Remember when your iPhone runs out of charging and you needed to use a charger? Well, those were ancient times, now there is no such thing as an empty battery to stop you from using your iPhone for whatever you want. Now there are methods on how to charge iPhone without charger.

charge iphone without charger

Charging an Apple device is usually done using the adapter and cable. The cable, when fixed into the adapter and plugged into a socket starts the charging process. If the iPhone is charging successfully there will be a lightning bolt symbol next to the battery icon on the screen. When it turns green this means that the battery is being charged.

6 Ways to Charge iPhone Without Charger

Despite this, there are other ways through which one can charge your iPhone; methods that don’t require a charger. These methods are all tried and tested and the best part is they can be performed at home and are completely safe. Have a look at these ways on how to charge iPhone without charger:

1. Use an Alternate Power Source to Charge your iPhone Without Charger

Alternate power sources can come in many different forms. Examples can include a portable battery, camping charger, solar charger or hand crank machine. Portable battery packs for instance, are quite easy to find and purchase; there are different models with different prices.

Using it is really simple. Just attach the USB cable between the portable battery pack and your iPhone. There are even packs than can be attached to the back of your device so that they keep charging even while on the go. Talk about convenience! However, remember that these need to be kept charged as well but they really help with your iPhone’s battery life.

There are also these cool new charges of a special kind. They absorb heat from camping burners and convert them into energy which can be used for charging purposes. Imagine the usefulness of such chargers for when on a hike, camping or during picnics. They help when it comes to how to charge iPhone without charger.

Solar chargers are the new craze too. They can be placed outside during the day and while they receive direct sunlight they can be used as a charger. The best part is they are eco-friendly and quite efficient.

charge an iphone without a charger

The charger will absorb the sun’s rays and charge during the day. This energy is stored and will be converted to chemical energy for later use.

A wind turbine or hand crank machine is also a great way to charge your iPhone. Energy is provided either by wind spinning a fan or your own hand energy to crank the machine. The speed and force of the wind will, of course, be responsible for how much energy is produced by the machine.

Connect your iPhone using a USB cable and watch as it gets charged. The turbine works best in places where it can be charged at frequent intervals.

The hand crank works on a similar principle but instead of wind, you use your own hand to provide the energy. ‘Cranking’ the lever of the machine will start to collect energy for usage in charging the iPhone.

how to charge iphone without charger

The only problem is that it requires about 3 to 4 hours of cranking on a daily basis to get enough energy to fully charge your iPhone. If some exercise is something you are looking for this is a good place to start.

2. Use a Car Charger to Charge your iPhone

This device is ideally suited for those long road trips or when travelling. If this were old times, you would have to stop somewhere, find a wall socket and connect your charger if the battery died. Now, however, you can simply charge while in the car.

charge iphone without cable

The car charger is plugged into your iPhone via USB cable while the car charges the device for you. The going may be slow but it is invaluable for those situations when there is simply no other alternative remaining. It is a great method for how to charge iPhone without a charger.

3. Use your Laptop or Personal Computer to Charge your iPhone

charge iphone from macbook

This is a great way for how to charge iPhone without charger. Sometimes when on the go it can be easy to forget the adapter in your haste and just pick up the USB. There is no need to fear since simply connecting the iPhone to the PC will cause it to start charging, it’s very simple.

4. Charge your iPhone from other Devices that have a USB Port

charge iphone without cord

This is continuing with the theme of using a laptop as a charging source. There are numerous devices nowadays that have USB ports. In such a case your USB cable becomes a critical source of charging for your device. All you need to do is plug in your iPhone via the USB to that port and it will start charging.

USB ports are available in stereos, bedside clocks and televisions to name just a few examples.

5. Use 4 X AA Batteries to Charge your iPhone

You can charge your iPhone with 4 AA batteries. AA batteries can be used anywhere. If you combine them you can use them to charge your iPhone or another phone.

charge iphone with aa batteries

To combine 4 AA batteries, you need to use a battery holder and connect the combined power to the USB cable. The combined from 4 X AA batteries is equal to the power from the charging cord. So you can easily use this power to recharge your iPhone.

6. Use a Self-made Lemon Battery Charger

This is probably the most innovative methods to charge your iPhone. It looks quite cool but requires correct technique and application.

Gather the following:

  • An acidic fruit, like lemons; a dozen or so will be enough.
  • Copper screws and zinc nails for each lemon.
  • Copper Wire
  • Insulating gloves, like rubber to be worn at all times

charge your iphone without a charger

Now, just follow these steps:

  1. Partially insert the zinc and copper nails in the center of the lemons adjacent to each other.
  2. Connect each of these lemons to each other through the screws using the copper wire. Go from copper screw of one lemon to the zinc nail of the next and so on.
  3. Connect the loose ends of the copper wires to a charging cable and tape them together thoroughly.
  4. Next simply connect the cable to the iPhone as you would normally and watch it charge!

Now you know all the ways on how to charge iPhone without charger.

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