iPhone X made a lot of headlines in 2017 and it surely was the Apple’s most significant flagship but there are rumors that indicate that 2018 is going to be very special for the Apple users.

iphone xi vs iphone x

The devices that are going to release this year will solidify the smartphone ambitions of Apple. There is another rumor about iPhone X that Apple is planning to discontinue this model but that simply doesn’t mean that the design of iPhone X is going to be scraped off. It’s just that Apple will no longer sale iPhone X at a discounted price.

The Apple devices that are to be released in 2018 are still mysterious and no one can say anything with complete surety. However, the iDrop News depicts that there are possibilities for an “iPhone XI” this year.

Here is an expected lineup of iPhones for 2018;

3 New iPhones to be Released in 2018

Just like the lineup of 2017, it is predicted that Apple is going to release 3 new iPhones this year. According to an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, there are high chances that a successor of iPhone X, “iPhone XI” will be released this year. This device will have the same features as the iPhone X has, the same edge-to-edge 5.8-inch display and all other factors.

iPhone XI Expected New Features

There are rumors of an “iPhone X Plus” too which will be larger than the iPhone X and will have a massive display size of 6.5 inches. Lastly, there is one more device expected this year and that would be an LCD based iPhone which will be less expensive than the other phones.It will have a 6.1-inch display along with a metal construction. Well, here are some innovative possibilities that Apple could implement on the upcoming masterpiece;

iPhone X-Like Design & Face ID

Analysts from all around the world agree that Apple is going to discontinue the edge to edge iPhone X design in its upcoming devices. Also, you should start saving up for the low-cost LCD phone that is expected to release this year because there are high chances that it will be a huge success for Apple. Also, it is expected that Apple will use Face ID in all of it’s expected lineup this year.

iphone 11 features

The KGI Securities have made a prediction regarding the metal frame that there might be some updates in it for faster data transmissions.

Dual Direction Camera with New TrueDepth Sensors

There are rumors that Apple will no longer add the TrueDepth system to the rear-facing camera as it is fragile and the process of its production was getting more and more difficult. However, according to Martin Hajek’s clever engineering, Apple can use one set of TrueDepth sensors and on camera all at the same time by mounting them vertically and making the components dual-directional.

iphone 11 rumors

Ultimately this will result for the iPhone XI to have Face ID capabilities along with rear facing AR and the company will no longer have to separate the two TrueDepth sensors.

Flush Camera, Slimmer Bezels & Much More

The bezels are expected to get slimmer this year because previously, iPhone X did great with the bezels and Apple can surely take it a step further.

iphone 11 release date

Apple can take a little inspiration from the Androids this year by introducing the feature of Touch ID, implementing on the side power button.

All the three iPhones in the upcoming line up will have dual lens cameras along with optical image stabilization.

What Will The New iPhones Be Called?

Apple surprised its customers last year by ending the traditional Apple smartphone naming conventions which is why you can expect anything from them this year.

The low-cost LCD phone may be named as simple “iPhone” and the successor of iPhone X may be named as “iPhone XI” or “iPhone X (2018) or even ‘iPhone X Plus”

iPhone XI Release Date

There are rumors that iPhone XI will release this year and we all know how creative Apple is. Every time they come up with something new, they make sure that it hits the headlines.

We’re not sure when Apple will release this year’s iPhone, but we expect it to be sometime around September 2018.

So, there is nothing that can be said with complete surety and no one yet knows what Apple holds for its customers this year.

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