given to enhance the experience for example, a golfer is given tips to how to hold the club for maximum impact. Another scenario can be that some tips better the way you use a product or services. Many experts tinker around with the settings and features of a product and service to learn about it more, then they pass it on as tips to the users. Tips can be related to anything from technology, software to cooking. These tips are useful and help the user to improve the familiarity of the product. Tips helps the user to make their life easier and learn something new that they did not know before.

Usually tips revolving around tangible items are also known as life hacks. These particular tips usually change the intended purpose of the product to help the user with another task. For example, did you know that you can use clothes hanging clippers to reseal half eaten bags of chips? Just fold the wrapper of the chips and use to clippers to snap from each end.

Unlockboot gives tips for Apple products mainly iPhones. Most of the tricks helps the user to learn more functionalities of the iPhone. Such as one of the tips featured on the site is to help the iPhone user to fix iPhone slow charging problems. In which it states that a user can quickly charge up their phone is by removing the case and then charging the iPhone. This is just one of the many tips Unlockboot has to offer.

mirror iphone to mac

How to Mirror iPhone to Mac Using Two Tested Ways

Having an ability to present a new application, its feature or setting to a number of people in a group is of utmost importance....
search messages on iphone

How to Search Messages On iPhone [Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage]

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How to Download Snapchat for iPad Using this Simple Trick

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How to Move Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac

Well transferring photos from your iPhone to your PC, either Mac or Windows one can be quite easy and tedious at the same time...
best apps for golf

The Best Golf Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you are golf lover, you can spend your time while playing some golf games. As you cannot play golf all the times, you...
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How to Print Messages from iPhone or iPad Easily

Sometimes you need to print messages from iPhone or iPad. It happens when you share some important data or message with a person, and...
convert image to pdf on iphone

3 Ways to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes, we need to convert our images into PDF format. PDF is one of the mostly used format for documents and it is also...
reset iphone without apple id

How to Change iPhone Passcode or Password Easily

Passcode/Password are quite a quintessential thing in the days as of today. Not that it wasn’t of use back in the years gone by,...
split screen on ipad

How To Split Screen On iPad For Multitasking

The newest iOS firmware for iPad has a nifty feature for multitasking. It’s called Split View, which as the name suggests enables iPad users...
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How to Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone Without iTunes

One thing that can be annoying with iPhone is the same default mainstream ringtone ringing around everywhere. Although the default options help create a...
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How to Install iPhone Drivers on Windows 10 8 7 or XP

With the announcement of Windows 10 by Microsoft a couple of years, many shifted places from their past windows platforms be it Windows 8,...
restart iphone without power button

Guide To Restart iPhone Without Power Button & Home Button

If you have a broken power or home button, it can be challenging to restart your iDevice, and knowing that rebooting is important to...
select multiple files on mac

How to Select Multiple Files on Mac in ANY MacOS Version

Using Mac can be every piece of delight as we can imagine, but on the other side, there are a few things that make...
turn off facebook event notifications

Turn Off Facebook Event Notifications on PC or iPhone

Facebook event notification feature is cool and very useful especially when you like the event and get some info about the event. Moreover, you...
check iphone battery cycle count

How to Check iPhone Battery Cycle Count using CoconutBattery App for Mac

Once there was an app on the AppStore called BatteryLife that managed to dodge Apple’s iTunes Review Team and offered features to users that...
track cellular data usage on iphone

Top 5 Apps to Track Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

Using cellular data and not having to worry about Wi-Fi’s availability & password is as convenient as it could get. However, the actual bothering...
put iphone in dfu mode

How To Put iPhone In DFU Mode to Update or Restore

For iPhone users, DFU means “Default Firmware Update” – it’s the deepest restore that can be done on an iPhone. There are different ways...
install kodi on apple tv

Download and Install Kodi on Apple TV 4 Without Jailbreak

Kodi is one of the most popular and most favorite media player apps on Apple TV. As compared to other similar apps on Apple...
delete other iphone

How to Delete ‘Other’ Data from iPhone or iPad

Although iPhones are the most popular smartphones on earth, yet they do have some very basic problems especially regarding storage management that the Android...
track iphone without app

How to Track & Locate iPhone Without Tracking App

Latest smartphones are just miniature computers, everyone stores so much personal information and data on it. On the other hand, being portable has its...

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