The Lightning to Micro USB adapter provides the user with both rapid charging as well as quick data transfer and it gives one the reassurance that they can use an Android cable even for an Apple device. Check out our list of all the best lightning adapters for any device.

micro usb to lightning adapters

There happen to be two main reasons for why lightning to micro USB adapters are becoming popular. One is the hassle free transfer of data and the other is convenience. It is very useful because even if you misplace your Lightning cable, the Micro USB will let you charge your iPad or iPhone.

Check out the ten best lightning to micro USB adapters which provide an ultra compact design!

1: Amazon Basics Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (MFi Certified)

This adapter is quite the fan favorite and that is so because of the top of the line build quality and the ability to provide charging with raw high speed. In addition, this speed also extends to the data transfer and despite the fact that it is feather light it offers great durability.

micro usb to lightning adapter

The Apple MFi certification means that the device has maximum and complete protection from numerous common hazards like short circuits and alongside that AmazonBasics the micro USB to lightning adapter has a one year warranty.

Top Feature: Possesses high speed data transfer.

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2: Avantree 2 Pack Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (MFi Certified)

This adapter is there specifically to maintain both charging and syncing to be extremely simple. The very high speed data transfer between your iPhone and PC along with a neat and clean design for a long life make it a must have. It comes in two packs along with a two year warranty.

micro usb male to lightning male

Top Feature: Secure Charging.

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3: iVoler Micro USB to 8 Pin Lightning Adapter for iPhone, iPad & iPod

This will never give you any complaints, since it features a minimalist design and despite a lightweight construction it can take many blows. It also means the design will allow you to keep the cover on when connecting it for syncing or charging.

micro usb to lightning cable

It also comes equipped with a one year warranty.

Top Feature: High speed data transfer.

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4. HDSHIMAO 4 Pack Micro USB to Lightning Converter

The adapter comes built with the highest quality copper wires and it will allow you to charge your device with the highest speed possible. Thanks to the very robust signal strength, data transfer becomes an easy walk in the park. In addition, it offers a lot of choice in colors ranging from rose gold and black to silver and gold etc. And yes, it comes with a choice in four impressive packs.

micro usb to lightning cable mfi

Top Feature: High quality copper wires.

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5. HDClub 2 in 1 Cable With Micro USB & Lightning Adapter (MFi Certified)

The HD Club Lightning to USB adapter provides a simple and compact design. It is specially equipped to carry out data transfers and charging with great speed and the solid build means it can see through regular wear and tear.

micro usb to lightning converter

As in most cases, there will be no need to remove the cover from the device to carry out charging and syncing. In addition, the HD Club adapter will have two variants, in 3 feet or 6 feet.

Top Feature: MFI certified.

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6. Mvpone Android to iPhone Adapter

This is a very dependable option for syncing and charging up your favorite Apple device. It is attractive due to the fact that it has a low profile design and it is ready to work with most cases and can even undergo constant plugging and unplugging without damage.

micro usb to lightning adaptor

Along with allowing fast charging it also keeps overcurrent, short circuits and similar dangers away from your device. It even comes in two colors: black and white.

Top Feature: Case friendly design.

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7. Roopower Micro USB to 8-Pin Lightning Charge and Sync Adapter (MFi Certified)

This adapter is very functional and along with it being lightweight and providing the quality to survive extended wear and tear, it does its job of charging and syncing data with few equals.

micro usb to lightning certified adapter

In addition, it provides a choice in up to 8 packs and has an 18 months warranty.

Top Feature: Efficient charging.

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8. Nousija Micro USB to Lightning Adapters

Nousija offers a very neat and compact design that will allow secure syncing and will charge your device and transfer data with great speed. It also provides the functionality of not having to remove the cover before syncing the device.

android to iphone adapter

Thanks in large part to the durable construction, the converter will keep working consistently for long periods of time. It also has two straps which feature a lobster clasp, so it can easily be bound to a USB cable so it never gets lost.

Top Feature: Robust Structure.

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9. Pawtec – Charge your iPhone/iPad/iPod with Micro USB Cables (MFi Certified)

This lightning adapter provides an impressive design, and along with being small in size it won’t pose any problems as far as carrying it is concerned. The adapter itself is great at charging and transferring data at the required speed.

micro usb to 8 pin lightning adapter

The Apple MFi certification is another plus point and guarantees speed along with efficiency. To cap it all off it even comes in two different colors, like gold and silver.

Top Feature: It is pretty lightweight and compact.

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10. HomeSpot Lightning Female to Micro USB Male Adapter (MFi Certified)

This lightning adapter has been specially crafter to support extremely fast charging and data syncing. The 30 micro inches gold plating on the contacts makes it much more durable and the anti-corrosion attribute makes it even tougher.

lightning to micro usb adapter

Since it is heat resistant, it can work in even extremely harsh conditions and comes in a dual pack.

Top Feature: Heat resistant connector.

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We hope you’d be able to successfully charge your devices with these USB and lightning adapters. Please let us know which one you found best in the comments section below!

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