The iPod is a portable digital media player developed by Apple Inc. As it is a product of Apple, the iPod can be used with both Macs and PCs. iPod was originally developed with a size of a deck of playing card with monochrome screen and a 5 GB capacity. Now iPod can be purchased with a capacity of 60 GB and color screen capable of playing television shows, videos or movies.

iPod is user-friendly device and can be connected to a compute with either a FireWire or USB port. There are several peripherals for iPod beyond its iconic white ear buds, including modules that allow songs to be broadcast on radio, docks for digital cameras, digital voice recorders and docking stations combined with stereo systems. iTunes and iPod both support variety of audio formats and tunes makes it possible to load an entire CD onto an iPod within seconds and can organize songs into favorite playlists, purchase songs, albums, videos and movies from the online store and subscribe to podcasts.

iPod was first introduced in 2001 and after that many new versions of the popular device has been launched including iPod mini, iPod Special Edition, iPod photo and iPod shuffle. iPod mini is smaller version that comes in various colors and iPod special edition is a variation of basic one, whereas iPod photo is an iPod with a color screen that allows users to store and view library of photos as well as play music. iPod shuffle is an extra small iPod that only holds a couple of songs and does not have a screen.

Data is stored on internal hard drive and can be used as hard drive. Other features of iPod include that it can be used as backup device, a basic organizer and an alarm clock.

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