Car audio system is crucial for any passenger and essential to aware of the live news. It can also be taken as a device to enjoy the desired listening. If you want to make direct calls without using hands-free and play any stuff at your car audio system, you need a Bluetooth adapter to provide access to desired calls and other listenable stuff. The benefit of Bluetooth adapter is that there is no need for wires and the output quality is still enjoyable and top rated. So, it can be understood that Bluetooth adapter connectivity option gives us comfort and you can easily listen and change any listening stuff using the Bluetooth access function. Today we will show you how to install Bluetooth adapter in your car and pair it with your car audio system.

connect bluetooth adapter to car

How to Install Bluetooth Adapter in Car

One important fact about the connectivity of Bluetooth adapter is that it does not demand any additional wire to set up. You can easily set and use it without the need of Aux-in input which is already available in your car connecting any music device with car Audio system. So, the operation of Bluetooth adapter is very simple and can be really enjoyed. In below, you have complete information about the working mechanism of Bluetooth adapter and how to install and connect Bluetooth adapter to your car audio system.

Usually, Bluetooth adapter in your car uses two modes of communication. Also, your car adapter has a Bluetooth receiver and a transmitter to connect to any smart device enabled with Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth adapter, there is also a feature of FM transmitter which can transmit the sound signals to Car’s audio system. To get power, this Bluetooth adapter directly connects with Car’s 12V Cigarette Lighter Port.

install bluetooth adapter in car

Depending on your mobile phone, the Bluetooth adapter may be changed every time. Therefore, it is advised to confirm whether the new Bluetooth is in relation to your mobile or not. It is important to save your time and avoid Bluetooth connectivity failures. To confirm, you can read the detailed description and use of each adapter before buying. After analyzing the input of new adapter and output of your car, you can make a right decision.

How to Setup Bluetooth Car Kit in your Car and Pair your Devices?

As mentioned above, there is no need for any additional wire or complex understandings of functionalities.

Step 1: First, you have to setup Bluetooth car kit which is undoubtedly very simple to do. For this, just attach the new Bluetooth adapter into Car’s 12V Cigarette Light Plug to supply power to it.

Step 2: Now you need to make a pair of Bluetooth connection between the adapter Bluetooth and your mobile phone Bluetooth.

bluetooth car adapter

Step 3: After pairing, you have to select any channel on car audio based on your wish and choose the same channel on the Bluetooth adapter. As a result, your car will start streaming the music or call.

Step 4: For listening to a call, you need to set out both devices (Bluetooth adapter and car Radio audio) on an empty FM channel and make the connection between them.

This is all you need to do for taking advantages of all features of a Bluetooth adapter connecting to car audio system.

3 Best Bluetooth Adapters for Car Audio System

These Bluetooth Car Adapters let you connect your car audio to your smartphone using FM signal. Bluetooth car kit is a plug and play device that are suitable for any Car audio system that has an FM radio and Car Cigarette Lighter port for the power supply. These Bluetooth Transmitters are coming with USB charging port for your devices and some of them are coming with GPS.

1. GOgroove FlexSMART Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Audio System

This FM transmitter is best suited for music streaming and also work for voice calls. The GOgroove design allows you to see which station you’re tuned to and manually find a new one if necessary.

install fm transmitter in car

GoGroove FlexSmart X2 FM transmitter automatically connects with your phone when you turn on the car. It has a built-in microphone with enhanced voice detection that makes hands-free calls easy and all you need to do is to plug-in, sync with your phone, and you’re ready to talk!

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2. LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Adapter Car Kit with Handsfree Call

This Bluetooth FM transmitter comes with hands-free Car Kit Charger, which supports USB driver and TF card. It can automatically play and transmit the MP3 files of USB Flash Drive and TF Card.

best bluetooth adapter for car

Hands-free Calling option allows you safe driving. All you need to do is to simply pair your phone with the Bluetooth Adapter and its Hands-free System can liberate your hands during answer the calls and let you drive safely.

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3. Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you want to install Bluetooth adapter in your car then Nulaxy is the best for you. This Bluetooth transmitter has a super wide compatibility. Nulaxy KM20 Car FM transmitter works with Bluetooth enabled devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Smartphones or MP3, MP4 Players via 3.5mm audio jack.

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It provides multi-solutions for hands-free phone calling and it also has a built-in microphone and in-car stereo streaming. You can buy this Bluetooth adapter from Amazon for $19.99.

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Now you know how to install Bluetooth adapter in your car and which is the best Bluetooth Adapter you should buy? Don’t forget to like, share and leave your comments in the section below.