Ever since the advent of the AirPods, social media has gone to all lengths to show their true feelings for the tiny Bluetooth earphones. AirPods that, have a huge risk of getting lost and are deemed a little too pricey for their functions. However, to use AirPods with CarPlay, follow the steps you find below.

use apple airpods with carplay

How to Use AirPods in your Car with CarPlay Installed

Vehicle manufacturers are releasing new cars with CarPlay functionality embedded beforehand so that device owners are able to easily connect their AirPods with CarPlay. According to Apple’s Official Page, “Every major automobile manufacturer has partnered with us in supporting CarPlay. There are over 200 models to choose from, with more on the way”. You can check your car model whether it is compatible with CarPlay.

use airpods with carplay

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You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to use AirPods with CarPlay?

Although there could be a multitude of reasons for it, one of the reasons which could be most likely is that when you want to listen to music privately without disturbing the other passengers in the car. Another is the case that you want to have a private phone call through CarPlay without wanting others in the same car to hear it? That’s a much more efficient option.

Without further ado, here’s how to go about using AirPods with CarPlay:

Step 1: You will first need to connect your iPhone with CarPlay through the usual integration method.

Step 2: The assumed use of AirPods with CarPlay is to be able to listen to any type of audio-based media or make/attend a phone call. You can also start playing the music of your choice via CarPlay connected to your iPhone with the AirPods paired.

Step 3: Place the AirPods on yourself and use them as usual. Obviously, they need to be already connected to your iPhone.

This probably seemed like a technical process because Apple does sometimes complicate simple connections. But I’m sure that we have kept it simple. Your previously playing music can now be routed through the AirPods. Also, you can enjoy the security and clarity you were looking for. You can also control the content from your CarPlay enabled vehicle’s display. But with the added benefit of having the audio routed to the AirPods.

connect airpods with carplay

One crucial aspect of this method we would like you to note here is that using CarPlay via your iPhone while driving may not be legal in all countries. We would recommend that you check with your local laws to see if this is something which is legally allowed. Additionally, we would recommend wearing one of the AirPods units in one ear instead of both. Do not use AirPods to listen to music in high volume while driving. By doing so it can distract you and may result in an accident.

We hope this method of integrating your AirPods with CarPlay was manageable and that you are now able to get through a noisy car ride or maybe even a private call without any hassle or overthinking.