Is refer to as giving instruction, advice and direction to a user to enhance the experience of the product. Tips are usually small instruction that allows the user to explore more functions and feature of a product. These features are usually hidden in plain sight or the users does not have a clue that the product could perform such features.

Tips can are more generally given to enhance the experience for example, a golfer is given tips to how to hold the club for maximum impact. Another scenario can be that some tips better the way you use a product or services. Many experts tinker around with the settings and features of a product and service to learn about it more, then they pass it on as tips to the users. Tips can be related to anything from technology, software to cooking. These tips are useful and help the user to improve the familiarity of the product. Tips helps the user to make their life easier and learn something new that they did not know before.

Usually tips revolving around tangible items are also known as life hacks. These particular tips usually change the intended purpose of the product to help the user with another task. For example, did you know that you can use clothes hanging clippers to reseal half eaten bags of chips? Just fold the wrapper of the chips and use to clippers to snap from each end.

Unlockboot gives tips for Apple products mainly iPhones. Most of the tricks helps the user to learn more functionalities of the iPhone. Such as one of the tips featured on the site is to help the iPhone user to fix iPhone slow charging problems. In which it states that a user can quickly charge up their phone is by removing the case and then charging the iPhone. This is just one of the many tips Unlockboot has to offer.

offload apps on iphone

How to Offload Apps on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 11

The advanced iOS 11 comes with a plethora of neat features and it allows you to optimize the storage space in your device. To...
unlock iphone 8

How to Unlock iPhone 8/8 Plus from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & Others

The top network carrier service providers are always on the top of their game to attract new consumers and keep the current ones with...
kodi not working ios 11

Kodi Not Working on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad? Here’s The Fix

Kodi is an open source media center that provides you unlimited entertainment on a single platform. You can install Kodi on iOS, Android or...
best iphone x alternatives

5 Best iPhone X Alternatives Under $1000

There are lots of people who might think iPhone X price i.e. $999 is way too high or outrageous. Still, cell phones are available...
activate night shift on iphone

How to Activate Night Shift from Control Center in iOS 11

Night Shift is a feature on your iPhone that allows your iPhone to adjust the screen colors automatically according to the timings. The screen...
put iphone x in recovery mode

How to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode in Less Than 1 Minute

Recovery mode restoration is one of the best ways to infuse life into an iPhone/iPad/iPod. When an iOS device is not responding to software...
close apps on iphone x

How to Force Close Apps on iPhone X With a Touch Gesture

The new iPhone X has been launched and most anticipated consumers are wary about using a phone without the Home button. Yes, you heard...
create custom ringtones for iphone

How to Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone Without iTunes

One thing that can be annoying with iPhone is the same default mainstream ringtone ringing around everywhere. Although the default options help create a...
improve ios 11 battery

How to Improve iOS 11 Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

If there’s one thing most iOS device users worry about – it has got to be the battery drainage. While at times, it may...
use siri on iphone x

How to Start and Use Siri on iPhone X Without Home Button

Finally, iPhone X relinquish its home button. Now all the iPhone users who used to it now they have to live without it. Before...
disable face id on iphone x

How to Quickly Disable Face ID on iPhone X Running iOS 11

iPhone X introduced more secure and efficient security feature of Face ID. Nowadays everyone is talking about this feature of iPhone X. This feature...
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50 Best Chrome Extensions to Download in 2017

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web-browser in the world. The browser hosts a lot of features which enables the user...
iPhone X Stock Wallpapers & iPhone 8 Stock Wallpapers - Downloads

Download iPhone 8 and iPhone X Stock Wallpapers

The Apple event was quite a revolutionary one for Apple users since the tech that was brought forward was something Android has been flaunting...
best apple music alternatives

Best Apple Music Alternative Apps – 6 Music Streaming Apps

Apple has introduced its own music streaming service, Apple Music. Which is available for iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows PC; also on the...
transfer files from android to mac

Transfer Files from Android to Mac With or Without USB Cable

The following apps will help you transfer files from Android to Mac both wireless and with wired techniques. Wireless techniques are easier to operate...
put iphone x in dfu mode

How to Put iPhone X in DFU Mode in Less Than a Minute

Here’s a quick guide to explain how to put iPhone X in DFU mode. For those who are not aware, DFU mode stands for...
one hand keyboard ios 11

Learn How To Activate One Hand Keyboard In iOS 11

Almost 90% of an iPhone’s usage can be easily managed with one hand. You could be picking your phone, checking your mail, browsing your...
Download Popcorn Time for Windows - The Complete Guide

Download Popcorn Time for Windows 10/8/7 PC

Popcorn time is popular streaming software that has grown to be in competition with Netflix and Hulu and the best part about it is...
2 Ways to Take Screenshot on iPhone X

2 Ways to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

Ever since the Apple event, people are holding back their millions of questions about the new phones and tech introduced but what’s really been...
set face id on iphone x

How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone X in 7 Steps

Face ID is one of the coolest features of the new iPhone. Every Apple user is very excited about this new feature. Besides Touch...

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