In the last few weeks, a bunch of leaks indicated that the design of the Galaxy Note 10 would be different than the current Galaxy S10 flagship. The core aspects of the design, including the triple-lens camera, in-built fingerprint sensor, and the Infinity-O screen will be the same, but there’ll be some visible differences.

On Galaxy Note 10, the punch-hole camera is situation right in the center rather than near the corners as it is for Galaxy S10. The back design of the camera is also not going to be there. A s a replacement, a central module is situation at the top half of thee device in the center, and the triple-lens is placed in one of the corners (probably on the left side), as its apparent for most handsets, including the flagships of Huawei and the iPhone.

galaxy note 10 design

We’ve already witnessed several Note 10 renders made using those rumors, and a lot of us can imagine what the Galaxy Note 10 would be like. But one particular render, made with the support of a real Galaxy S10 phone, brings us even near to the actual Note 10 design. Utilizing a real-life image of an S10+ handset, popular insider Ice Universe posted this image of the Galaxy Note10 render.

The handset on the right is a Galaxy S10+ handset, with the Infinity-O curved display. The hole-punch dual-lens camera is situated at the top right. The one on the right is made with Photoshop. It’s an S10+ that’s turned into Note 10 by switching the selfie dual-lens camera and putting a front camera (single-camera) in the display’s middle.

The render indicates what the design of Note 10 will appear like. For several years now, the Note 10 has lost its core strength against the S10 models, the phone size. That’s because the all-infinity display now comes in many models and has increased the overall size of the handset. The 6.4-inch display on the Galaxy S10+ will almost be as large as the Note 10 series Samsung is working one.

Reports also say that Samsung would release two sizes for the Note 10, one for the series, and all other models will feature a “5G” version. Also, there’ll be a built-in stylus, just like there is on all other Note devices, which’ll be there on the phone’s left side.

Note 10 will arrive in August. Are you excited?

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