Apple Watch is the smartwatch from Apple, and it was first released in 2015 before the iPhone 6s release. Tim Cook made announcement of the Apple Watch during the September 9, 2014 Apple event and the final product output made it to the market in April 24, 2015. Ever since millions of units were shipped to worldwide markets, and people actually loved the different variants and colors available in various markets. Later on, Apple named the OS on this smartwatch watchOS, and eventually released updates while iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were released. If you don’t know how to update Apple Watch software , you should keep reading this article.

how to update apple watch

Why to Update Apple Watch Software?

Apparently, updating the Apple Watch’s watchOS to the 3rd version would upgrade some features and make the Apple Watch more worthy to your investment. Few exciting features about the new watchOS are:

  • Now the Apple Watch apps on watchOS are native. In the earlier version of watchOS, an iPhone that is paired with the Apple Watch had to do the processing and all other heavy processing whereas the watchOS comes with the ability to use the Watch’s processing powers and use the apps natively.
  • iCloud Activation Lock is now available in your Apple Watch just like your other iOS devices. If you ever lose your Apple Watch, your device will be protected under your Apple iCloud account.
  • A lot of new watch faces has been added. If you ever get bored with the existing watch face on your Apple Watch, you’ll have plenty more to find.
  • Apple Watch is now more compliant to third party contents, like Watch faces and apps. The watchOS3 makes the integrations better.
  • watchOS 3.1.3 makes an Apple Watch user acknowledge how the weather situation during their trips would be, whether any event is planned for a near or far future etc. Apple names this feature Time Travel and it’s available on watchOS3 for this moment.
  • Apple Maps now comes with a great update in the watchOS 3.1.3, you get to view your maps with added number of features on your Apple Watch.

update apple watch software

Update Apple Watch software from iPhone

How to Update Apple Watch Software to watchOS 3.1.3

Updating the Apple Watch to watchOS3 isn’t really difficult, it will take some workaround though. Before you begin, make sure –

  1. Your iPhone is running at least iOS 10 and your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone.
  2. Apple Watch should have at least 50% battery power, otherwise have your Watch connected to the charger outlet.

Update watchOS on Apple Watch

After you are done with the above mentioned steps, open My Watch app and from the General button and find Software Update. If you are on the first watchOS, a new update prompt should show and proceed with the download. Enter your four digit password on the Apple Watch screen. The software install will continue for a while.

If anything goes wrong…

Due to technical difficulties, the update could go wrong. In that case, press and hold down the power button and wait until the Apple Watch restarts. If you need hard reset, press and hold down both the power button and crown until the Watch reboots with the Apple log.

Conclusion: Updating the Apple Watch to watchOS 3.1.3 is easy. However, if you can’t absolutely do it then the Apple Service Centers would do it under warranty for free for you.

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