Visually, every iPhone or iPad user sometimes get a bad experience while using those devices. But every cable has a lifespan of 1, 2 or more years. We are here to help you to extend the life and prevent the lightning cable from fraying, damaging or cracking.

prevent lightning cable from damage

Usually, the lightning cables are getting damaged due to a frequent and strong bends. As a result, the core insulation is getting damaged. A popular Blogger Simon Trey suggested a trick that will protect the lightning cable from damage.

How to Prevent Damaging Fraying or Cracking of Lightning Cable

If you want to protect your lightning cable from damage, you will need to disassemble an old pen and use the spring. After that, the spring should be put on the cable near to the connector area.

In order to protect the cord, you can enhance it with electrical tape on the place where the spring is damaged. After you complete the process, the tape must be removed.

Hope this tip helped you to extend the life of your lightning cable. The metal spring will not allow the wire to bend so much and protect the cable to be damaged.

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