If renders are to be believed, iPhone 11 isn’t going to be the hottest handset of 2019. Front-facing, iPhone 11R, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11 – if that’s what they’re called – would have the same design as last two years’ iPhones. From the backside, they’re shaped similar to the iPhone XS and iPhone x, with the only difference between the camera bump and frosted instead of clear glasses.

Will they still be sleek and elegant? Of course. We’re talking about Apple here. They’re still going to be better than most Android releases of 2019. That’s because Apple doesn’t use low quality manufacturing items to reduce costs. And they have no reason to do so. Most people are happy to buy the handset for around USD 1,500.

If you’re seeking alternatives, several are available. For example, Galaxy S10 from Samsung already boats a full-screen design that’s only intruded by a hole-punch camera. Another great option is the OnePlus 7 Pro. This comes with an all-screen display as well but doesn’t have any interruptions due to the selfie camera that comes out from the edge at the top of the device.

iphone 11 design confirmed

So the new iPhone 11 range isn’t certainly the most talked about thing for the year, but still it’s one of the most awaited releases of 2019. Around three months are left before it arrives on the shelves, but a new range of renders should offer a good pastime by showing the leaked design from all angles.

As it happens every year, the “design files” for iPhone 11 phones were stolen from the Foxconn production place. These are given to accessory makers so they have enough time to plan for the handset’s release, while some use them to create realistic mockups. The latter was the case for iPhone, iPhone 11R, and iPhone 11 Max, and now there’s a new range of renders based on the previous leaks.

The new images are shared by Waqar Khan, a YouTuber who created a mockup of the iPhone 11 in three colors everyone is expecting to be announced.

Here’s an up-close view of each color:

iphone 11s 2019

iphone 11 design leak

iphone 11 rumors

Unlike every other render that just takes the iPhone XS model and past a big square camera on the backside, the latest mockup showcases the iPhone 11 design much more realistically. Apart from the back color-matching square camera bump that will feature 3 lenses, the iPhone 11’s mute switch will be round and small like it is on the iPad Pro, and it’s going to slide down the device’s side rather than front to back.

Here’s a video on the new iPhone 11 renders:

We like what we see. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see iPhone 11 in this shape?

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