Featured implies to an article or a story that is the most prominent in a publication out of all the articles or stories published in that publication. They are not the same as news; the featured articles are written at a leisurely pace compared to news stories; authors put a lot of thought into the story and aren’t really worried about being the first like the authors of news-based articles are.

Featured articles may also be longer in length than news pieces, because it takes long to tell a story, the author often covers a great deal of insight than he/she covers in news articles. Also, news stories may be focused on particular events, such as the discovery of a new feature in an iPhone. Featured articles, on the other hand, are focused more on the product itself or some prolific individual, such as a jailbreak author.

Featured pieces incorporate human element, which is why they’re named as “people stories” by some editors. So if you read news about how Apple laid off 100 people from a certain assembly plant, a featured piece will focus on the job loss experience of one of those workers, and also portray their grief of losing their work. In addition, featured pieces will also incorporate some elements that are adopted from conventional storytelling – scene-setting, description, background information and quotes.

UnlockBoot readers can find featured pieces in the featured category and often at the top of the home page. Our featured pieces contain expert insight on particular iDevices, apps, app developers, jailbreak authors, Apple executives and more. The publication also considers the most popular pieces that have a high number of social shares as featured pieces sometimes but this factor is a non-frequent determinant. Variety of featured articles are published on this website on a regular basis.

download popcorn time for iphone

How to Download Popcorn Time for iPhone and iPad

Watching movies or TV shows is a great way to pass the time, especially now that the winters are here. Going to the theatre...
best antivirus apps for iphone

5 Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and Android

Your iPhones and iPads are very important for you. You have your important data and secret information in your phones which should never be...
save instagram photos to iphone

How to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll Without Taking Screenshot

Instagram is apparently the world’s most popular photo sharing platform now. Millions of people share their photos on Instagram every single day, and a...
close apps on iphone without home button

How to Close Apps On iPhone Without Home Button

The home button is used if you want to go back to the home screen no matter where you are on the phone or...
change iphone name

How to Change the Name of your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone is your number one companion (trust us, it is by your side all the time, even more than your girlfriend), and is...
clear cache on iphone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad in 4 Methods

The iPhone comes equipped with gargantuan amounts of internal memory going up to capacities like 64 GB and 128 GB. Despite this memory can...
permanently delete messages on iphone

How to Permanently Delete Messages on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac

Doesn’t it sound like a simple task to permanently delete messages on iPhone? Well it is not case being you are an iPhone user....
imessage waiting for activation

Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone and iPad

iMessage Waiting for Activation error message has the natural property to piss you off at the extreme levels. It usually goes through the activation...
buy ripple from iphone

How to Buy Ripple From iPhone or iPad

Ripple is number 2 cryptocurrency in the global market of currency. It is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the market. After bitcoin,...
watch netflix offline

How to Watch Netflix Offline on iPad, iPhone or Mac

Almost every Netflix user, at one time or another, has wished to watch Netflix videos offline. Everybody wants to know how to download Netflix...
install ipa apps without jailbreak

How to Install IPA Apps Without Jailbreak on iPhone

Jailbreaking allows the user of an iPhone almost completely unrestricted access to their device in the form of numerous customizations, features and improved apps...
jailbreak ios 11.1.2

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 Using Electra

What we will be taking a look at here is how to jailbreak the iOS 11.1.2, 11.1.1, 11.1 or 11.0 using Electra with a...
iphone stuck on apple logo

Guide to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Individuals who jailbreak their iDevices often find their iPhone stuck on Apple logo. And sometimes, the same issue is faced by those who update...
how to remove jailbreak

How to Remove Jailbreak from iPhone and iPad

Jailbreak allows you to use some features on your iPhone which are not available on the non-jailbroken devices. You can use Cydia Impactor and...
android not receiving texts from iphone

Android Not Receiving Texts from iPhone? Here’s the Fix

Apple's iMessage service has a problem, to be more specific users experience problems receiving text messages from iPhone users. This issue is more widespread...
jailbreak ios 11.2

Zimperium zLabs Move Closer to Jailbreaking iOS 11.2

While developers of tweaks work on iOS 11.12, hackers are concentrating on iOS 11.2 and versions above. This article talks about another hacker team...
iOS Virtual Machine

iOS Virtual Machine for Windows and Mac Introduced

It’s iOS Virtual Machine day! Nowadays, a great news is making a splash on social media. What is it? People are much excited and curious...
iphone cold weather tips

8 Tips On Using iPhone in Cold Weather

iPhone’s battery life can quickly drain in cold weather. This blog post offers tips on how to keep it operational during such times. Winter...
apple notes for windows

How to Use iCloud Notes on Windows 10/8/7 PC

Notes in iOS 11 marks a sizeable leap for the app. Amongst its new features, we see additional lists, sketches, formatting, web clips and...
forgot icloud password

How to Reset iCloud Password From Your iPhone or iPad

We have millions of accounts in this day and age and we use different passwords for each one. So it isn't a surprise when...

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