Most of us know that iOS is the most secure smartphone OS ever, but despite Apple’s reputation to keep the level of security top notch, there are still bugs that are able to bypass the security. Lately it has been unveiled that it is possible for an iOS user to deactivate the Find My iPhone feature, without having to enter in a password and makes the Find my iPhone feature dysfunctional.

Disable Find My iPhone Without Password

Disable Find My iPhone Without Password

The video in this post shows this bug and it is quite easy to replicate as it seems. And though it is a simple thing that you can try out, it doesn’t look like it’s for devices running iOS 7.0.x.

The bug also doesn’t affect the devices running iOS 7.1 beta versions, so it might just be that Apple has taken it into notice and is making efforts to ensure that the issue doesn’t prevail in the long run. However, it is still alarming to know that anyone can disable this tracking feature even without access to a password.

disable find my iPhone

Apart from the good news that Apple has acknowledged the problem and has started doing something about it, the good thing is that the issue doesn’t affect the Activation Lock system. This implies that if your phone gets stolen and the device wiped, it will require an Apple ID and password for normal functioning.

Anyone who can access the Settings menu can disable Find my iPhone, so we recommend that you active the Touch ID or passcode to keep things safe. And when iOS 7.1 comes, download it because we’re expecting the bug to be completely fixed in that firmware version. So the changes made will require a password to enter Find My iPhone.

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And iOS 7.1 isn’t that far from the GM build because the 5th beta was released just a few days ago, and because Apple normally stays at 5 betas and maximum 8, the OTA GM update is coming soon.

Disable Find my iPhone Feature Without Password

This video shows exactly how to disable the Find My iPhone feature without using a password.

We will keep you updated about the GM build, so keep following us for the latest news and updates.