The standard usage of someone with a smartphone inevitably revolves around watching YouTube videos, checking out Facebook, perusing Netflix for new seasons, making calls and sending texts or emails. All this work and activity, while fun, has a way of draining battery life like nothing else. However, luckily for users such as this, there is a simple solution in the form of a battery case, which will keep your iPhone X charged throughout the day on the go!

best iphone x battery cases

The battery case doubles as a piece of equipment that not only prolongs battery life but even provides extra protection to the device in case it slips or falls. In this manner, your device always looks and functions at its very best too.

Top Ten Best Battery Cases for iPhone X

Here are the best 10 iPhone X battery charging cases you can buy online on Amazon:

  1. Capshi Smart Battery Case
  2. Trianium Atomic Pro Case
  3. Alpatronix BXX Slim Case
  4. Tech Care Charging Case
  5. VinPone Slim Charging Case
  6. VPROOF Protective Case
  7. I VALUX Battery Case
  8. ZTESY Charger Case
  9. Betteck Battery Case
  10. Alpatronix BX10 Slim

1. Capshi Smart Battery Case for iPhone X

This battery is a pure powerhouse, since it has the capability to add a huge 40 hours of extra talk time. In addition to this, you can get 30 hours of videos, 20 hours of web browsing, 56 hours of music or 6 hours of 3D gaming – all thanks to the 6000mAh battery. This heavy duty capability, however, has the drawback of making the battery case slightly bulkier than normal but shouldn’t be too noticeable for most people.

best battery cases for iphone x

The Capshi is designed with 360 degree protections and offers a secure and flexible TPU bumper that will cradle your iPhone from any damage. In case you aren’t satisfied after purchasing this $35 behemoth, the company even has a money back guarantee.

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2. Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone X Battery Case

This iPhone X Battery Case has almost 200 5 star reviews on Amazon and is a very powerful backup for your iPhone X. The 360 degree bumper case offers protection and the ability to charge your device with just the push of a button means you can get more than 14 hours of additional talk time or more than 10 hours of web browsing time.

battery case for iphone x

Unlike most other battery cases, the Trianium Atomic Pro is very compact and slim looking. Available in colors like white/turquoise, white/grey and classic black, this battery case can be yours for $19.99.

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3. Alpatronix BXX Slim Charging Case for iPhone X

This is the battery case to go for in case you are looking for something minimalistic that will not add too much bulk to your iPhone X. It is Apple certified with a scratch guard, a raised bezel in case it is dropped face down and along with being very simple to install, the Alpatronix BXX is both very well designed as well as very durable.

charging case for iphone x

There is even the flexibility offered to charge either using your iPhone X and the BXX simultaneously with Qi wireless charging or charge your battery case separately using the microUSB cable.

The only problem noticeable is that this charging case won’t work with Apple’s EarPods with a Lightning cable or traditional 3.5mm headphones and is only compatible with any wireless Bluetooth headphones or Apple AirPods. Available in either black, gold or rose gold it can be yours for $59.95.

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4. Tech Care iPhone X Charging Case

This is another battery case with a simplistic and compact design. However, it also happens to be very durable, offering full body protection to the device. The 6000mAh Li-polymer battery is measured to add up to more than 150% extra charge to your handset.

smart battery case for iphone x

The LED lights show the power status in a simple and quick manner, while the smooth buttons and precise cut-outs allow easy access to all the iPhone’s functions and buttons. Along with this, it is available at a one year warranty and can be purchased for $33.99 from Amazon.

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5. VinPone Slim iPhone X Portable Charging Case

The slim form factor of the VinPone is a major attraction for this iPhone X battery case, since it fits so unobtrusively onto the iPhone X. While this is offset by the just 5200mAh battery it is still capable of delivering up to 190% extra power to the smartphone.

best battery case for iphone x

In addition, don’t be fooled by the slim design, as it is more than capable of resisting impact and can also resist scraping which would ruin the look of the device. There is even an on/off button which will allow you to start and end the charging easily however you want. In addition it comes with a one year warranty. It can be purchased for $23.80 from Amazon.

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6. VPROOF Protective iPhone X External Battery Case

If you want a battery case that can easily provide a ton of power to your iPhone X then the Vproof is the way to go because it is almost the complete package. It features a strong 6000mAh battery and with a robust build, the case can withstand almost any kind of impact.

external battery case for iphone x

There are very responsive and neat button cut outs which means that you will not have any problems using your phone in the cover. There is even a built in magnetic metal which will allow you to use it with a magnetic car mount as well.

Its price is $26.99 on Amazon at this time.

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7. I VALUX iPhone X Battery Case

The I.VALUX offers a very eye catching and attractive design for its battery case and the modish design should go extremely well with the smartphone. It is also quite slim but doesn’t compromise on performance since it can still offer up to 13 hours of movie time.

iphone x battery case

The four LED power indicators allow you to check the power status quite easily. The high quality material means it is very robust and has enough durability to withstand shock. The stylish battery case can be yours in either black or red/black for just $23.99 from Amazon.

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8. ZTESY Portable Charger Case for iPhone X

This battery case will offer 20 extra hours of talk time courtesy of the 5000mAh battery and even comes with a kickstand which will allow you to place the iPhone X down on a flat surface and use it without having to hold it. When first taking a look at the ZTESY iPhone X Battery Case it is obvious that it was designed with a lightweight look and feel and it doesn’t make your handset feel too much bulkier at all. If a slim case is what you are going for, this is the perfect choice.

iphone x charging case

The LED indicator will signify how much the case is charged and whenever you want to turn it on or off that can be done with the simple push of a button. This wondrous battery case can be yours for just $26.99.


9. Betteck Extended Backup Battery Charger Case

This is another battery case that excels in never letting your iPhone X run out of charge thanks to its 5200mAh battery. The biggest feature of this battery case, however, is its smart circuit design which protects the device from overcharging or overheating; this safety feature is often overlooked and protects the user or the iPhone X from any unfortunate incident.

battery case for iphone 10

The durability of the case allows it to safeguard against a whole range of damage and drops. The tactile buttons have a much better click and the precise cut outs allow very easy access to all functions and buttons of the device. Lastly, the Betteck even has a one year warranty and can be purchased for $14.99 from Amazon.

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10. Alpatronix BX10 Slim Rechargeable iPhone X Battery Case

The Aplatronix BXX provides a great amount of reliability as far as its performance is concerned. The 4200mAh battery can deliver up to 150% additional power to your smartphone. The biggest attraction here no doubt is the fact that it can even support QI wireless charging which means you can charge both your smartphone as well as the battery case itself wirelessly.

charging case for iphone x

In addition to this, the battery case boasts a snap on design, which means it will fit snugly and perfectly on your device without any chance of it falling off. The matte coating not only looks good and protects from most scratches but even provides superior grip, so that it falling from the hand isn’t a possibility.

The very well cut button cut outs mean that using the different buttons of the phone doesn’t feel problematic at all and as a user you can enjoy superior feedback and response from the device. The buttons of the battery case itself also are quite responsive too. The Aplatronix BX10 can be yours for just $21.95 from Amazon.

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That concludes our list of the best iPhone X Battery Cases in the market at this current time. Let us know which of these you choose to buy and do share how your purchase works for you in the comments section below.