While Find My iPhone is activated on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with iOS 7, the password and Apple ID you’re using for iCloud is stored on Apple’s activation service and linked with our phone. Then on, your password is required before anyone can disable Find My iPhone (iOS 7 Activation Lock feature) on your phone, erase your phone’s memory, or reactivate and use it.

Bypass iCloud Activation

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DoulCi IP

By default, the Activation Lock is triggered on when Find My iPhone is activated in iOS 7, or when you upgrade to this firmware from a previous iOS version that has Find My iPhone activated.

If the device is lost, enabling Find My iPhone on your iCloud account activates the Activation Lock. Once activated, the person with your device will be able to activate it in any way and it’s going to be stuck on the screen; making the device useless.

bypass icloud activation

Although there is one service that can remove it from Apple’s database, most people have been looking for a free tool. Luckily a group of hackers have created a method called DoulCi.

Here is the description from their website:

To use doulCi iCloud Bypass is very simple. Just Add the “MAGIC LINE” to you “hosts” file on any operating system you are using, and then after just one step you will have your device bypassed. All you need to do is open the famous software developed by Apple Inc. and plug your device in the USB port on your machine and it will be done in seconds.

The magic line here refers to the spoof IP address of the activation server of Apple. The method is performed with a trick for iTunes to connect to the server, instead of Apple’s activation server for bypassing activation on your phone.

Step 1: Edit the hosts file on your computer, and then add this IP address to hosts file:

  • albert.apple.com

If this doesn’t work, try:

  • albert.apple.com

Or try this:

  • albert.apple.com

If not work you can try other ip address to bypass the iCloud activation.

Bypass iOS 7 Activation

Step 2: One done, open iTunes and connect your device to the computer.

Step 3: Click Accept, and you will got an iTunes error, Click OK and complete the activation process on your device.

Step 4: Reconnect the device to iTunes to recognize it. Now you have full access. The activation lock is bypassed.

Important note: The servers listed may be down for maintenance or busy since the service is in beta at the moment. So be cautious and check the websites for any updates. There is also a support site that can be referred to.

The hackers also inform that the cell service might not work, so there is a good chance that you won’t get carrier signals if you have an iPhone. There won’t be any problems though if you have an iPod Touch or iPad.

Feel free to give it a try and let us know your experience in the comments section.

  • Shaham

    tried but none of the server works for me

  • UnlockBoot albert.apple.com is online

  • UnlockBoot

    New working ip

  • Guest

    Help me? iTunes: We could not complete your i Tunes Store request. The network connection was refused.

  • Linda Ip

    Help me? Itunes error: “We could not complete your iTunes store request. The network connection timed out…” It complaint connection timed out.

    How can I fix it? The iphone 4S still not activated, still have the activation lock screen.

    Please help.

  • Ruben Silva

    did it work for someone ???

  • Cristian Cirstea

    i tried all the 4-5 servers in this post and none of them works for me. Am I missing something? can someone email me at ccirstea59-at-gmail.com with some info and/or directions..thanks

  • Arslan

    i faced same probleum linda lp

  • Linda Ip

    connection refused for ip albert.apple.com.

    Can the dev team fix this or provide us with a new working IP or the solution to bypass the activation lock screen. Thank you very much for all of your help.

  • Linda Ip is not working. connection refused! what is a good working ip?

  • danikra

    here are they working ip albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com

  • danikra albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com albert.apple.com

  • danikra

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  • Munkhtuya Tavkhai

    Hello Danikra. These ip’s not working, and says server offline. Please sendfresh ip addresses when you got by email dsukhee-at-yahoo.com. Thank you

  • Munkhtuya Tavkhai

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  • james

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  • Ccham79

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  • antonio

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  • UnlockBoot

    iCloud Bypass working server May 24 2014:

  • UnlockBoot

    Doulci server online for next 24 hours: albert.apple.com albert.apple.com

  • Ccham79

    not work, the same error always appears

  • Ccham79

    what happens? follow all the steps, and iTunes apparently recognized my iPad as a new device but elipad remains the same! HELP! Please

  • udin

    just info
    is not remove, but bypasss icloud

    read read

  • Misty mash

    new working IP please?

  • Brian West

    It doesnt bypass eithe !!!! it does NOTHING !!!!

  • DudeGuy

    Bunch of numbskulls in this discussion… IP’s are currently not working because the doulCi team are currently adding new servers, and should be up again this weekend.
    For a better understanding, refer to the following picture:

  • Brian West

    Why add new servers? just keep the old ones up and running dipshit!

  • Charlie

    works on ipad 2wi-fi?

  • Evelyn


  • z0mbis3x

    is this still ongoing? r there any specific times one should look for the server to be up?
    and r all the ips active when it is?

  • Devilz Mind

    is it still working ?

  • Damo

    Can you email me a ip when it’s up.

  • Mustafa Abdullah Omar

    it open in iTunes but the iphone not working any idea please ip 5

  • arthur

    are there more ip addresses these dont work

  • arthur

    are there any more ip addresses these dont work

  • sjb

    Server status: Offline

  • raashid

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  • Brian West

    Hey dumbass the reason we come here is because we want to find a way to do it for FREE so take your shit somewhere else

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    No i don’t see anny of ip
    I think DoulCi is down, the server is not working

  • Roberto Mtz

    hey this one is up!

  • Adnan Sawas

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    Please reply Dear

  • sherif gamal

    it give this 🙁 … please HOW CAN I BYPASS

  • JR

    I get the same error too, the server is not available…

  • sherif gamal

    is there any new server ???

  • Khalid

    If anyone finds an open server that works email me the server at khalidhussain4656-at-gmail.com.

  • torototo

    They are not hackers, just good marketing guys abusing people

  • mimiyagui

    So much efforts for an illusion, Imagine you if you spent same efforts in reverse engineering you could have made it !!
    But you are just doing marketing, no real technical stuff.

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  • RecklessJ

    Use Xammp, find the repositories out there, download the code, modify it for your device, build your own server, hactivate your own device Stop relying on them to do everything for you. They found a way to do it, and theyve told everyone how. It’s not even hard. Stop ragging on them, because I assure you, their method is solid and you dont need their servers to do it.

  • Nikola Hadzic

    I would love to do that on my own but i dont know what i have to modify.
    I would appreciate your help if you are willing to help me.
    My e-mail is here.

  • Kayce Newman

    Pls I need your help to unlock my iPhone 5c I bought online which was locked to iCloud.
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  • Manish

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  • Jason

    I got “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.”
    I am using
    other ip will got connection refused.
    some one help, please

  • sabina kay

    i have a iphone 4s with a activation lock ios 8.1.1 i tried everything nothing has worked ;-(

  • shentem

    i tried with ipad three that I updated too but it did not work as the software is updated….. apple is getting better too. do not update software

  • PaigeP

    Hi, did you find a solution. I’m having the same problem as you. I also have iPhone 5c

  • RecklessJ

    It’s not for everyone to tempt. You must be at least a little savvy with basic coding. If you are looking for an app you can run, and push a button, you’ll likely not find one. The reason nobody will make such an app, or help you do so, is due to legal matters which could arise should the wrong phone be bypassed. Ie stolen. It’s pretty easy to follow the code if you have even the most basic understanding of coding. The hard part comes with faking the certificates, but this can be done. As for helping, I’m afraid not, but I’ve hopefully pointed you in the right direction. Check xammps error log, you’ll see what issues you must address. That’s all I will say. Good luck!

  • MorbidGamez

    i have the same problem

  • KingPulido

    good day everyOne.. i just want to ask if how can i open the “host notepad”?
    i have a iphone5 icloud locked.. thankyou for helping.. 😀

  • jacky

    go go local disk :C open it search for window/system32/drive/etc and open host an edit it.

  • Aryan

    I got “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.”
    I am using all IP
    other ip will got connection refused.
    some one help, please

  • طیبہ بٹ

    hi me using iphone 4s ios 8.1.2 .. if am be at work and left my cell for 5 to so on mints and then i just put on my phone “Activation Required ” appearing on screen ,. it can only open by using internet xx what should i do to resolve this problem permanent and get rid of cause many places doesn’t have wifi ??

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  • ruteku jogja

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  • vvv

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  • ERROR301

    NOT REALLY!! just have basic knowledge of how to create a server and how to use servers that require terminals to control. Ites not that easy for most people.

    I AM ERROR-301 😀

  • Mohamed Nnaabbiill

    Hi how r u.. Plz I need ur help urgently. I bought 2 iPhones 4 for me and my wife.. I can access all apps and I have a wifi network.. The 2 phones have “no service” messages and when I connect them to iTunes it requires activation for both too.. Plz help me

  • FAiz

    i have iphone 5s 16 gb which is locked by icloud ….can u rem0ve icloud link t0 user?

  • Ibrahim Destiny

    pls i need a new id to bypass my ipad and iphone pls can u help me

  • syed

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  • Aman

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    many thank’s

  • sam

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  • shahbaz

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  • Lea Viruste

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    Its in system32/drivers/etc

  • James

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