Featured implies to an article or a story that is the most prominent in a publication out of all the articles or stories published in that publication. They are not the same as news; the featured articles are written at a leisurely pace compared to news stories; authors put a lot of thought into the story and aren’t really worried about being the first like the authors of news-based articles are.

Featured articles may also be longer in length than news pieces, because it takes long to tell a story, the author often covers a great deal of insight than he/she covers in news articles. Also, news stories may be focused on particular events, such as the discovery of a new feature in an iPhone. Featured articles, on the other hand, are focused more on the product itself or some prolific individual, such as a jailbreak author.

Featured pieces incorporate human element, which is why they’re named as “people stories” by some editors. So if you read news about how Apple laid off 100 people from a certain assembly plant, a featured piece will focus on the job loss experience of one of those workers, and also portray their grief of losing their work. In addition, featured pieces will also incorporate some elements that are adopted from conventional storytelling – scene-setting, description, background information and quotes.

UnlockBoot readers can find featured pieces in the featured category and often at the top of the home page. Our featured pieces contain expert insight on particular iDevices, apps, app developers, jailbreak authors, Apple executives and more. The publication also considers the most popular pieces that have a high number of social shares as featured pieces sometimes but this factor is a non-frequent determinant. Variety of featured articles are published on this website on a regular basis.

check if android phone is unlocked

How to Check If Android Phone is Unlocked or Locked

Now, if you’re in the market for buying an Android Phone, then it would be best to know that if the Android Phone is...
apple tv remote apps for android

10 Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices

In case you happen to own an Apple TV it may seem like a stretch of the imagination to think that it would be...
sprint imei checker

Sprint IMEI Checker – Check Block and Unlock Status Online

Many Apple users want to know how to ensure that their IMEI is clean for activation and the great part is that there is...
best diet apps

5 Best Diet Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Having a healthy body is a substantial need for everyone. It impacts the way of living and our daily routine. In this era, routines...
format usb drive on mac

Guide to Format USB Drive on Mac to Work on PC & Mac

There are many famous rivalries that can be found all over the world. In sports alone, we have Real Madrid against Barca, Pakistan versus...
How to use an LTE Apple Watch with Android Smartphone

How to Use LTE Apple Watch 3 with Android Phone

Here’s an idea, why don’t we use LTE Apple Watch with Android phone? Let, explain it a little how we go about this arbitrary...
how to find apple watch serial number

How to Find and Check Apple Watch Serial Number

Just like all other Apple products, the Apple Watch also has a unique serial number which can be used to identify it. This 12...
error connecting to apple id server

How to Fix Error Connecting to Apple ID Server Issue

While signing into your iTunes Store, App Store or iCloud account using your Apple ID you may get the error connecting to Apple ID...
virtual home button iphone x

How to Add a Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

The home button has always remained an essential features in iPhones; that is until the latest installment, which is the iPhone X. It features...
download icloud photos to iphone

How to Download Photos from iCloud to iPhone or iPad

Saving photos to the iCloud is an absolute necessity nowadays and most of us often backup our memories on the cloud. But what if...
Wireless Car Chargers for iPhone

8 Best Qi Wireless Car Chargers for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

A new tech was introduced in iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, their glass bodies, which let the iOS devices charge wirelessly...
face id bypassed

Hackers Bypassed iPhone X’s Face ID in Just a Week

The Apple Company recently released their anniversary edition iPhone with tons of new features in which the Face ID or the facial authentication mode...
hide contacts on iphone

How to Hide Contacts on iPhone and Find them Later

Contacts are one of the most sensitive entities on our phones. When it comes to the phone’s security, we commonly talk about our contacts...
improve battery life on iphone x

Simple Trick to Improve iPhone X Battery Life by 300%

“The battery life should last approximately 2-hours longer than iPhone 7” – suggests the latest news regarding the 10th anniversary iPhone which launched a...
iphone x won't turn on

Your iPhone X Won’t Turn On? – Here’s How to Fix it

You just bought a new iPhone X. Then you notice that your iPhone X won't turn on, don’t start panicking. If you have an...
fast charging vs cable charging

Fast Charging Vs Cable Charging Speed on iPhone

There are many threads on the net that are discussing Apple’s new iOS devices, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, are supporting...
iphone x animojis for android

Get iPhone X Animojis Alternative for Android Device

On the launch event of iPhone X, other than the full OLED display, the talk of the town was the Animojis. They are animated...
set face id on iphone x

How to Remove or Reset Face ID on iPhone X

Face ID is one of the most significant features of the new iPhone X. Apple released a lot of new features in the new...
bypass activation lock screen

iOS 11 Hack Allows Bypassing iPhone’s Activation Lock Screen

A bug in the iOS 11 will now let anyone bypass the iCloud activation lock, even with a wrong password entered during the initial...
remove apple id from iphone

How to Remove Apple ID From iPhone or iPad

A user's Apple ID is their complete identity. It is what is used to log into the App Store and avail Apple services. When...

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