People around the world are anticipating getting to use the Apple Watch. The company has indeed enticed everyone with a device that fits around the wrist and is able to sync with the iPhone to provide a variety of functions. At first it was believed that the new watch relied heavily on the iPhone to function, however, that’s not the case. Read on for more details.

Best Apple Watch Features Without Connecting to iPhone

Apple Watch Features

While syncing with the iPhone does broaden the Apple Watch’s functionality the company has revealed that the wrist-bound device can do a lot by itself. Let’s go over the list:

#1: Playing Music

An iPhone doesn’t have to synced with the Apple Watch or even be close to it for listening to your favorite tunes. The Apple Watch has 2GB of music storage space and all you need is a wireless Bluetooth headphone to have a great time enjoying the music you prefer.

#2: Tracking Runs and Fitness levels

The Apple Watch is capable of tracking your runs and many fitness levels easily. The Workout app present inside the watch learns from the information it receives. You will need your iPhone to help the watch keep track of your runs, and from there on it can work independently without an iPhone.

All of the information it gathers is stored inside the watch and when it’s synced with the iPhone the information also gets synced with the Health app. Keep in mind that the Apple Watch requires an iPhone to be in range to track routes and distances.

#3: Viewing Photos

Local photos from the iCloud Photo Library can be viewed on the Apple Watch which has 75MB of storage space for images. It’s a good feature if you want to view some of your favorite images by looking at the stylish device around your wrist.

#4: Paying Bills

Bills can be paid through Apple Pay because Apple Pay cards are stored as tokens inside the watch. Enabling Apple Pay near any NFC reader will immediately transfer payments.

#5: Alarms and Timers

The Apple Watch is able to tell accurate time by itself and doesn’t require an iPhone to set alarms and timers.

#6: Controlling iTunes, iTunes Radio and Apple TV

The watch can be used to control iTunes Radio as well as iTunes on your computer. You can easily control Apple TV too without the need of an iPhone to be in range.

#7: Tracking Calendar Events

You can get to know about important appointments through the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

#8: Using Passbook

Apple Watch has the ability to automatically sync gift cards, boarding passes added to the Passbook. This lets you use Passbook without the need of an iPhone being in range of the watch.

While these features do sound exciting they do leave more to be desired. If the Apple Watch was able to connect to the internet, Siri, or GPS by itself the device could’ve offered users a lot more without being synced to an iPhone.

Do share any other information regarding what the Apple Watch is able to do without an iPhone!

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