Apple Watch

This is a smartwatch manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. It tracks your health and fitness progress, deliver alerts on the display and give users access to applications. The Apple Watch was first introduced in 2015 and it has penetrated the smartwatch market successfully since then. The watch has been designed to connect or pair with another iOS device like the iPhone; people can take pictures using the Apple Watch and iPhone connectivity as well as view Apple Watch specific device on the iPhone.

There are two series of Apple Watches available in the market. The first series – Apple Watch Series 1 – is a model featuring an aluminum case and a sport band. The Series 2 consists of 4 different models: Apple Watch having stainless steel case with sport band or sport band with aluminum case, Apple Watch Hermes featuring Hermes sport band or leather band, Apple Watch Nike featuring the Nike Sport Band, and Apple Watch high-end Edition that features a sport band and ceramic case.

The software for the Apple Watch is called watchOS. It enables users to open apps quickly and make app access easier. People can also choose from a variety of watch faces to display. Then there are fitness and relaxation apps that support the health activities of users. Unlockboot publishes a wide range of content on Apple Watch, ranging from the developments of the watchOS to the accessories available for the Apple Watch.

Readers can also find content related to Apple Watch software (watchOS) and the aspects in which Apple Watch supports connectivity with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Analytics and metrics are also provided by Apple Watch People can track fitness related metrics like heart rate, pace and distance – at the same time. The most important metrics can be highlighted. Apple Watch also plays an essential role in VR apps.

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