The Apple Watch is being considered as the company’s most personal device yet. The said device is supposed to have quick interactions and will allow users to keep track of weather, calendar, health, and more! While the Apple Watch does come with exciting new features along with the ease to carry by wearing it on your wrist, the price tag might be too much for some people.

Apple Watch Price

Apple Watch Price List

Here’s a price list for the Apple Watch and all its subsequent models to help you decide which one you should buy or start saving for.
The representatives of the very successful company made an announcement last year in September that the base cost for the new device with the 38mm case will be $349. However, the Apple Watch Sport with the 42 mm case is estimated to be $379. The amount is further increased by $50 to $80 by adding the replacement straps to the device.

Apple Watch

The mid-level models (the Apple Watch) and the Apple Watch Edition will also present hours. The latter will make use of 18-caret gold and cost near $5,999, with the 38 mm case. The one with the 42 mm case will cost $1000 more. In the current models the most expensive Apple Watch Edition is price at $19,999 for the 42 mm case with the 38 mm case being worth $16,999. Both are available in Yellow or Rose color choices.

You might think that the prices are bit steep but the new device will give you your money’s worth. The premium Apple smart watches contain approximately 29 grams of pure gold, which itself is worth $855. If you look at watches from famous brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, they cost as high as $30,000.

Apple Watch price

So, an Apple Watch along with the various models doesn’t look comparatively expensive considering you get an array of useful features.

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