As everyone will already know, the 2018 FIFA World Cup started on Thursday the 14th of June with the hosts, Russia, facing off Saudi Arabia. With 32 teams battling it out to see who will win the coveted world cup over the course of 30 days, many would want to catch the maximum amount of live action, whether it is on the iPhone, iPad or the Mac. UnlockBoot is here to teach you how you can live stream FIFA World Cup 2018 on your Smartphone or Computer online.
Live Stream FIFA World Cup 2018

Watching the World Cup 2018 using a US Cable Subscription

First you must have a functioning US cable subscription to be able to make use of one way to stream World Cup games on your Apple device(s). FOX, from the US, has rights to the games and broadcasts them on FOX or FOX Sports 1 which can be viewed on the basic cable plan.

In case you do have access to the cable, you can watch games on the FOX Sports or FOX Sports Go apps on your Apple device of choice.

Watching Matches with a US TV Streaming Service

Another option is signing up to DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV, which are two TV live streaming services with different contract free packages offered. You can effectively sign up for just a month and then discontinue after the FIFA World Cup 2018 ends if you want. Just be sure that the package you sign up for includes FOX and FOX Sports 1.

watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online

After signing up just use the DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV apps on your Apple device. DIRECTV NOW even has an interesting offer where you have a chance of winning a free Apple TV 4K if you sign up and pay for 3 months.

In case you do not reside in the US you can still avail these services but by using VPN of course.

Live Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 for Free (almost)

A little known fact is that if you reside in a particular location, you might be able to watch some or all FIFA World Cup games for free since numerous sites offer free streaming. Here are some websites and app to live stream FIFA World Cup 2018 in your country:

United Kingdom: Visit and watch games on BBC or ITV channels. While this is free it requires registration but you will be able to watch pretty much all the games.

Australia: Just go to The World Game website and watch all games of the Socceroos, a daily ‘game of the day’, two quarter finals, one semi final and the final.

France: Downloading the free Live TV en Direct app will let you watch all the French team’s matches free on TF1 without any registration.

Making use of VPN to Access any of these sites from across the globe

The location restriction mentioned for the above method can be circumvented using the right VPNs, which will show you in a different location on the net as opposed to where you actually are. The ones we recommend are ExpressVPN , Private Internet Access and NordVPN. They are not free but provide unlimited data at a very reasonable price.

It is even possible to sign up for either DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV using a VPN.

Checking which TV Channels have broadcasting rights in your country

FIFA happens to have a comprehensive list of all official FIFA World Cup 2018 broadcasters for each country. Checking out this list to find out which channels have the rights in your country will make it much simpler for you to sign up for a subscription if you want to live stream FIFA World Cup 2018 on your Computer or smartphone.

Lastly, in case anyone of our dear readers or followers knows of any other apps or websites that allow legal live streaming of the World Cup 2018 matches kindly let us know or leave a comment in the comments section below. Your contribution could help other football crazy fans.